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America's Trojan War
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Donald Trump

Donald Trump's consuming passion:  America First versus deadly ignorance!: Donald Trump's critics believe him to be a buffoon but John W. Lillpop would argue that the maverick billionaire has little more going on than most think

Allahu Akbar Orlando — Analysis of the absurd: In the wake of the tragedy in Orlando, which saw dozens killed in a terrorist attack, the usual people said the usual things, writes Mark Alexander

Escape from The New World Order: Michael Moriarty argues that the United States only has one chance to escape from the clutches of a globalist agenda

A very well-timed confession: Daniel M. Ryan enjoyed the anonymously written The Confessions of Congressman X, an insider's look at The Beltway that shouldn't surprise too many people with its ugliness

Images of elves -- examining the extent of the Tolkienian transformation, and subsequent 'postmodern' visions (Part Three): Mark Wegierski looks at the variety of elves in the Warhammer Fantasy role-playing game

The DAO job: Daniel M. Ryan recently reported on a record-breaking investment haul by The DAO. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts were shocked late last week when a hack resulted in millions being stolen

Great Britain experiences bureaucratization without representation: Great Britain's voters decide this week whether to remain within the European Union and Michael R. Shannon is cheering for the "Leave" side

Uranium prices set to double by 2018: Growing demand and tight supplies? James Stafford says the signs are all there that the price of uranium is set to sky rocket in the relatively near future

Great White Leftists know what's best for Red Man: Recent polls have shown that American Indians aren't offended by the Washington Redskins' team name but that doesn't mean that the left will give up the battle, writes Michael R. Shannon

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