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Episode 88 -- Culture of Death -- available!
While the “culture of death” is evident all around us, surrogate bureaucracies frequently carry out the Left’s agenda, allowing a “soft totalitarianism” to creep into the mainstream of our everyday lives. From child abuse operating under the euphemism of gender affirming care, to the perversity of pedophiles let loose on the streets of San Francisco, to Down’s children in the UK being disposed of up to the moment of birth, to assisted suicide being celebrated on Canadian commercials, this impassioned podcast takes a close look at “progressive” policies that result in destruction and death.


For the Week of December 5, 2022

The new voting system that gave Dems a GOP House seat is dangerous. Here’s why: Alaska introduced a new voting system for the 2022 mid-terms and the end result, argues Selwyn Duke, was that it handed the state to the Democrats for the first time in nearly 50 years

The left is using lawfare including threats of prosecution to ignore massive voter disenfranchisement and suppression in Maricopa County: Rachel Alexander reports that all of the hijinks in the Arizona elections have resulted -- besides unlikely Democrat victories -- threats of using the legal system against anyone who investigates or fights back

Cdn pol The past, present, and future of Québec – updated to 2022 (Part Nine): Mark Wegierski looks at different scenarios for the future

A soap opera that never ends will finally end. Then what?: Dr. Robert Owens has spent much of his life teaching history to young people and now in his later years he realizes that for most people the subject is, at best, an abstract concept

Who is really controlling what news you see?: Mark Alexander argues that there is an invisible influence that has enormous control over what and how news is reported...and it might not be who you think it is

Old News

An economic perspective on the shortage of Coronavirus tests: The COVID-19 pandemic taught -- or at least should have -- many people lessons about the economic ramifications of government regulations, writes Jonah Chan

Cdn pol The past, present, and future of Québec – updated to 2022 (Part Eight): Mark Wegierski looks at the 1995 Quebec sovereignty referendum, and its immediate aftermath

Suicide and capitalism: Tyler Koch responds to a Luke Pickrell essay which blamed capitalism for the ever increasing suicide rates in western nations

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