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Protest in Morocco

Is the Tunisian “Arab Spring” about to repeat in Morocco?: The north African state of Morocco has been relatively calm in recent years but Col. (ret.) Dr. Jacques Neriah reports that it may soon join other African and Middle Eastern states in populist-inspired political change

Cdn pol On the Sesquicentennial of Canadian Confederation -- the “managerial-therapeutic regime” in Canada, an insoluble dilemma for real democracy?: Mark Wegierski examines the arrival of  “soft-totalitarianism” in Canada on the eve of its 150th birthday

My Pilgrimage, Chapter Twenty: “Let’s Just Stop Being Americans!”: Michael Moriarty doesn't have a lot of time for people who can't live with the current occupant of the White House or those who want to blame all the world's ills -- real or imagined -- on the United States

Cdn pol Shades of quickly fading blue – the decline of the Tory tradition in Canada since the 1980s (Part Four):  Mark Wegierski argues that until the 1960s, Canada was a more substantively conservative society than America

California reinvents medical tourism: Time was if you wanted a relatively cheap medical procedure you would have to go to India. In the near future, writes Michael R. Shannon, it may be California

The unhinged left: On almost every front the political and cultural left are winning in the United States these days and yet they continue to act as if the world was falling into a conservative darkness, says Rachel Alexander

The dark origins of communism: Part 3 of 3: Joshua Philipp explores how communist ideology was formed by the dark occult, atheism, and societies of violent revolution in the conclusion of his three-part series

EPA’s suspect science: John Rafuse argues that the EPA’s practices have defiled scientific integrity, but proposed corrections bring shock and defiance

New Palestinian attempt at UNESCO to claim Hebron and the Patriarch’s Tomb as a Palestinian site: Arguably the oldest community of Jews on the planet, Amb. Alan Baker argues that Palestinian attempts to take control of Hebron through international bodies need to be rejected

We should be glad the US is out: Paul Driessen and David R. Legates argue American states that claim they’re committed to Paris do nothing for the climate and ill serve their citizens

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