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Donald Trump

“The swamp drained Trump”: Last week was, to be charitable, not a good week for Donald Trump's supporters but Daniel M. Ryan argues that it is possible that the conservative youth of today could galvanize into a force just like an earlier generation of Republican youth did

Cdn pol Structural issues of the Polish-Canadian community: Mark Wegierski argues that the Polish-Canadian community must somehow build up significant infrastructures – or find itself fading away

Make America great again: Under the Trump administration the economy seems to have taken off. Dr. Robert Owens says the media and America's politicians need to be told to allow him to implement the rest of his agenda

The $10 trillion resource North Korea can't tap: North Korea is an economic basket case that won't be fixed any time soon but Nick Cunningham says the country is sitting on a virtual treasure trove of minerals

DACA: Delayed accountability for contemptuous aliens: Michael R. Shannon argues that Donald Trump needs to keep his promise and end DACA -- not "fix" a program that is both unconstitutional and economically irresponsible

China's Nuclear Puppet Gambit — Kim Jong-un: Mark Alexander says that the Kim/NoKo nuke threat is a façade to contain Trump's threatened trade sanctions against China

Finally, some commonsense western fire policies: Paul Driessen says that the new Department of the Interior and Department of Agriculture policy to cut overgrown, diseased, dead and burned trees is long overdue

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