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Divided we fall: It's a tall order but Dr. Robert Owens argues that Americans need to stand together and stop the divisions that could conceivably bring down the nation one day

My Pilgrimage, Chapter Thirty-Three: America’s Deadliest Civil War: Sen. John McCain, Michael Moriarty's portrayal of him in Hanoi Hilton and Donald Trump inform the legendary actor's essay this week

Cdn pol Canadian speculative fiction: Mark Wegierski looks at possible definitions of a distinctly Canadian “speculative fiction”

Two horror films address non-Western immigration: Thomas M. Sipos looks at two recent Canadian horror shorts that in one case takes a critical view of immigration

Afghanistan strategy is the only hope for education reform: The U.S. federal government spent nearly $1 trillion in the past four decades trying to improve the education system. Michael R. Shannon argues they should try something different

Virginia Foxx: RINO poster girl: Dr. Lester Jackson argues that North Carolina Rep. Virginia Foxx represents the worst of Republicans in Congress thanks to her actions during the Obama administration

Why tax cuts are such a heavy lift: The Senate may hope to pass a $1.5 trillion tax cut at some point but Dr. Peter Morici believes the plan faces a number of reality checks -- including a massive budget deficit

The NFL: Now a case study in destructive leftism: Greg Strange opines on Colin Kaepernick's grievance against the NFL and the league itself and he's not impressed by either

Progressives target conservative news site for reporting on their actions that destroyed a pro-Trump business: Rachel Alexander reports on a campaign by the political left to destroy a conservative web site in Arizona that covered their campaign to shut down a business for the high crime of a pro-Trump message

Those consummate celebrity hypocrites: Mark Alexander investigates Jimmy Kimmel's problem with the abject objectification of women...

Cdn pol Will questioning climate change become illegal in Canada?: Tom Harris reports that Ecojustice wants government “cops” to investigate, punish and silence Canadian dissent on the climate issue

Trying to perpetuate alarmist climate “science”: Dr.  David Wojick argues that the Obama era “Climate Science Special Report” demands a “red team” analysis

DC swamp denizens strike back: Paul Driessen says that senators and crony corporatists have deep-six proposed EPA reductions in biodiesel mandates

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