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Political Action Follows Political Philosophy: More Dispatches From the History of the Future
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Barbara Boxer

Boxing Barbara Boxer: Is "Inequality the root of all evil"?: Selwyn Duke discusses a recent assertion by Sen. Barbara Boxer that economic inequality was the source of evil in society, a bad misquote of a Pope Francis tweet from a few years ago

Cdn pol Thirty years since George Parkin Grant's Technology and Justice (1986): Mark Wegierski tries to gauge what of philosopher George Grant's ideas has remained today in the modern nation of Canada

The New World Order's Armageddon: Michael Moriarty charges that the establishment of the Republican Party is no less culpable in the ongoing effort to destroy the traditional character of the United States

NEWS ALERT: 'Islamists Nuke U.S. Urban Centers': If a change of Middle Eastern policy does not come about, argues Mark Alexander, the headline that major American cities will face nuclear attack may one day become a reality

Stand and deliver - Paul's message to Peter: Learning from history we should all know that socialism simply doesn't work and yet the American government persists in experimenting with it, says Dr. Robert Owens

No matter who wins . . . you lose: Elections are usually a time of optimism for the future but Ron Marr is of the opinion that America is so far gone that it doesn't really matter who wins in November

From the stalls of Montezuma: A new front in culture war: The battle in North Carolina over which bathrooms transgendered people can use has a lot of people confused and a few acting like hypocrites, writes Michael R. Shannon

PayPal only cares about LGBT media attention: PayPal's announcement that it would withdraw from expanding in North Carolina due to the state's "bathroom law" doesn't impress Ryan Maass

Freedom from Religion Foundation: "I'm Secular and I Vote" Campaign, Part 3 of 3: Debra Rae concludes her three-part investigation of the Freedom from Religion Foundation and its efforts to sway the coming presidential election

Saudi Arabia releases ambitious plan to diversify economy: A Saudi Arabia that isn't reliant on oil for its economic wealth? Nick Cunningham examines the kingdom's recent announcement aimed at diversifying its economy

Securing our money through currency competition: Jp Cortez reports that the state of Arizona is moving to become the first state to remove taxes from gold and silver and allow their use as tender, something that will open the door to greater economic liberty

First, do no harm: A few simple rules for the FDA: The top leadership at the FDA recently changed and Richard E. Ralston has some suggestions as to how the agency can do its job better

Inside climate propaganda: Paul Driessen says InsideClimate News excels at propagating environmentalist and Obama thinking and policies 

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