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This issue is the last of the year for ESR. We'll be back on January 5, 2015! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and may you have a Happy New Year!
Revolution Square in Havana

The Cold War Cuban detritus: The U.S. has moved to normalize diplomatic relations with Cuba -- something Alan Caruba says is necessary -- but it shouldn't forget what caused those relations to break off in the first place

The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Three: Kissinger and Gruber: When it comes to big picture views of where the United States and the world should go, writes Michael Moriarty, Henry Kissinger has always had a lot of Jonathan Gruber in him

The 20-year demise of a blue state: After a two decade absence Rachel Alexander returned to Washington state. To say that it had gone downhill thanks to liberal policies would be generous

Economy can handle higher interest rates: Dr. Peter Morici believes that the U.S. Federal Reserve will begin raising interests this summer -- or at least he hopes they begin to raise them

The New York Tobacco Party: Could Eric Garner be considered an anti-tax and anti-government hero? Robert T. Smith explores the question following the recent anniversary of the Boston Tea Party

Iran accelerates arming of Hizbullah and Hamas for possible clash with Israel: Iran is once again re-arming terrorist organizations in anticipation of yet another fight with Israel and in hopes of surroundingthe Jewish state with capable enemies

The most important lesson of 2014: Mark Alexander believes that this year -- as in previous years -- should have taught the Republican Party a lesson for the future

Emotional vs. rational: Our economy's stymieing dichotomy: Urma Saor Margadh explores a new economic theory that attempts to merge the rational with the emotional

Peace on Earth? I don't think so: This is the time of the year when we hope fervently for at least one day of peace but Alan Caruba says that hope is completely misplaced this year

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