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Barry Goldwater

The birth of modern conservatism: It was five decades ago this month that a senator from Arizona's words sparked a revolution that continues to reverberate today, writes Bruce Walker

Seventy years since the Warsaw Uprising of 1944 – a précis of the role of Poland and the Poles in World War II (Part One): Mark Wegierski looks at the beginning of the war, and Poland's contributions to the Allied war effort

Real-time self-government in the cryptocurrency frontier: The altcoin jungle and its pathways: Daniel M. Ryan continues his series on the strange world of cryptocurrencies with look at "altcoins"

Michael Lear: Part Five: Michael Moriarty has lived a long and rather interesting life but he believes that these are the best days of them -- thanks in part to a man he believes can and should lead the United States

Why have a Bill of Rights?: Apart from the obvious answer, Dr. Robert Owens argues that the United States has a Bill of Rights for a philosophical reason

Ryan's entitlement reforms would promote work: Rep. Paul Ryan's proposals for combating poverty in the United States are a rare breed -- they would actually work, says Dr. Peter Morici

A great plan to replace the EPA: A plan to replace the EPA by Dr. Jay Lehr, who also happens to be one of the scientists who called for its creation in the 1960s, has a fan in Alan Caruba

Public utility attempting to buy Arizona elections: An Arizona utility is attempting to fight the encroachment of solar energy and its doing some shady things to win the fight, says Rachel Alexander

Defending liberty: David M. Huntwork argues that it's time for conservatives to get in the trenches and began fighting for the life of the American Republic

The latest Hamas-Israel confrontation -- Some pertinent legal points: Many claims and arguments are being made about the conflict between Israel and Hamas and Alan Baker applies some legal doctrine to them

Helping refugees win their war: Bruce Walker says that ending the flow of illegal immigrants from Central America could be solved with some hard work

The Warren warning: Another day, another millionaire Democrat claiming poverty. Who's the latest poor little rich politician? Mark Alexander says Elizabeth Warren is claiming to be something she's not...again

Killing marine life with ethanol: Ethanol damages your cars, small engines, food budget – and kills Gulf of Mexico animals, says Paul Driessen

As Russia's isolation grows, oil companies caught in middle: Nicholas Cunningham reports that the war in the Ukraine and Russia's not-so-hidden role in it are having negative impacts on oil companies around the world

Galectin Therapeutics: When good news needs to be trumpeted: It came years too late to save his friend but Frank Salvato is pleased that a pharma company named Galectin Therapeutics is making strides in curing cancer and fibrotic diseases

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