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America's Trojan War
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Venezuelan military

Democrazy: Venezuela needs a military coup: Selwyn Duke wonders if the very troubled nation of Venezuela, where people are now hunting dogs for food, needs less democracy these days

The New World Order Megalomania: If there is one thing that unites Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, argues Michael Moriarty, is their shared hostility to global governance initiatives

Looking at the annual rankings of Polish universities and colleges, 2003-2015 (Part Four): Mark Wegierski looks more closely at the rankings

Trump Tames Billary: It seemed almost a given that Hillary Clinton would continue the endless parade of corruption in the White House, writes Dr. Robert Owens, until a certain businessman decided to ruin the party

"It ain't called high risk on account of we're hopheads, pardner": Tempted to be an early investor in e-currency based on media reports of huge early gains? Daniel M. Ryan would like to remind you that nothing in life is guaranteed

Blood and treasure — The price of liberty: Monday for Americans is Memorial Day and Mark Alexander would like his fellow countrymen to honour the sacrifices made on their behalves

Glenn Beck: Fooled by Facebook?: Glenn Beck walked away from his meeting with Facebook brass saying he was satisfied with their explanation of alleged censorship. Selwyn Duke wonders if he was played by Mark Zuckerberg

Bill Nye the Scientism Guy: Facts don't support his hypothesis, so he shouts louder, changes subjects and attacks his critics, Willie Soon and István Markó write of Bill Nye

SEC issues climate chaos "guidance": Paul Driessen asks what about risks from anti-energy policies imposed in the name of stopping climate change?

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