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Colonial American History
Written for non-historians Dr. Robert Owens' new book is a handy easy-to-read condensed look at Early American History!
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Iran's Supreme Leader Sayyed Ali-Khamenei

But what does the Supreme Leader say?: Alan Caruba argues that regardless of what happens in the nuclear talks with Iran, the only man's whose opinion matters is Sayyed Ali-Khamenei, the country's Supreme Leader

Cdn pol Who owns Canada? (Part Two): Mark Wegierski looks at the role of Toronto in Canadian history

The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Sixteen: Why America Has Deserved The Likes Of Barack Hussein Obama: The reason why Michael Moriarty left the United States two decades ago is the same as to why his former home is currently suffering the ravages of Barack Obama

The king is dead…long live the king: Steve Martinovich thought Killers of the King: The Men Who Dared to Execute Charles I was a engaging look at how dreams of freedom gave way to bloodshed in Stuart England

Jettison the Empire to save the Republic 2015: Dr. Robert Owens would love to see the U.S. end its alliances and bring the troops home in order to save the country from its entanglements

The Libyan quagmire: Since the fall of Muammar Qaddafi in 2011, writes Dr. Jacques Neriah, the situation in Libya has become extraordinarily complicated with little hope for a stable and functioning country

Next up at the Fed: Quantitative tightening: What goes down must go up: Dr. Peter Morici believes that the Fed will reverse its policies of recent years and interest rates will rise

Leftist sharks finally circling around Sheriff Arpaio: For years the left has been praying for an opportunity to take down Maricopa County's Sheriff Joe Arpaio and they may finally get their wish, writes Rachel Alexander

GOP candidates continue to toss money down cornhole: Most Republicans running for the GOP nod claim to be for the free market but Michael R. Shannon argues they revealed their true spots recently

Terrifying the Republican establishment: Sen. Ted Cruz's jump into the GOP race earned him a lot of attacks from both Republicans and Democrats but Alan Caruba counts himself a fan

Censorship by design: Criminalization of child evangelism: Sullied separation principle, Part 2: Debra Rae continues her look at Child Evangelism Fellowship and the efforts of one journalist who doesn't like religion and education mixing

The tip of the climate spending iceberg: Paul Driessen explains how your tax and consumer dollars finance Climate Crisis, Inc. and hobble America

Driverless cars poised to transform automotive industry: Are driverless cars the 3D television of the automotive industry? Darrell Delamaide says you'd better expect to see them in auto dealerships sooner rather than later

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