January 2020 - December 2020

January 2020

Hospitals play pin the price on the donkey: The last thing hospitals want Americans to know is how much drugs or a procedure actually costs and there are plenty of people who are taking action against this opacity, writes Michael R. Shannon
Comparing the Canadian and the American Right – updated to 2020 (Part One): Mark Wegierski looks at some of the differences in society, politics, and culture between Canada the United States
The Crown: Part Six: Michael Moriarty examines the 8th episode of the second season of The Crown which sees England's Royal Family deal with America's version -- US President John F. Kennedy and his wife Jacqueline 
It’s a battlefield brother: Christians need to realize that they are in a battle -- a spiritual one -- and the armour and swords are there for them to take a hold of, says Dr. Robert Owens
Where are the prosecutions for Fast and Furious?: Those interested in justice were happy to finally have a Republican in the White House so the Fast and Furious scandal could finally be brought out into the light. So why hasn't anything happened, asks Rachel Alexander
The Virginia model for a constitutional confederation of states: Where there is no clear constitutional authority for congressional legislation and taxes, asks Mark Alexander, what should be the consequence for such dereliction?
Iran tries to fill Gen. Soleimani’s boots: Iran has named a replacement for the departed Gen. Qasem Soleimani and Brig.-Gen. (ret.) Dr. Shimon Shapira and Lt. Col. (ret.) Michael Segall take a look at a new face -- Gen. Mohammad Hosseinzadeh Hejazi -- and his interesting past
Bloomberg's brokered Demo convention gambit: Mark Alexander believes that Michael Bloomberg is positioning himself as an insurance policy against Bernie Sanders's nomination
Looking at the structural problems of Canadian conservatism at the dawn of 2020 (Part Three): Mark Wegierski looks at the Canadian media and the academy
Trump the pro-life president: Plenty of Republicans have occupied office since Roe v Wade presenting themselves as travellers in the pro-life movement, says Dr. Robert Owens, but only Donald Trump has actually put walk into his talk
All nonprofits should be terrified of this new court decision: A Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals decision to uphold the conviction of former Rep. Steve Stockman of Texas is bad news for anyone who raises money for a non-profit, says Rachel Alexander
Virginia is a preview of what gun–grabbers would do nationally: The latest battle against the gun grabbers is currently taking place in the Commonwealth of Virginia but Michael R. Shannon says that if the Democrats capture Congress and the White House you can expect the Second Amendment war to rage against the entire country
Fight fires with facts – not fake science: Eliminate fuel, prevent ignition, stop arson, end irresponsible land management policies and you’ll go a long way to limiting wild fires, argue Paul Driessen & Duggan Flanakin
New tensions between Egypt and Hamas: Egypt has always used Hamas for its own purposes so they weren't particularly impressed earlier this month, reports Yoni Ben Menachem, when they broke a promise while in Iran to attend Qasem Soleimani’s funeral
Is Pelosi timing the impeachment articles’ release so as to damage Bernie?: There has been much theorizing as to why Nancy Pelosi hasn't released the articles of impeachment against Donald Trump yet. Selwyn Duke wonders if she's more interested in taking aim at some of her fellow Democrats than the president
Looking at the structural problems of Canadian conservatism at the dawn of 2020 (Part Two): Mark Wegierski continues to note the lack of an infrastructure or “eco-system” for conservatives
The Crown: Part Five: Michael Moriarty examines The Crown story line which sees the arrogant and mercurial Princess Margaret, her marriage to Anthony Armstrong-Jones and her battle with the rest of the Royal Family
2020 hindsight will judge these predictions: What's a new year without predictions for it? Dr. Robert Owens, the self-styled "Historian of the Future", offers up some prognostications for 2020 -- some surprising, some rather expected
Two Arizona school districts promoting racial divisions and social justice: There was a time when schools taught civics but these days, as embodied by two school districts in Arizona, they want to teach that which destroys society, says Rachel Alexander
Sports commentariat demands more inequality in college sports: Michael R. Shannon loved when college sports were covered by actual sports journalists. Today, he writes, it's all complaining about inequality -- whether it exists or not
Killing civilization: The great equality farce: Equality, or rather the dogma of equality, is quite possibly the greatest single threat to Western civilization, argues Selwyn Duke, and it needs to die before the world as we have built it does
The Trump Administration — Keeping America great in 2020 and beyond!: The Democrats' best hope in 2020, argues Mark Alexander, is to attempt to drive the American economy into nothing short of a recession
Do we really face a climate cat–astrophe?: Duggan Flanakin asks if we must put up with yet another eco-cataclysm fabricated and exaggerated by ruling elites?
Only murderers are allowed to be amateurs: The media wanted so badly for the man who stopped an active shooter at the recent incident at the West Freeway Church of Christ that they basically reported lies, says Michael R. Shannon
A scorecard on the first decade after the Arab Spring: Ten years after the "Arab Spring" the Middle East is a collection of confused countries, increasingly radicalized, threatened or supported by Iran and its proxies and facing huge and apparently intractable issues, writes Col. (ret.) Dr. Jacques Neriah
Looking at the structural problems of Canadian conservatism at the dawn of 2020 (Part One): A conservative infrastructure in Canada is definitely lacking, says Mark Wegierski
The Crown: Part Four: Michael Moriarty continues his look at the landmark and popular Netflix series The Crown with an examination of an episode that features both a disgraced prince and a famed American evangelist
Move over, Communist Manifesto, The Capitalist Manifesto is here: Rachel Alexander offers a review of the new e-book by Ralph Benko and Bill Collier entitled The Capitalist Manifesto: The End of Class Warfare, Toward Universal Affluence, an answer to the twisted classic by Marx and Engels
On how evangelicals can support Trump, both libs and conservatives get it wrong: Christians have had occasionally had a hard time being fully onboard the Trump Train -- for obvious reasons -- but Selwyn Duke believes that the religious need to remember some important facts about politics and culture
Reform USAID energy aid policies now!: US President Donald Trump should direct USAID to support coal and gas, argue Paul Driessen and David Wojick, not just wind and solar
Trump trips on a pygmy: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is clearly no fan of US President Donald Trump -- even working against him some days -- but Michael R Shannon says needs to decide whose side the Kentucky politician is really on
The signs swirl all around us, so is the monetary reset at hand?: Chris Powell believes that all the signs are pointing to reasons to be optimistic about gold and precious metals investments thanks to what he believes is an impending breakdown of government market manipulation
Climate alarmist banks go carbon-colonialist: Paul Driessen and David Wojick argue that Africa must move forward without the climate alarmists of the world, using fossil and nuclear energy to build prosperity

February 2020

The myth of Bernie Sanders’s honesty: Bernie Sanders, for whatever you think of him, is widely credited for at least being authentic in his beliefs. The problem, writes Selwyn Duke, is that Sanders actually appears to be dishonest with both voters and himself
George Grant’s vision of Canada increasingly attenuated (Part One): On the 55th anniversary of George Grant’s Lament for a Nation, Mark Wegierski traces the last 55 years of Canadian history
Hitler: Michael Moriarty recently discovered the 1977 documentary Hitler -- A Career on HBO and ponders the incredible evil of the man and the terror he wrought to the entire European continent in such a short period of time
Who’s in the basket?: If you hear the calling but feel that efforts to serve God would be in vain, writes Dr. Robert Owens, you should remember that you never know what might come of it -- you may be surprised
Reflections on the meaning of life and other puzzles, Part IV Truth and Reality: Universally understood or emotionally altered perceptions?: In her long awaited return to her ongoing series, Charlotte B. Cerminaro recently concluded a large move of her family from the Pacific Northwest and reflects how emotions can affect what someone views as a truth
A national solution to the boy crisis?: Boys in America are facing a massive crisis and few would appear to be taking it seriously -- nor care. Rachel Alexander reports that thanks to the efforts of Dr. Warren Farrell that may be slowly changing
Putting a price on moral exhibitionism: Do you believe in a living wage? If so, are you supporting businesses that do it voluntarily? Michael R. Shannon reports on one cleaning company that is paying a living wage and not demanding that government do it for them
The mad rush to electric vehicles: Duggan Flanakin wonders if the push for electric vehicles, along with the resulting government subsidies for companies like Tesla and tax rebates for consumers, will another disaster for consumers
Why didn’t libraries check with Redbox first?: Since allowing the homeless and drug addicts to use their washrooms freely Starbucks has seen a notable decline in business. Michael R. Shannon says the Los Angeles Public Library system apparently wishes to follow suit
Comparing the Canadian and the American Right – updated to 2020 (Part Four): Mark Wegierski looks at the weakness of the Canadian conservative infrastructures
God’s will: President Donald Trump: Part Two: America is in the midst of a Second Civil War, argues Michael Moriarty, and it's a far more complicated battle that will rely on US President Donald Trump to carry the fight
Trump brings home the bacon: Dr. Robert Owens argues that thanks to the Donald Trump economy there is a very simple fact that Democrats and the media are ignoring -- deliberately or otherwise: Every American who wants a job can get one
Getting the Canadian Right, right – revised and expanded: Mark Wegierski presents a re-worked version of a piece unsuccessfully submitted to the “Right Now” series in The National Post (Toronto)
Democrats in Washington State target well-known conservative legislator: What happens if you're the only conservative legislator in a very liberal state? Rachel Alexander says the left and their allies in the media will stop at nothing -- even investigating you as a terrorist -- to take you down
Jonah Goldberg's 'terrible week'?: Trump didn't create the hatred expressed by his adversaries; he revealed it — and likewise their contempt for his supporters, writes Mark Alexander
Moderate Arab states: “We’re with Trump”: Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas is casting about for Arab support in his opposition to the Trump peace proposal but Pinhas Inbari says he's finding few takers
Do ‘green’ buses pass the performance test?: Duggan Flanakin wonders if so-called "green" buses even pass basic energy, environmental, economic and human rights tests?
The U.S. peace plan: A return to the Rabin doctrine of defensible borders: Dan Diker argues that a lot of ink has been spilled about the recently released American peace proposal for Israeli-Palestinian diplomacy but no one seems to have realized the big callback to a steadfast principle of the late Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin
Comparing the Canadian and the American Right – updated to 2020 (Part Three): Mark Wegierski looks at mass education and mass media in both countries
God’s will: President Donald Trump: Part One: There is a war currently being waged in the United States, argues Michael Moriarty, and the continuing efforts to distract US President Donald Trump is part and parcel from the wider battle
Time is of the essence: The phrase "time is of the essence" implies that something needs to be completed with all due haste and Dr. Robert Owens says because no one is promised tomorrow that phrase is very appropriate
Maricopa County assessor resigns, under prosecution for human trafficking. but the facts may say otherwise: Former Maricopa County Assessor Paul Petersen has been charged with trafficking children for the purposes of adoption, something that Rachel Alexander says doesn't even stand up to a cursory examination of the facts
Virginia gun control leader takes a wrong turn: Virginia politician Chris Hurst talks a big talk about safety when it comes to firearms, writes Michael R. Shannon, but that concern for safety apparently doesn't extend to when he gets behind the wheel
Sanders on women's gang-rape fantasies: Mark Alexander reports on more wisdom from Bernie Sanders, the Socialist Democrats' Patron Saint of Witless Rants, a man with a long history of very questionable pronouncements
Deceptive rhetoric at Davos could bring disaster: There is nothing ‘cohesive’ or ‘sustainable’ about environmental ‘solutions’ demanded by World Economic Forum ‘stakeholders’, argues Paul Driessen
Deplatformed: How big tech companies & corporate America subvert the Second Amendment: Second Amendment advocates often -- sometimes always -- focus on the actions of government when it comes to protecting their rights but Sam Jacobs believes that we also need to look at the behavior of corporations when it comes to the Bill of Rights
The Crown: Part Seven: Fresh off her meeting with American First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, writes Michael Moriarty, Queen Elizabeth II decides to handle a diplomatic crisis in Ghana and goes against the counsel of both the United States, her government and her own advisors
Comparing the Canadian and the American Right – updated to 2020 (Part Two): Mark Wegierski looks at multiculturalism and varied types of “affirmative-action”-type policies in Canada
Retirement requirements get the Trump treatment: Many Americans rely on their retirement savings accounts to get by in their golden years and Dr. Robert Owens says that US President Donald Trump has once again did a solid for American workers
Getting the Canadian Right, right: Mark Wegierski presents a piece unsuccessfully submitted to the “Right Now” series in The National Post (Toronto)
1619, my ass, New York Times: Greg Strange looks at the New York Times' ongoing "1619 Project" -- organized by the newspaper to re-examine the legacy of slavery in the United States with a goal to mark the 400th anniversary of the first slaves brought from Africa -- and comes away with some definitive thoughts on it
Surprise medical bill legislation opens door to medicare for all: Surprise medical bills can be devastating for Americans but proposed legislation being pushed by a leftist billionaire and his allies in Congress are the wrong way of dealing with them, says Rachel Alexander
Richmond proves the left hates you and your gun: The recent pro-Second Amendment rally in Richmond, Virginia should disabuse any American gun owner that the political left has nothing but contempt for them, argues Michael R. Shannon

March 2020

The 'War on Virus' — What's our exit strategy?: When the United States gets to Day 15 of the "Great Distancing," says Mark Alexander, we must have a clear plan to restore the American economy
Fear is the opposite of faith: There are many living in fear these days, particularly with a global pandemic threatening the health and lives of many, but Dr. Robert Owens says people should replace that fear with faith
Perspective on Corona panic: Robert T. Smith isn't arguing that the novel coronavirus isn't serious -- people are dying after all -- but he argues that we do need a sense of perspective about how dire the situation really is
Apocalypse now! (Compliments of Big Government): It's probably not going to be a popular opinion but Greg Strange argues that the response that governments have had to the Corona virus is out of a bad sci-fi movie
WaPo bashes homeschooling during Coronavirus epidemic: Rachel Alexander doesn't think much of a recent Washington Post editorial which claimed that homeschooled children would fall behind in their learning
“Inter-not” -- Has a Canadian right-wing “blogosphere” had an impact on politics, society, and culture in Canada? – updated to 2020 (Part Two): Mark Wegierski looks mainly at some think-tanks
The Crown: Part Ten: Like many of us Michael Moriarty has an excess of time on his hands so that means its time to continue gorging on Netflix series The Crown and reporting his thoughts on the popular drama
If the PA lacks funds to combat the coronavirus, it should stop paying salaries to terrorists: Brig.-Gen. (res.) Yossi Kuperwasser says the Palestinian Authority has complained that it has no money to fight the coronavirus pandemic -- doubtless impacted by its decision to pay money to terrorists
Leftists turn schools into thug sanctuaries: One way of reducing the potential prison population is to simply not report and act on crimes. Michael R. Shannon says Virginia's school system apparently believes that's a logical response to violence in the classroom
Fight the virus, not carbon: Paul Driessen and David Wojick argue that obsessive focus on climate wastes scarce money and distracts from the real health crisis
COVID-19 tests: The non-fake news: The American system may not be the fastest in its response to the COVID-19 pandemic, argues Dvorah Richman, but it’s giving us trustworthy answers
President Trump winning admirers in strange places: It's actually quite remarkable, says Dr. Robert Owens. US President Donald Trump actually received some praise from both the mainstream media and Democrat politicians
Media focused on blaming coronavirus on Trump: The media would be bereft if it didn't have something to blame on Donald Trump and the coronavirus came along at just the right time, says Michael R. Shannon
Enforcing compliance with COVID-19 pandemic restrictions: Psychological aspects of a national security threat: Most people view the COVID-19 pandemic as a health crisis but Dr. Irwin J. Mansdorf would argue that it should properly be treated as a national security event
For real COVID-19 relief, suspend the payroll tax: Mark Alexander believes that the federal government needs to assist those people actually affected – the American worker and their families – and that means putting money directly in their hands
“Inter-not” -- Has a Canadian right-wing “blogosphere” had an impact on politics, society, and culture in Canada? – updated to 2020 (Part One): Mark Wegierski expresses some skepticism about the real impact that Canadian conservatives have made on politics when it comes to the web
The Crown: Part Nine: Michael Moriarty takes a brief aside from his look at the well-regarded Netflix series The Crown by taking a look at the situation of Prince Charles, presumptive heir to the English crown
Fear of (everybody else) flying: Air travel worsens the "climate crisis", say environmentalists – unless the passengers are climate activists and wealthy elites, writes Duggan Flanakin
The real reasons Africa has another locust plague: Paul Driessen says that the United Nations, environmentalist pressure groups and their financial backers have a lot to answer for
Would a victorious Joe Biden be removed for mental incapacity?: The Democrat Party is, at least for the moment, faced with two very unpalatable choices for a potential presidential nominee, writes Selwyn Duke, and Joe Biden is one of them
George Grant’s vision of Canada increasingly attenuated (Part Four): On the 55th anniversary of George Grant’s Lament for a Nation, Mark Wegierski traces the last 55 years of Canadian history
The Crown: Part Eight: Michael Moriarty returns to his look at Netflix series The Crown with the episode that examines the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the Royal response to it and America today
Veteran’s benefits aren’t entitlements: Many view the benefits that veterans of the armed forces as little more than entitlements but Dr. Robert Owens argues they are a part of a moral contract that the nation agreed to with anyone wearing a uniform for it
Genius Republican pins himself to the mat: The battle over Confederate statues continues in Virginia and one politician -- Republican Wendell Walker -- thought he had a winning strategy over the issue. Michael R. Shannon thinks he fails to understand his opponents
Will the coronavirus defeat Trump’s reelection?: Rachel Alexander is quite worried that the coronavirus may well defeat Donald Trump at the polls, doing the job that the Democrats quite obviously couldn't
The Demos' 2020 economic doom platform — WuFlu apocalypse: Mark Alexander says the Pelosi/Schumer tag team is doing what Demos do best — using the misery of others as fodder for their political agenda
Will the coronavirus (COVID-19) quiet the Gaza Strip?: One of the unintended consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, reports Yoni Ben Menachem, is that anti-Israeli protests in the Gaza Strip have effectively come to a halt for the foreseeable future
How exactly do they plan to replace fossil fuels?: Jurisdictions around the world want to ban coal, oil and gas, says Paul Driessen. He asks: Exactly how will they replace them? Who wins? Who loses? 
Afghanistan — What's left to win?: The question isn't, says Mark Alexander, "How long will the latest peace treaty with the Taliban last?" but "Why are we still there?" -- especially since American military strikes are still occurring
George Grant’s vision of Canada increasingly attenuated (Part Three): On the 55th anniversary of George Grant’s Lament for a Nation, Mark Wegierski traces the last 55 years of Canadian history
True justice: Michael Moriarty recently checked out Mark Wahlberg's 2020 movie Spenser Confidential and came away impressed at both the action flick and the star's refusal to expression a negative opinion about US President Donald Trump
Trump’s MAGA model on the world stage: It didn't get a lot of press attention at the time but US President Donald Trump's message to the World Economic Forum earlier this year sent very clear a message, says Dr. Robert Owens
The DOJ Inspector General needs to investigate the crooked prosecution of Renzi: Over a decade after being convicted over a land trade deal former Congressman Rick Renzi is still fighting to clear his name, reports Rachel Alexander
Big tech’s civilization-busting bias: Big Tech has the ability, argues Selwyn Duke, to change the course of the next election by just enough to ensure a Democrat victory in 2020
Science discovers the benefits of Christianity: A recent study which found health benefits to those who attended church regularly, writes Michael R. Shannon, must have come as quite a shock to the researchers behind it
Jacob Hornberger: Let the free market determine rates, pick the best money: Mike Gleason interviews founder and president of the Future of Freedom Foundation Jacob Hornberger, one of the Libertarian Party's presidential hopefuls for 2020
Libya’s Field-Marshall Khalifa Haftar – the returnee: You probably haven't heard of self-proclaimed Libyan Field-Marshall Khalifa Haftar but Col. (ret.) Dr. Jacques Neriah says the military officer is playing an important role in that country's ongoing struggle to stabilize itself
Virginia’s ‘Clean Economy Act’ will have dirty results: Paul Driessen says Virginia’s “clean economy” plans include 850-foot-tall turbines, 3.5 times the area of Washington, DC covered with solar panels, mining, child labor and pricey power
The unholy crusade against gas appliances: The eco darling natural gas has given way to wind, solar and battery electricity – and slave labor, argues Duggan Flanakin
Conservatives still waiting for anchor babies aweigh: Three years into the Trump administration and one of the key issues that got him into the White House -- immigration -- has yet to see even the smallest of success, says Michael R. Shannon
George Grant’s vision of Canada increasingly attenuated (Part Two): On the 55th anniversary of George Grant’s Lament for a Nation, Mark Wegierski traces the last 55 years of Canadian history
Trump trade deals: Dr. Robert Owens says trade deals like the United States Canada Mexico Agreement have earned the praise of even the political left, proving that Donald Trump is working on behalf of working Americans
Billionaires aren't so smart about everything: A recent headline about billionaires fleeing the Earth over the prospect of climate catastrophe has Greg Strange thinking that perhaps that subset of the ultra-wealthy aren't quite as intelligent as they are made out to be
 “Trans” men vs. women: Feminists created the monster now devouring women’s sports: Feminists who argued that there were no real physical differences between men and women -- particularly in sports -- are the reason why "trans" athletes are utterly demolishing women's sports today, writes Selwyn Duke
Oil is now more volatile than bitcoin: If it seems to you that oil markets have been unpredictable in recent weeks you aren't alone. Alex Kimani says that the numbers show that crude oil has been more volatile then even something like cryptocurrency
The depressed, dismal Democrats have forgotten how to have fun: Compared to the Democrats, argues David Keene, today's Republicans can claim are at least entertaining
Parents organize to fight back: Parental authority has been under attack in recent decades but a recently formed group -- Parents United America -- has been organized to try and reclaim it, reports Rebecca Hagelin 

April 2020

The proper role of government: Robert T. Smith says that the approach of two governors -- Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem -- illustrate perfectly the two different approaches to the COVID-19 pandemic when it comes to individual rights
A brief history of conservative publications in Canada – updated to 2020 (Part Two): Mark Wegierski looks at the mid-1990s, and beyond when it comes to the sad history of conservative publications in the Great White North
Praise God for troubles: These days someone telling you to not worry about things is probably coming across as a little detached from the events surrounding us but Dr. Robert Owens believes trust in a higher power and have a little hope
Bill Gates may have predicted COVID-19, but it doesn’t mean he’s right about specifics: While Bill Gates should get some praise for predicting a pandemic like COVID-19, argues Rachel Alexander, that doesn't mean his most recent pronouncements on the matter have any merit
Picking your poison in the age of Coronavirus: It's an uncomfortable question to answer but Greg Strange wonders if we're correctly answering the puzzle: How many lives are worth saving if it means destroying the entire American economy, especially given how wrong predictions have been to date?
Exposing the leftmedia's false CV19 narrative: Mark Alexander says Americans owe a debt of gratitude to Dr. Li Wenliang and Sen. Tom Cotton for their commitment to reveal the truth about the COVID-19 pandemic
Appeasement’s damage to education and law enforcement: These days, argues Michael R. Shannon, the average police officer is more afraid of YouTube and being judged negatively even for the most prosaic of encounters then they are of violent criminals
How the Coronavirus pandemic has sparked anti-Semitic conspiracy theories: Not surprisingly, perhaps, the COVID-19 pandemic has sparked conspiracy theories out of the Palestinian Authority that Israel is poisoning Palestinians with the virus, reports Fiamma Nirenstein
Is physical money on the verge of elimination?: There are a lot of unanswered questions as to how the American economy will react when its re-opened but Stefan Gleason believes that at least one commodity will continue to hold its value
Financiers of poverty, malnutrition and death – Part 2: Paul Driessen charges that private ‘philanthropic’ foundations are keeping African families destitute, malnourished and dying early
Mr. President, don't be the poster child for COVID-19 misery: Mark Alexander argues that there are three reasons President Donald Trump is at high risk of bearing blame for the current economic crisis
Red China’s atomic bomb: COVID-19: Michael Moriarty believes that the COVID-19 pandemic is likely part of a Chinese agenda designed to weaken the United States and target the Trump presidency in specific
Ecology – a long and difficult path ahead: Mark Wegierski quite pointedly looks at various possible convergences of ecology and traditionalism, on the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day (1970)
Resurrection reflections: In times like these it's perhaps not hard to lapse into negativity but Dr. Robert Owens argues that everyone, particularly Christians, needs to stand tall and stay strong
Consent of the governed: COVID-19 has certainly allowed many politicians, particularly of the Democrat persuasion, the opportunity to exercise their authoritarian impulses under the guise of saving Americans from the pandemic, says Robert T. Smith
When will our intolerance for despotism go viral?: Greg Strange is frankly amazed how quickly the United States accepted being shut down -- politically and economically -- and wonders when that acceptance is going to disappear
Celebrate the unsung heroes of the great pandemic panic: Much of the economy has ground to a halt but Michael R. Shannon says some professions and businesses continue to do what they can to keep things going and deserve our thanks
A pragmatic look at the COVID-19 economic downturn: The COVID-19 pandemic -- and the subsequent response by governments to intervene in the economy -- shows how complex issues are and offers solutions to the average person in their own life, says Dale Schlundt
All of the economic recovery models will be wrong too: Stefan Gleason believes that outside from the obvious that the US economy will be markedly different going forward, no one knows what the long-term economic fallout will be
The impact of COVID-19 on the Middle East and North Africa: Some countries in the Middle East and North Africa have been spared the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic thanks to preemptive actions, reports Hussein Solomon, while others are being ravaged thanks to corruption or inaction
Patriots' Day: The forgotten history of America's Patriots' Day and what it commemorates: Celebrated on the third Monday in April, Patriots Day is a big deal in New England and Sam Jacobs says it's important to remember the events that gave birth to the eventual holiday and nation that resulted
Guns at a glance: Find the best gun for any type of shooting, fast!: Confused as to which firearm you should buy for a specific need -- be it home defence or sport shooting? Minuteman Review offers an easy guide that solve that question for you
Financiers of poverty, malnutrition and death – Part 1: Paul Driessen reports that private ‘philanthropic’ foundations have joined with government agencies in funding anti-technology NGOs
Why accepting even two million COVID-19 deaths may be better than a national lockdown: It's an unpopular opinion but Selwyn Duke says he would rather accept many more dead than locking down the entire country for an interminable period of time with the attendant risks of economic depression and tyranny
A brief history of conservative publications in Canada – updated to 2020 (Part One): Mark Wegierski looks at the Mulroney Years and their aftermath
The wacky Catholic heretic and his increasingly liberal magic: Gary Wills: Michael Moriarty used to think that Gary Wills was one of the most eloquent Catholic writers around but a deeper dive into his writing shows him to be an apologist for a faith Moriarty believes is antithetical to Catholicism and the West
God’s will: President Donald Trump: Part One: Michael Moriarty argues that a figurative World War III is being fought on American soil this very moment and US President Donald Trump is both the target and the one poised to lead the country to victory
Trump’s Main Street Marshall Plan: Through a combination of deregulation and tax cuts before the global pandemic and relief measures during it, Dr. Robert Owens argues that the Trump administration has set up the US to rebound quickly
When will 8,130 deaths each year become a crisis?: All across the US politicians are taking tyrannical measures against American citizens and yet, argues Michael R. Shannon, refused to do very much about other risks that claimed the lives of thousands or impacted the economy
Federalism and the Socialist Democrats: Robert T. Smith is getting very annoyed at state and local politicians who seem to believe that the federal government is responsible for their response to the COVID-19 pandemic
Finally, a court case in Alabama may start to decimate Roe v. Wade: Unless you live in the state you may have not heard of the Writ of Mandamus filed with the Alabama Supreme Court concerning the status of a fetus as a person but Rachel Alexander believes it could ultimately deal a blow to Roe v. Wade
Federal Reserve notes are now “backed” by junk bonds: The United States once had each and every dollar bill backed by an equivalent amount of gold. Today? Mike Gleason says Federal Reserve Notes have "achieved" the same status as the humble junk bond
Fauci-Birx climate models?: Paul Driessen and David R. Legates say that honest, evidence-based climate models could avoid trillions of dollars in policy blunders
Wuhan Flu siege of the U.S.: US President Donald Trump recently stated that he was essentially acting as a wartime president as the country was under the equivalent of an attack -- a notion that has Robert T. Smith thinking about some related issues
Got hope?: The world is in the midst of battling an invisible enemy which is shutting down entire nations but Dr. Robert Owens says we can still have hope in a higher power
Crisis exposes devastating consequences of Fed policy: Americans have no savings: Americans have enjoyed a strong economy over the past three years but the COVID-19 pandemic has shown, says Jp Cortez, that they did very little in order to set their personal financial situations in order
COVID-19 made in China — Send Xi the bill: There is a clear and indisputable liability case to be made against China, says Mark Alexander, which should include remuneration of the economic costs to our nation
Did the 2010 Polish plane tragedy at Smolensk have an impact on Canada?: Mark Wegierski recalls a day of tragedy for Poland
The education of a monarchist: Advantages of the heritage of Caesar's corona: J.K. Baltzersen reflects upon a childhood in which he was raised for several years in Nairobi, Kenya and his political evolution through the worlds of monarchism, democracy, republicanism and conservatism
Prisons are releasing the wrong types of criminals in effort to combat coronavirus: Instead of releasing non-violent and elderly prisoners, says Rachel Alexander, they're releasing some of the most violent felons back on the streets -- all the while COVID-19 seems to be spreading unchecked in facilities
Coronavirus and the experts: Which will cause more harm?: Everyone is relying on the opinions of experts during the COVID-19 pandemic but Greg Strange believes that they already have a poor track record of knowing what's going on
Perfect time for Trump to fight the other alien invasion: Michael R. Shannon argues that the COVID-19 pandemic is proof that the United States needs to act on illegal immigrants utilizing its valuable resources
Fed president declares: “No end in our ability to print money…and Congress has told us to”: As a Democrat once stated, never let a crisis go to waste. Mike Gleason says the US Federal Reserve has basically openly stated that it will spend whatever it will with the consequences of inflation and fiat currently be damned
Let’s quarantine some fake corona and energy news: Paul Driessen reports that junk science and scare stories are stampeding countries into taking drastic, unnecessary action

May 2020

Free and fair election: A history of voting irregularities in their states? A Democrat demand to allow voting by mail? Robert T. Smith says such a situation would certainly prove an old axiom by Joseph Stalin entirely correct
Which is more criminal? David Koresh or the Democrat Party?!: Part One: Like many people Michael Moriarty is watching the recently released to Netflix series Waco, the story of the Branch Davidians and the FBI attack on their compound, and he shares some initial thoughts
Seventy-five years since its end, World War II continues to shape the world: Mark Wegierski offers a précis of some of the ideological consequences of the war
Somebody has to say it: Dr. Robert Owens is amazed how quietly and quickly most Americans laid down when commanded to by their government. He hopes that when the time comes they answer with their voices...and votes
Should bailouts go to government contractors?: Plenty of businesses have received millions in bailout money due to COVID-19 but what should really rankle Americans, says Rachel Alexander, is that government contractors -- many of whom never stopped working -- are holding their hands out for some taxpayer dollars
Yelling “Virus!” in a crowded city: One of the few exceptions to our First Amendment rights: If there is one truth about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, argues Charlotte B. Cerminaro, it's that the public is not being given all of the information by the experts -- especially if it contradicts the commonly-held "wisdom"
WuFlu puts Jesus in intensive care: Michael R. Shannon marvels at the fact that Christians ostensibly honour a man who was nailed to a piece of wood to suffer for their sins but decline to attend church because the government told them not to
What 'hero' really means: It seems anyone working during the COVID-19 pandemic is being declared a hero these days and Mark Alexander has a real problem with that -- especially given how he calibrates the meaning of the word
Nasrallah: Iran is not pulling back from Syria: If anyone had any delusions about Iran pulling back from its adventures in Syria, writes Brig.-Gen. (ret.) Dr. Shimon Shapira, Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah recently dispelled them
Prioritizing climate over pandemics: Paul Driessen argues that Americans need a full accounting of what was spent preparing for the ‘climate crisis’ versus COVID
How fake news is manufactured: The sage involving General Michael Flynn and the recently dropped charges shows how the mainstream media essentially create a false narrative in their reporting, says Dr. Robert Owens
Obama’s fingerprints cover the coup crime scene: Mark Alexander has one question in regards to the ongoing Democrat campaign against the Trump administration: "What did [Obama] know and when did he know it?"
The Crown: Part Twelve: Time continues to move in the Netflix series The Crown, the streaming service's semi-fictional look at the English royal family, and Michael Moriarty says the year 1964 brings some very big changes for all
Seventy-five years since V-E Day in 1945 – a précis of the role of Poland and the Poles in World War II (Part Three): Mark Wegierski looks at the Warsaw Uprising of 1944, and the aftermath of the war in Poland
It’s not a flaw, it’s a feature: A few weeks ago former US President Barack Obama told graduating students at Ohio State University that they should ignore warnings of government tyranny. Robert T. Smith argues that Obama's administration was ample proof why that's wrong
Ahmaud Arbery: Victim of a racist lynching or an unfortunate incident?: As usual with these types of horrible incidents, there is no middle ground in the debate over the killing of Ahmaud Arbery: It was either racist in nature or justifiable. Former prosecutor Rachel Alexander tries to take a nuanced look at the event
Don’t confuse US women’s soccer with the facts: The US women's soccer team were recently handed a defeat in court over their campaign to earn as much money as the men's team and its because they and their allies are ignoring uncomfortable truths, argues Michael R. Shannon
Is Iran seeking a historic compromise with the United States?: Iran recently signalled that it is open to a prisoner exchange with the United States but Lt. Col. (ret.) Michael Segall says Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is caught between two competing pressures if he wishes a lessening of tensions with America
The real climate science deniers: Paul Driessen argues that man-made climate crisis promoters can be counted on to reject inconvenient evidence of natural climate change
Bubble-wrapped Americans: How the U.S. became obsessed with physical and emotional safety: Americans have become so obsessed with safety -- be it emotional or physical -- that many have abandoned all notions of individuality, self-reliance and toughness. Sam Jacobs wonders if the tide can be turned back and what will happen if it isn't
The Crown: Part Eleven: Michael Moriarty returns to his ongoing look at Netflix's chronicle of the English Royal Family in The Crown by examining an episode which managed to combine some of the ugliest and noblest sides of human behavior
Seventy-five years since V-E Day in 1945 – a précis of the role of Poland and the Poles in World War II (Part Two): Mark Wegierski looks at Poland under German and Soviet occupations
Sun Tzu - Wuhan Flu: With a world weakened economically and politically by the COVID-19 pandemic, China has already begun to flex its muscles in both spheres -- and Robert T. Smith says we can thank the Clinton administration for their power
Better a Covidiot than a Covid Nazi: Thomas M. Sipos argues that the hysteria over the COVID-19 pandemic has reached the point where those conforming to the narrative has become a Soup Nazi-esque bully...or worse
Are Democrats smarter than Republicans 2020?: Considering how often Republicans are played for fools by Democrats -- and themselves -- one would think that the progressive left is just smarter than the right. Dr. Robert Owens says the reason actually lies elsewhere
Behind the misleading statement that blue states subsidize red states: Democrats in blue states claim that they essentially subsidize red states because they pay higher taxes. Rachel Alexander argues the numbers show the story is a little more nuanced
A Wizard of Oz virus: The COVID-19 hoax: While he doesn't mean to imply that the COVID-19 pandemic itself is a hoax -- it obviously exists -- Selwyn Duke argues that the virus is being treated as both a health and political issue, unlike previous pandemics
Leftists pretending to be pro–life: Michael R. Shannon doesn't think much of leftists figuratively clutching their pearls at the news that some states have had enough of the shutdown and are either preparing or already re-opening some segments of their economies
Americans must understand the consequences of restoring our economy: Mark Alexander has a simple question that he will attempt to answer: What is it Republican governors should be making clear to their respective constituents — but haven't?
A miraculous turn of events: Michael Moore and Paul Driessen agree! Paul Driessen reports that the controversial documentarian believes that wind, solar and biofuel energy are devastating Planet Earth
How to rescue civil discourse on Israel: Any discussion about Israel, say Dan Diker and Amb. Alan Baker, should be predicated upon facts and the country being held to the same standards as other nation-states, not dehumanization and demonization
Democrats, please stick with Biden for your presidential nominee: Democrats, at least for the moment, seem to have made their choice -- Joe Biden -- on the grounds that he doesn't represent the extreme wings of the party. Then he opened his mouth on a regular basis. Rachel Alexander hopes Democrats don't reconsider their choice
Seventy-five years since V-E Day in 1945 – a précis of the role of Poland and the Poles in World War II (Part One): Mark Wegierski looks at the beginning of the war, and Poland’s contributions to the Allied war effort
Okay we get it: Dr. Robert Owens argues that it's time to re-open the United States with a focused approach to allow those people who are likely healthy enough to withstand a bout of COVID-19 to resume their lives
Punish the deplorables: If America's elite doesn't understand why a growing number of Americans want -- and need -- the nation's economy to re-open all they have to do is look in the refrigerator...and then try and pretend there's nothing in there, writes Robert T. Smith
Cuomo's COVID-19 cover-up — killing high-risk patients: Fairly early in the COVID-19 pandemic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo downplayed the risks of the virus and then promptly put policies in place that were a virtual death sentence for thousands of the elderly of his state
What’s next, trillion-dollar coins?: It sounds like a scheme hatched up in a third world banana republic but Stefan Gleason reports that a few members of Congress literally called for the creation of trillion dollar coins to pay for COVID-19 financial relief
Iran is operating an airlift to Venezuela: The United States may be currently pre-occupied with COVID-19 and its own financial status but evil never sleeps and Iran continues to make inroads into Venezuela, says Lt. Col. (ret.) Michael Segall
Meeting the terawatt challenge: Duggan Flanakin says that Robert Bryce’s latest book, A Question of Power: Electricity and the Wealth of Nations, lays out a powerful case for treating electricity as a human right
Anti-Semitism and the coronavirus: It should be no surprise to learn that the old slur has come back and some are claiming that Israel developed the COVID-19 virus and deliberately spread it around the world, reports Brig.-Gen. (res.) Yossi Kuperwasser

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