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ISIS terrorists posing as refugees?
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America's Trojan War is ripped from the headlines!

America's Trojan War
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White nationalism

The subtle but corrosive problem with white nationalism: Yet another gift of this year's American election has been the right of white nationalism -- both tongue-in-cheek and otherwise -- and Daniel M. Ryan discusses both the movement and its critics

Target "solution" adds uncertainty to bathroom etiquette: Retailer Target seems to be a magnet for criticism and protests, something it seems to bring on itself most of the time, and Michael R. Shannon comments on the latest example

The fix: Michael Moriarty believes that it is an inevitability that Hillary Clinton will win election next month, at least in part due to the system being manipulated

Cdn pol "Third parties" in Canada – a reassessment (Part One): Mark Wegierski looks mainly at the Reform Party of Canada

Teenagers of the world unite!: Bernie Sanders may be gone but his philosophy continues to resonate, something that Hunter Lewis examines in Where Bernie Went Wrong: And Why His Remedies Will Just Make Crony Capitalism Worse and Steve Martinovich reviews

It is what it is: The Machine's white washing of the scandal over Hillary Clinton's emails during her time at the Department of State has prompted a lot of whispering in Washington, D.C. says Dr. Robert Owens

No, Trump should not accept the results of a possibly stolen election: Selwyn Duke asks: If Donald Trump truly believed on election night that the vote had been stolen why should he accept the results? Moreover, why should the GOP?

Republican Party now controlled by depend caucus: Michael R. Shannon believes that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan needs to spend less time answering questions about Donald Trump

Redefining American education to rekindle growth: Technical training is the only way to ride the wave of innovation, argues Dr. Dr. Peter Morici

Democrats grope female gender gap: Despite Hillary Clinton's decades-long war on women, women voters will likely put her over the top, writes Mark Alexander

The chemicals anxiety machine: Paul Driessen says candidates, the Civil Rights Commission and greens are using phony health threats to scare voters

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