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Colonial American History
Written for non-historians Dr. Robert Owen's new book is a handy easy-to-read condensed look at Early American History!
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ISIS soldiers in Iraq

There will always be war: Once again the world is faced with a dire threat -- and once again in the Middle East -- and history argues that latest foe must be destroyed, argues Alan Caruba

Cdn pol A collection of essays questioning Canada's high-immigration consensus: Mark Wegierski notes that the Fraser Institute goes beyond economics into social and cultural questions in The Effects of Mass Immigration on Canadian Living Standards and Society, edited by Herbert Grubel

The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Eleven: Evil’s Eternal Rise and Fall: Middle Eastern terror army ISIS are an evolutionary improvement upon an old idea, writes Michael Moriarty, and Barack Obama is determined to treat them with kid gloves

The disaster of Affirmative Action: Designed to help, Bruce Walker argues that Affirmative Action has instead harmed students of all races and cultures

Congress shouldn't trust Obama to negotiate trade deal: It appears that both Republicans and Democrats agree with Dr. Peter Morici that Barack Obama is ill-suited to negotiate major trade deals

Why not one governor is qualified to be president: Selwyn Duke doesn't trust any governor to be president as they don't seem to be doing a very good job of promoting liberty in their own states

We need more of Moore: Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore hit the news recently thanks to an interview with Chris Wallace and Dr. Robert Owens says the results are proof positive why America needs more men like him

The unalienable rights of man: Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore also spoke to Chris Cuomo and made a solid defence of where Americans' rights come from, argues Mark Alexander

Remaking America for global governance: Interfaithism, eco- and social- justice, transhumanism, techno-fascism: Barack Obama speaks often about "remaking America" without explaining what he means. Debra Rae thinks she knows

Why oil prices must go up: Enjoying the continuing low oil prices? Nick Cunningham says that prices are bound -- and have to -- go back up at some point

ISIS butchers: A medieval serial killer on steroids: Islamic State recalls Bluebeard, the French knight who tortured and murdered children, writes Valerie Ogden

The EPA's ozone nightmare: The Environmental Protection Agency is currently in a fight to gain more power to regulate ozone, something that fills Alan Caruba with dread

The climate con goes on: Paul Driessen reports on Climate Chaos, Inc. and media allies banning news and books on climate realism

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