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Iranian Quds soldiers

Terror is terror is terror: The idea that Iran can play a role in Syria and combatting global terrorism is one that staggers the mind, argues Michael Segall

Examining the "right-wing Green" critique of current-day America (Part One): Mark Wegierski begins his look at a little-known school of ideas

The Thousand Year Peace: Chapter Six: The Vision of Deepa Mehta: Film buff Michael Moriarty has remarkably until recently never been exposed to the films of Deepa Mehta...and now that he has, he's full of praise for her work

Terrorism threatens European prosperity and democracy: Unlike earlier terrorist attacks, writes Dr. Peter Morici, the recent wave of attacks in France threatens the long-term vision of Europe as a functioning entity

Feminist teacher's lesson plan: Discriminate against boys: A feminist teacher recently hit the headlines for refusing to allow the boys in her class to play with Legos, which Selwyn Duke argues says much about the leftist agenda

Russian airstrikes hit Turkish convoy delivering weapons to ISIS in Syria: Following the shooting down of a Russian jet by Turkey, writes Jim Kouri, tensions and belligerent behavior have increased between the two countries

Time for a congressional investigation? Shattering new developments of corruption in Rep. Renzi trial: Rachel Alexander continues her reporting of the corruption surrounding Rick Renzi's trial and she increasingly believes the former congressman deserves a new trial

Debt is good...Wait, what?: Lillian Ji made a bet with her sister that she may have to pay off in a few short weeks...a pressure she says makes a mockery of Paul Krugman's claim that national debt shouldn't be a concern

Hillary Clinton's no-go plan: Hillary Clinton's plan to end "income inequality" in the United States reminds John Hoy of a children's parable involving a cat, some fish and a farmer's field

Turkeys we're not thankful for: The tasty birds are affordable. Government turkeys enrich crony corporatists, but cost us dearly, writes Paul Driessen

Oil jobs lost: 250,000 and counting, Texas likely to see massive layoffs soon: As the oil industry continues to grapple with low prices with the resulting job losses, Charles Kennedy says it may be just the beginning

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