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Barack Obama

Obama encounters an apex of anger: Barack Obama has managed to do something that very few presidents before him have done: Anger almost every single segment of the American population, says Alan Caruba

Cdn pol What should the legacy of World War I, and its great battles such as Vimy Ridge, be for Canadians?: Mark Wegierski meditates on the war's possible meaning for Canada, 100 years after its outbreak

Michael Lear: Part Four: Michael Moriarty continues laying out the expansive multimedia project that consumes him at this point in his life

Real-time self-government in the cryptocurrency frontier: Set and setting: Daniel M. Ryan has spent the past few years working on the new field of cryptocurrencies and he has a heck of a story to tell in the first of a series

Happy days are here again: Dr. Robert Owens isn't sure whether the American Republic can take any more of the "great" news that the political left is so proud to trumpet these days

Shadowy political organizations making money off conservative candidates: Be careful to what organization you donate money to this election cycle, says Rachel Alexander, because there are some dodgy ones out there

Yellen's denials about inflation will curb Fed's independence: Dr. Peter Morici argues that Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen and Congress appear intent on handcuffing the Fed's future efforts to deal with economic issues

Iran: The regional power behind the Hamas war effort: Iran needs to be blamed for its participation and aid in the war that Hamas is essentially fighting against Israel, says Michael Segall

No longer the world's policeman, we're now the world's social worker: Thanks to the political left, argues Michael R. Shannon, an illegal immigrant to the United States likely has more rights and guarantee of aid than an honest-to-goodness citizen

Greenpeace showcases its anti-human side: A Greenpeace activist confirms every negative story you've ever read about this activist group, writes Paul Driessen

The imperial President: An increasingly ineffective Barack Obama means the president is using whatever means he can in order to force his agenda through, says Mark Alexander

Back to Permian: US oil comes full circle: When it comes to American oil production everyone talks Bakken but James Stafford says another name should also be on people's lips

Up next: A double whammy of high unemployment and inflation: The American economy will labor under two major pressures and choices made at all levels of American society won't help any, argues Dr. Peter Morici

How "normal" is Bowe Bergdahl?: Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is continuing what the military is referring to as his reintegration into the U.S. Army but Alan Caruba still has many questions

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