January 2017 - December 2017

January 2017

Chains on the tracks of the Trump train: What to watch out for: Donald J. Trump may be president now, writes Daniel M. Ryan, but the hard work -- and the worst of times -- are yet to come as he will likely face never-ending war from his opponents
The New World Order’s Diabolical Pilgrimage: Part Five: Donald J. Trump is now the American president but Michael Moriarty believes it is instructive to remind the nation exactly what it escaped from with the billionaire's surprise victory in November
The past, present, and future of Québec (Part Four): Mark Wegierski examines the appeal of the Action democratique du Quebec in 2007
Trump makes America great again – why wait?: Donald J. Trump has barely assumed office and companies were lining up to announce expansion of jobs in the United States. Dr. Robert Owens can only wonder what's coming over the next four years
Trump’s billionaire dealmakers: Dr. Peter Morici says the Trump administration will be the first real test of whether private sector management strategies will actually work in Washington, D.C.
Trumping the media: U.S. President Donald Trump has upended a news media that’s still in denial about its vanished world, reports Scot Faulkner
The dangers of a unilateral Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank and East Jerusalem: Hirsh Goodman argues that those who argue for a unilateral Israeli withdraw from the West Bank and East Jerusalem are ignoring both history and the current reality
Pension funds need gold before it’s too late: Pension funds are being irresponsible in how they invest their money, writes Jp Cortez, and its time that they introduce a dose of gold in order to safeguard their investments
Conservation – not  more control: Paul Driessen argues that collusive lawsuits have helped control more and more US lands. Congress must repeal and replace the Endangered Species Act
The top 5 places to work in U.S. oil and gas: The American oil and gas industries have been battered in recent years thanks to low oil prices but Irina Slav believes job opportunities do exist
The dossier debacle: Time to rethink secrecy?: Buzzfeed's "revelatory" dossier that essentially claims Donald Trump is a Manchurian Candidate has Daniel M. Ryan thinking about how to vet intelligence
The New World Order’s Diabolical Pilgrimage: Part Four: Michael Moriarty continues on with his critical look at high profile Obama administration official Ben Rhodes, a man who has made it his life's calling to alter the narrative of the American nation
The past, present, and future of Québec (Part Three): Was the political architecture of Confederation flawed from the start, asks Mark Wegierski
GOP faces tough choices replacing ObamaCare: In days Republicans will essentially control Washington, D.C. but they will find it difficult to get rid of ObamaCare as promised, writes Dr. Peter Morici
Fake news is old news in the drive-by media: According to the media, the GOP has nothing to replace ObamaCare with. Dr. Robert Owens explains why that's absolutely not the case
Iranian-Saudi tensions are played out in Bahrain: The proxy war that Saudi Arabia and Iran are fighting across the Middle East have also manifested itself in tiny Bahrain, writes Dr. Dr. Jacques Neriah, which could carry enormous implications for the world
Shortest letter in the Bible solves illegal immigration problem: The New York Times found itself a "church" which actively supports illegal immigration, something that Michael R. Shannon argues runs contrary to what the Bible itself said
Obama's legacy makeover: A reality check: Last week Barack Obama spoke to his legacy with some farewell remarks. Mark Alexander believes they were nothing but delusional in nature
U.S. real estate predictions for 2017: Politics will play a role in America's real estate market in 2017, says D. Sidney Potter as he offers his predictions on the industry over the coming year
Drain the FCC swamp: Eric Steinmann argues that the Federal Communications Commission, an obsolete vestige of the New Deal, should be dissolved
Oil prices running out of reasons to rally: Predictions that oil prices would begin rising in 2017 may have been a bit premature, reports Nick Cunningham
Safe and healthy (not pristine) air: Paul Driessen argues that federal air quality rules must be based on science – and not used to stifle energy and industry
“Putin did it”: Let’s play a game: Daniel M. Ryan reports that every day it seems that the media and the Democrats are changing the narrative about how Vladimir Putin and the Russians "hacked" the American presidential election
The New World Order’s Diabolical Pilgrimage: Part Three: The soon to be departed Deputy National Security Adviser For Strategic Communications, Ben Rhodes, reminds Michael Moriarty very strongly of a character he played in a landmark mini-series
The past, present, and future of Québec (Part Two): Has that province’s effect on Canada been generally anti-traditionalist, asks Mark Wegierski
The lamest duck of all: Every president in his final weeks is merely occupying space until the new president walks in but Dr. Robert Owens believes Barack Obama may be setting new lows this month
Financial perils in 2017: Dr. Peter Morici believes that Donald Trump’s ambitious plans for America could be ruined by several potential crises both foreign and domestic
Limousine liberal journalist admits detachment from Middle America: She doesn't watch CNN very often so Rachel Alexander was surprised recently when she tuned in and heard a journalist actually admit that he didn't understand voting for Trump or what the little people thought about things
2017: The year we can turn health care around: Richard E. Ralston believes that this year Americans can begin turning back the tide on state control of the country's health care system
Flyers progress from passengers to freight: News that some Samoans were feeling discriminated against because Hawaiian Airlines insisted on weighing them before allowing them on the plan has Michael R. Shannon pondering a few new ideas
Let’s stop with the carbon con already: Using the word "carbon" when it comes to CO2 is the height of disingenuousness, argues Selwyn Duke
Reality-based climate forecasting: Paul Driessen argues that continuing to focus on carbon dioxide as the driving force will just bring more bogus climate change predictions
International levee and international breaks: The passage of UN Security Council Resolution 2334 prompts Daniel M. Ryan to cast a skeptical look at the notion of international law
The past, present, and future of Québec (Part One): Mark Wegierski offers extensive historical background to the recent provincial elections
The New World Order’s diabolical pilgrimage: Part Two: One of the primary goals of those who hate and wish to control humanity seems to be to eliminate as many people as possible, writes Michael Moriarty
The measure of Trump’s presidency: Dr. Peter Morici argues that Donald Trump isn't only faced with the challenge of restoring growth in America's economy
Then came Trump: It wasn't that long ago that those who feared for America's very soul had nothing to hope for. Dr. Robert Owens has a simple response to each of them who lost hope
Even if the Russians did hack the emails, so what?: Selwyn Duke is unimpressed by continuing claims by the Democrats and the media that the Russians "hacked" the 2016 election
An existential battle for the demographic future of Syria: The continuing war in Syria isn't only claiming lives, argues Dr. Harold Rhode, it's also changing what the religious make-up will be after the conflict
NFL owners can afford to build their own stadium: The NFL is increasingly finding that taxpayers aren't willing to be on the hook for new splashy stadiums, writes Michael R. Shannon
Europe reaping what it sowed with open borders policy for refugees: With parts of Europe in near chaos from a massive influx of refugees, they have no one to blame but themselves, argues Rachel Alexander
Analyzing opportunity costs to help instead of hurt: Sarah Schott looks at Wal-Mart's move into the Chinese market to explore how opportunity cost plays a role in the choices we make
Obama critical of Trump missing security briefings, but missed majority himself: Barack Obama threw some shade recently at Donald Trump for missing security briefings, something that he was quite good at himself, writes Rhett October
U.S. shale is now cash flow neutral: Nick Cunningham reports that the U.S. shale oil industry seems to have turned a corner and could actually post a positive cash flow
The dangers of UN Security Council Resolution 2334 (2016): Amb. Alan Baker explores the latest anti-Israel resolution to come out of the UN Security Council and what it really means for all sides
Another good target for EPA reform: Europe gives the incoming Trump Administration excellent tutorials on how not to regulate pesticides, argues Paul Driessen
It’s climate regulations that threaten us: H. Sterling Burnett has some climate actions President Trump could take to Make America Great Again

February 2017

The surfacing of the “deep state”?: Is a "Deep State" -- a state within a state in America -- responsible for the resignation of Gen. Michael T. Flynn and the other issues that the Trump presidency has faced to date? Daniel M. Ryan explores that very question
My pilgrimage: Chapter One: Michael Moriarty begins a new series in which his life, love of music and the geopolitical scene all intertwine in a personal journey
The past, present, and future of Québec (Part Eight): Mark Wegierski looks at the 1995 Quebec sovereignty referendum, and its immediate aftermath
Publishers hire "sensitivity readers" to enforce political correctness: News that some publishers have begun employing "sensitivity readers" in an attempt to avoid any controversy from "marginalized" groups reminds Thomas M. Sipos of the lessons of a great novel
Why inflation threatens the middle class: Inflation is beginning to rise and make its presence felt, argues Dr. Peter Morici, and its the middle class that will be impacted the greatest
Liberal pawns: Walter Williams believes that African-Americans are being used by the political left in stoking claims of racism against police and ignoring the countless lives saved
Checks and balances is what makes America great: Judicial review -- such as that of Donald Trump's immigration order -- may make many angry but Dale Schlundt argues that it is a necessary evil
“The two-state solution”: What does it really mean?: Those advocating for a "two-state" solution to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian crisis need to understand history and reality, writes Amb. Alan Baker
They want a civil war we have a prayer meeting: The long trend line seems to suggest a future tyranny in the United States, writes Dr. Robert Owens, but that doesn't mean that conservatives have no weapons to respond with
The curious case of the landslide underdogs: It's an interesting paradox, says Daniel M. Ryan: one side of the ideological divide holds all of the legislative power but they seemed to be blocked at every turn
The great Rod Steiger and acting divinity: Michael Moriarty argues that there are actors and then there are actors, and the late Rod Steiger certainly deserves to be held in the highest of esteem for his career and abilities
The past, present, and future of Québec (Part Seven): Mark Wegierski looks especially at the 1990s, and the 1995 Quebec sovereignty referendum
Trump could simply ignore court’s order halting travel ban: Selwyn Duke argues that Donald Trump could ignore court rulings that have placed his travel ban on hold and it would be an entirely constitutional action
Virginia Baptist leaders busy betraying their base: A conference being held in March by the Baptist General Assembly of Virginia reads like a leftist re-education camp, reports Michael R. Shannon
An American demand for repeal of EPA's brand of fake “energy efficiency”: Conor Coughlin argues that the ENERGY STAR program, owned by the Environmental Protection Agency, needs to be put to pasture
When government acts, “unintended consequences” follow: Government has a habit of acting without considering what the unintended consequences -- though they shouldn't be a surprise -- will be, writes Jp Cortez
Hamas prepares for the next round of war: Hamas may have suffered greatly in its last confrontation with the Israeli military but Yoni Ben Menachem believes that the terrorist organization is biding its time until it can strike again
The solution for information overload: The mainstream media and its downstream outlets have become masters in the practice of promoting utter nonsense, says Mark Alexander
The Berkeley riot and the ferality of the left: Daniel M. Ryan discusses the riots at U. Cal at Berkely that shut down Milo Yiannopoulos' speech and what it ultimately means for the political left
Anti-Trump demonstrations prearranged prepaid and predictable: The protests over Donald Trump's Executive Order on immigration was hardly spontaneous, says Dr. Robert Owens, and ready to go a long time ago
“All about Michael”: Michael Moriarty looks back to the early 1970s when a Tony Award he was nominated for essentially made him a villain to several communities who disagreed with his portrayal of a gay man
The past, present, and future of Québec (Part Six): Mark Wegierski points to some possibly contradictory elements of that province’s nationalism
Neil Gorsuch and the living constitution lie: Neil Gorsuch, Trump nominee to the US Supreme Court believes in interpreting the Constitution the way the Founders intended, and that has liberals hopping mad, writes Selwyn Duke
Trump’s toughest challenge—revving up growth: Dr. Peter Morici argues that despite Donald Trump's strong start, he needs to enact some radical policy changes in order to stimulate real economic growth
Can the Palestinians mobilize the Arab world on the U.S. embassy issue?: Donald Trump's recent announcement that he wanted the U.S. Embassy moved to Jerusalem from its present home in Tel Aviv created shock waves across the Middle East, writes Pinhas Inbari
The oil war is only just getting started: Tsvetana Paraskova reports that a war between low and high cost producers is beginning to heat up and there will be plenty of bodies when all is said and done
The hidden agendas of sustainability illusions: Paul Driessen argues that absurd, impractical sustainability precepts are actually a prescription for government control
President Trump starts in overdrive – and should continue: No one can accuse president Donald Trump of taking it easy his first few weeks in office and Daniel M. Ryan argues that he needs to keep his foot on the accelerator
The past, present, and future of Québec (Part Five): Mark Wegierski examines more of the historical background of Québec and its historical grievances against the rest of Canada
Trump’s 45 percent tariff: Dr. Peter Morici believes that while the opening salvo of a huge tariff on Chinese goods might create leverage, Donald Trump must be realistic in trade negotiations with China
Russia seeks another Mediterranean naval base in Libya: Nature -- and geopolitics -- abhors a vacuum and Russia has been making inroads in the chaos that is Libya to establish relations with one of the nation's largest militias, reports Lt. Col. (ret.) Michael Segall
Science fact swallows science fiction: Dr. Robert Owens was all set to begin his long dreamed of science fiction novel when something happened -- science fact came along to ruin everything
Trump shows beta politicians how a news conference is done: A recent hammering by Donald Trump of a news organization during a press conference had Michael R. Shannon cheering -- and saying its a lesson for other politicians and media
Quanah Parker’s house joins Geronimo’s teepee: A home of a legendary American is falling apart due to greed and neglect and Michael R. Shannon says someone needs to act
Sleazy legal tactics used to go after former Utah Attorney General: Former Utah Attorney General John Swallow is under attack by a politically motivated criminal case, says Rachel Alexander, the latest example of a Republican being targeted with bogus charges
The Women’s March and the real Deplorables: To say that Selwyn Duke wasn't impressed by the Women's March earlier this month would be somewhat of an understatement
How sound money principles can bolster your personal finances: Stefan Gleason argues that the average person can implement sound money principles to improve their personal finances even if politicians don't want to show the same restraint

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