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America's Odyssey II: You Must Go Home Again
In the much requested and long anticipated third installment in the America’s Trojan War series General Stamper and the Phantom Force are straining at the bit to get home. Mired down in a massive war in Italy against a relentless foe. Pressed against the wall by overwhelming forces they must watch as their beloved country sinks under the weight of a cruel dictatorship.  A vicious civil war tears America apart as competing forces strive to impress their wildly divergent views of the future on reality
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Sanctuary neighborhood prepares to repel invaders: Arlandria is a city in Virginia which is predominately Hispanic in character and not quite legal in status -- and apparently they don't want non-Hispanics invading their neighborhood, reports Michael R. Shannon

Anthony Bourdain #5: Michael Moriarty continues his examination of the late chef, writer and traveler Anthony Bourdain and an episode of his program Parts Unknown that took him to Thailand

Earth Day 2019 – tradition and ecology: Mark Wegierski explores some of the affinities between tradition and ecology

Anything goes: Self-proclaimed Christian Peter Buttigieg, current mayor of South Bend, Indiana and Democrat nominee hopeful, doesn't think much of evangelicals who support Donald Trump. Robert T. Smith believes his outrage is misplaced

The left’s bizarre, irrational hatred of MAGA: The political left has a near uncontrollable hatred of Donald Trump's "Make America Great Again" slogan and are attempting to use it as a weapon against his supporters, writes Rachel Alexander

Democrat Party socialists are a threat to freedom: Rep. Mark Green offers some thoughts on the relatively recent size of socialists in the Democrat Party and which they are a danger to the United States

Trump and the Roar of the Paper Tiger: Donald Trump talked a tough game when it came to illegal immigration, writes Michael R. Shannon, but action has been limited

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