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Obamacare picture

ObamaCare must go!: Alan Caruba argues that the facts show that ObamaCare continues to fail spectacularly and that the Republicans in Congress must take action

Cdn pol "Inter-not" -- Has a Canadian right-wing "blogosphere" had an impact on politics, society, and culture in Canada? (Part One): Mark Wegierski expresses some skepticism

The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Seven: John Boehner's Defining Moment: Michael Moriarty doesn't often have praise for John Boehner but his recent request for Benjamin Netanyahu to address Congress was a masterstroke

Printing money won't save moribund European economies: The EU has announced that it will engage in quantitate easing in order to shore up the continental economy but Dr. Peter Morici argues it won't work for several reasons

Prisoners of fear: Jan Jarboe Russell's The Train to Crystal City: FDR's Secret Prisoner Exchange Program and America's Only Family Internment Camp During World War II tells a story that must not be forgotten, writes Steven Martinovich

Bankrupt? Who's bankrupt?: Dr. Robert Owens sometimes finds it hard for people to take him seriously even when he's eventually proven right -- so take that into consideration when reading his latest prediction

Iran: "Killing of Senior Hizbullah and IRGC Officials Will Hasten Israel's Destruction": Israel's continuing war against Hezbollah -- and the collateral damage Iran is experiencing -- isn't making the Persian nation happy, writes Michael Segall

Crushing the U.S. energy export dream: The U.S. as an exporter of oil and natural gas? There are politicians and pundits dreaming of such a day but Arthur E. Berman thinks its plain dumb thinking

Community colleges offer a smooth transition: Dale Schlundt isn't dismissing the value of a university education but he argues that community college could be the answer to many questions

2015 SOTU: 'Mission accomplished -- I'm just awesome!': Mark Alexander watched Barack Obama's State of the Union address last week so you didn't have to -- and he didn't much enjoy it

Supreme Court malfeasance: The United States Supreme Court is set to hear a case on same-sex marriage case and Alan Caruba believes that extending marriage to gay couples would be a blow to religion and tradition

Methane deceptions: Paul Driessen says deception, agenda and folly drive latest Obama EPA anti-hydrocarbon rules. Are farmers next?

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