January 2023 - December 2023

January 2023

Biden said he was a prostitute. Believe him: Many years ago Joe Biden admitted during an interview, reports Mark Alexander, that he was little more than a prostitute when it came to his career and how he raised money
Looking at the structural problems of Canadian conservatism at the dawn of 2023 (Part One): A conservative infrastructure in Canada is definitely lacking, says Mark Wegierski
California Bar seeks to disbar Trump attorney John Eastman for nothing: John Eastman is an attorney and one of those who advised Donald Trump following the results of the 2020 election. And because of that second fact, reports Rachel Alexander, he's facing disbarment attempts by the California bar
A Skeptic's Guide to the Universe: On the existence of free will, individual autonomy and belief systems: A recent use of, to be charitable, excessive force by police officers has Charlotte B. Cerminaro exploring the notion of freedom and free will and how they interact with our society...sometimes for the worse
What is righteousness and how do I get it?: How does one get into Heaven? Dr. Robert Owens argues you can't just walk in like it was a restaurant. Rather, he says, you need to be granted access
What are the prospects for normalization between Saudi Arabia and Israel?: Israel has made enormous strides in having good relations with many of its Arab neighbours but the one country that continues to maintain its distance is Saudi Arabia, writes Yoni Ben Menachem
Examining the Polish-Canadian community on the 160th anniversary of the outbreak of the tragic January 1863 Uprising in Russian-occupied Poland: Mark Wegierski presents a piece co-authored with Apolonja (Pola) Kojder
Biden's classified garage docudrama: As the ongoing story over classified documents found anywhere Joe Biden seemingly walked by during the past decades proves, Mark Alexander says that if it were not for double standards, Democrats would have no standards at all
The elite’s obsession with achieving total financial control: Make no mistake: The push for central bank digital currencies to replace traditional fiat money has the ultimate goal of controlling the population and its wealth, writes Clint Siegner
Could Golden Ruble 3.0 knock out the U.S. dollar?: The US dollar remains the world's top currency dog but Jon Forrest Little says that isn't preventing other countries from working to change that -- such as Russia
The internal debate in the Iranian elite over the hijab protest: The ongoing hijab protests in Iran are being met with a monolithic response by the country's regime but Yoni Ben Menachem says there are dissenting voices in the government
Jump!: You might not be able to get into Buckingham Palace simply by asking, writes Dr. Robert Owens, but there is another kingdom that the price of entry is merely to take a leap of faith
Biden officials float $1 trillion platinum coin scheme to monetize debt: No bad idea ever dies, it only waits to resurface at the next crisis. Once again, reports Mike Gleason, an administration is pondering the minting of a trillion dollar coin to deal with a debt ceiling
The left is becoming increasingly similar to the Taliban: There might not be much of a comparison between the ideologies of the Taliban and the political left, writes Rachel Alexander, but a lot of the end results seem to be the same
Vital energy lessons for Virginia and America: Legislators shouldn’t Californicate Virginia or America on EVs and Green Energy, argues Paul Driessen
Second anniversary: The Capitol Police killing of Ashli Babbitt: Mark Alexander says it’s time for a reality fact-check on the whitewashing of an unjustifiable police shooting on January 6, 2020
More citizens and states look to depositories, not banks: The American economy continues to send mixed signals of where it's heading and Mike Gleason states that's prompting people to examine precious metals as an investment
Senior Palestinian official Hussein al-Sheikh lost his status as a possible successor to Mahmoud Abbas: Hussein al-Sheikh was essentially the successor to PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas until a meeting in late December, showing yet again that the organization's leadership remains in chaos, reports Yoni Ben Menachem
Why RINOs are RINOs: In Arizona there were a lot of shenanigans surrounding the recent mid-term elections and not surprisingly in the state that John McCain represented for years, plenty of Republicans have sided with Democrats to refute claims of fraud. Rachel Alexander explains why
I’m blessed: Most committed Christians believe it is necessary for them to share their faith with others but many people don't want to appear as pushy when it comes to their faith. Dr. Robert Owens has an answer to their dilemma
About that 'lying dog-faced pony soldier': Mark Alexander says it’s a certainty that you will be shocked to learn there's a big liar in Washington, D.C.
Remembering when gun control was at least remotely rational: There was a time -- not that long ago -- when gun control advocates devoted most of their energies on attempting to ban handguns. That was probably the last time their position made even the slightest bit of sense, argues Selwyn Duke
Free enterprise: The obligated conservative’s perspective: In the battle between capitalists and those who want a more "equitable" settlement between people, says Mark Bard, lies a rather large gulf of philosophy
Over 333,472 Class 2 misdemeanors committed in Kari Lake’s election, but trial court judge shrugged them off: It's hard to tell what's more amazing": the number of irregularities in Arizona's mid-term elections or the fact that the justice system is actively ignoring them, reports Rachel Alexander
Do we have to accept transgenderism if it’s ‘inborn’?: He's already seeing signs that the media and "experts" are attempting to turn transgenderism into something that some people are born with and that opens the door to plenty of danger, writes Selwyn Duke
ESG’s perverse, narrow, fraudulent ethical principles: Paul Driessen argues that the failure of basic fiduciary duties to investors is just the tip of ESG fraud iceberg. Think it doesn't affect you? You have money invested for retirement?
Gold, silver, & platinum had a good year: Precious metals had a relatively good 2022, writes Mike Gleason, and current spending trends in Washington, D.C. will probably mean that having a portfolio that takes that into account will be a good idea

February 2023

No, Joe, It's not the 'first anniversary' of the Russo-Ukrainian War: In the aftermath of US President Joe Biden's visit to Ukraine, Mark Alexander discusses the pros and cons of the proxy war — Putin the Tyrant v. Biden the Appeaser
A brief history of conservative publications in Canada – updated to 2023 (Part Two): Mark Wegierski looks the state of Canadian conservative publications at the mid-1990s, and beyond
Kurt Vonnegut's Player Piano and the declining dignity of work: Although published back in 1957, Thomas M. Sipos argues that Kurt Vonnegut's Player Piano may as well be chronicling modern day America
As porn gets worse and Democrats embrace it, one newer group has a novel approach to combat it: Addiction to porn is a real thing and the number of people trapped in that psychological hell is growing rapidly as access to it is seemingly ubiquitous but Rachel Alexander reports that one group has waded in to try and help
The phenomenon of Palestinian teen terrorists: The phenomenon of Palestinian teenagers carrying out terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians and members of Israel’s security forces in eastern Jerusalem has reappeared, reports Yoni Ben Menachem
Team Biden's Facebook protection squads: Mark Alexander reports that leftist social media speech suppression at places like Facebook is surging...and he can prove it
Westerners know Trudeau, Singh & Legault harbour unacceptable views (Part 3): J.R. Werbics ends his three part series by embracing John Locke’s definition of freedom for Western Canada & Territories
A brief history of conservative publications in Canada – updated to 2023 (Part One): Mark Wegierski looks at the Mulroney Years and their aftermath in the beginning of his short history of conservative Canadian publications
Our little barbarians: People have allowed their children to run rampant for years and the end result are generations of kids who act like little more than uncivilized barbarians, argues Selwyn Duke
Return of the man who stopped illegal immigration: One of the key figures in stemm8ng the tide of illegals into Arizona, Andrew Thomas, is back in the public eye -- this time as a writer reports Rachel Alexander
The “Two-State Solution” and the Arab Palestinians: Partition or politicide?: The "two-state" solution is still advanced by many as the fix for the ongoing conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, but Dr. Joel Fishman says that deeper issues make that proposal a non-starter
50% of Americans say “worse off” since last year; sound money rising in the states: US President Joe Biden painted a picture of a rosy American economy that was nothing but job growth and improving finance. Mike Gleason says the average American would take issue with those claims
Westerners know Trudeau, Singh & Legault harbour unacceptable views (Part 2): J.R. Werbics argues that western separation was always a canard and it’s time for a new direction and ideas
Looking at the structural problems of Canadian conservatism at the dawn of 2023 (Part Three): Mark Wegierski looks at the media and the academy in Canada both in the past and today
The MSM continues its Orwellian whitewashing of the English language in AP Stylebook: The Associated Press recently issued some new guidelines for its journalists and it's filled with the usual politically correct posturing when it comes to language, reports Rachel Alexander
Race and violence: A politically inconvenient truth: Mark Alexander argues that systemic racism, white supremacy, the police, and so-called "assault weapons" are not the problems when it comes to race and violence in America today
Egyptian effort to prevent Palestinian-Israeli escalation ahead of Ramadan: In a story as old as time, tensions are beginning to rise once again between Palestinians and Israelis and this time Egypt has been called in to try and keep the peace, reports Yoni Ben Menachem
This 'wellness check' should be red-flagged!: Mark Alexander presents a recent case study of how the justification for wellness and red flag checks can easily be abused
Westerners know Trudeau, Singh & Legault harbour unacceptable views (Part 1): J.R.Werbics argues that last year’s Freedom Convoy reinvigorated Western Canadian populism and conservatism
Looking at the structural problems of Canadian conservatism at the dawn of 2023 (Part Two): Mark Wegierski continues to note the lack of an infrastructure or “eco-system” for conservatives
Is America under judgment?: It has arguably been a while since American could be considered "good" -- however one chooses to define that -- but Dr. Robert Owens argues that Christians have better things to do than run and hide
Why are taxpayer-funded tourism agencies promoting radical LGBTQ+ and progressive causes?: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis may have made national headlines in the fight against "the agenda", but that doesn't mean that state agencies aren't still giving money to woke causes and businesses, reports Rachel Alexander
By ending security coordination with Israel, the Palestinian Authority is shooting itself in the foot: The Palestinian Authority recently announced that it would no longer cooperate with Israel in security matters, a move, writes Yoni Ben Menachem, that harms the PA far more than it does Israel
In celebration of twenty years at Enter Stage Right -- Bionote of Mark Wegierski (Part One): Mark Wegierski presents a fairly extensive biography, focusing here on his achievements in the 1960s and 1970s

March 2023

Legalized climate grifting: Bill Gates and climatist collaborators are taking taxpayers and consumers on trillion-dollar rides, argues Paul Driessen
Meet the young attorney who may have saved Kari Lake’s election challenge: You probably haven't heard of Ryan Heath but Rachel Alexander says the 31-year old attorney has moved heaven and earth in Kari Lake's continued fight over the 2020 Arizona election
In celebration of twenty years at Enter Stage Right -- Bionote of Mark Wegierski (Part Two): Mark Wegierski presents a fairly extensive biography, looking at his achievements in the 1980s
Does any of this make any sense?: Anybody, be they religious or not, could be forgiven for looking around at the world today and asking the question that forms the title of this essay. Dr. Robert Owens says that in fact does make sense
Using the climate change scare to promote abortion: It probably shouldn't surprise you that they've finally managed to link climate change with abortion -- leading to the cross-promotion of each in both communities. Tom Harris explains the logic behind it all
Ben Stein is right (sort of): Black Americans have “never had it so good”: Commentator and sometime actor Ben Stein made waves recently when he argued that Black Americans "never had it so good". Selwyn Duke says Stein was correct...though not entirely
The 'ChiCom Virus' Pandemic — Year Three: Mark Alexander agues that Donald Trump's irrevocable and fatal political error in his COVID-19 response and recovery strategy was appointing Anthony Fauci as his de facto "public health" strategist
Equity, it’s for your own good?: Equity seems to be the most important word of our times but Robert T. Smith wonders if that concept runs square into conflict with another one: agency
In celebration of twenty years at Enter Stage Right -- Bionote of Mark Wegierski (Part One): Mark Wegierski presents a fairly extensive biography, focusing here on his achievements in the 1960s and 1970s
Jenna Ellis Settles her ethics complaint, saving herself but damaging Trump and election integrity: The courts and law associations continue their war against lawyers who dared to do as little as express support for efforts to question recent elections and earlier this month one settled her case but did harm to everyone else, reports Rachel Alexander
The Axis of Resistance led by Iran threatens Israel during Ramadan: Ramadan approaches and Yoni Ben Menachem reports that Iran and its terrorist proxies have made it clear that they have something planned for Israel during the month
Palestinian teenage terror – Inherently illegal, but does anyone care?: The entire world seems to be turning a blind eye to terror groups in the Palestinian territories grooming children into terrorists, writes Amb. Alan Baker
“Inter-not” -- Has a Canadian right-wing “blogosphere” had an impact on politics, society, and culture in Canada? – updated to 2023 (Part Two): Mark Wegierski looks mainly at some think-tanks in Canada
How the left’s corruption of the courts imprisoned another Republican as a fall guy for the 2008 real estate crash: That many courts and bar associations have been taken over by the left and used those bodies to attack conservatives and Republicans is no secret. Rachel Alexander looks at the case of Mark Andreotti, one person who ran afoul of the politicized law profession
The Democrat Party's 'BIG Lie': Mark Alexander argues that Democrat hacks have excelled at "distorting the truth infamously."
The “trans”-fem debate: The national version of “My wife is always right”: Feminists and trans activists are embroiled in a war of words and many are picking sides. Selwyn Duke, however, has no love for either side and hopes that they both lose the cultural war
Fed Chairman Powell lies to Congress: “The dollar has held its value over time”: US Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell told Congress quite a whopper last week, says Mike Gleason, when he stated under testimony that the US dollar remains strong and has actually held its value over time
Why judges won’t rule there was voter disenfranchisement when it happens to Republicans: Once again judges, including those in Arizona, are mass tossing out any lawsuits arguing that election shenanigans are disenfranchising those who are daring to vote Republican, writes Rachel Alexander
“Inter-not” -- Has a Canadian right-wing “blogosphere” had an impact on politics, society, and culture in Canada? – updated to 2023 (Part One): Mark Wegierski expresses some skepticism
Spark's Tract satirizes environmental extremism: It's been two decades since Jack R. Stevens' novel Spark's Tract was published and did a marvelous job of taking environmentalism down a peg or two. Thomas M. Sipos is pleased to report it was recently re-released
Catch-22: Rate hikes may fuel even more inflationary deficit spending: Fighting fire with fire may work in forests but the same appears to be only causing more government spending, says Stefan Gleason on the topic of Federal Reserve rate hikes
DOD prohibits patriotic American flag displays: Some of the mindless decrees emanating from Biden's luminary Pentagon appointees are just surreal, reports Mark Alexander
Childish beliefs drive lethal energy and agricultural agendas: Paul Driessen argues that US President Joe Biden and environmentalist policies would destroy agriculture, habitats, products and nutrition

April 2023

No, Trump supporters don't worship him and think he's a messiah: The political left loves to claim that Donald Trump's supporters think of him as a messiah -- whether real or literal -- to paint them as wackos. Rachel Alexander argues it's another made up charge
In celebration of twenty years at Enter Stage Right -- Bionote of Mark Wegierski (Part Four): Mark Wegierski presents a fairly extensive biography, mainly listing here his record of publications over his entire life, and conference participation since 2008
Emboldened by Israel's restraint, Hizbullah isВ defining new rules of engagement: Israel appears to be uncertain how to respond to an increasing escalation of attacks by groups like Hizbullah, writes Col. (ret.) Dr. Jacques Neriah, which is inviting further attacks as well as a feeling of deterrence from Israeli responses
Kevin Sorbo is the new John Galt in Alongside Night: You probably didn't hear of Alongside Night when it was released back in 2014 but Thomas M. Sipos thinks it much be worth a watch if you want a low-budget pro-freedom movie to watch
Abusing prosecutorial power is nothing to Bragg about: The charges recently laid against Donald Trump ostensibly have nothing to do with race but Curtis T. Hill believes that some leftists are attempting to do just that
Big sound money wins in Arkansas and Mississippi as gold holds firm: Last week marked continuing pressure on the US dollar, gold continuing to touch the $2,000 line and some big successes in two states for buying precious metals, reports Mike Gleason
Earth Day betrays its philosophical founders: Earth Day passed last Friday -- if you noticed -- and Tom Harris argues that the annual event has become something that it's philosophical founders never envisioned
The results are coming in for 'woke' corporate policies, and they're messy: As Anheuser-Busch learned this month, and many other earlier, the public has likely had enough of corporations pursuing "woke" policies which only end up alienating existing customers, argues Scott Shepard
On the 50th anniversary of Soylent Green (1973): Mark Wegierski offers a retrospective review of this great dystopian science fiction film starring Charlton Heston and Edward G. Robinson
What you can do to help the people of Ukraine: The war between Ukraine and Russian continues to rage but while the headlines continue to be dominated by the struggle on the battlefield, David Huntwork says the civilians of Ukraine continue to need the world's help
Is Central Bank Digital Currency unconstitutional?: All around the world central banks are planning the introduction of digital currencies. Robert E. Wright examines whether that would even be legal in the United States
The Demos' MSM 'fact-check' protection racket: Mark Alexander examines how Leftmedia platforms target social media content that dares to challenge leftist orthodoxy
How will Israel confront the Iranian regime's multi-front assault?: Once again Iran has stepped up its efforts to destroy Israel, utilizing every terrorist and military asset it can put its hands on. Yoni Ben Menachem explains what Israel plans on doing in response
Waco 30 years later — The deadly ATF/FBI assaults on the Koresh cult compound: Mark Alexander mulls over the five things we remember vividly about the most disgraceful ATF/FBI tactical assaults in modern history
$4.7 million in small amounts of money donated to Democrats – apparently without the donors’ knowledge: Have you donated money to political causes 31,000 times in recent years? Data publicly available on the Federal Election Commission's web site shows some people apparently are so enthralled with liberal causes they donated money thousands of times. Rachel Alexander says they or someone else did...
In celebration of twenty years at Enter Stage Right -- Bionote of Mark Wegierski (Part Three): Mark Wegierski presents a fairly extensive biography, chronicling his achievements from the 1990s to the 2020s
It’s a battlefield brother: If you're a Christian, you're in a fight every single day whether or not you realize it. Dr. Robert Owens says failure to do so means you'll end up as a casualty in the war of the spirit
Charles Barkley calls WNBA, which loses $10 million yearly, “a great product”: Recently NBA legend Charles Barkley called on American businesses to advertise with the WNBA, stating that the women's basketball league was great. Selwyn Duke will take issue with that assessment
The battle for succession in the Palestinian Authority: PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has no plans on retiring any time soon -- despite being 88-years old -- but he continues playing his potential successors against each other, reports Yoni Ben Menachem
FDR's other ‘Day of Infamy': When the U.S. government seized all citizens' gold: History marked an inauspicious anniversary last week -- the day that FDR issued an executive order to confiscate all gold held by Americans, says Larry Reed
My letter to the Minn. official who demanded parents respect their kids’ identities: Minnesota lieutenant governor Peggy Flanagan is demanding that parents agree to whatever "identity" their children decide to assume. Selwyn Duke wrote her a letter in response asking some questions
The data on leftist erosion of American values: Mark Alexander has a simple question that probably won't be too hard to answer: Guess which political party poll respondents indicate deep deficits of patriotism and faith?
The frightening precedent of indicting an innocent former president: Regardless of what you think about Donald Trump, his indictment last week shows that his political enemies are willing to do anything to take him down, argues Rachel Alexander
If the mentally ill “mustn’t own guns,” what about “trans” people?: Gun control advocates are fond of stating that anyone deemed mentally ill -- regardless of the criteria -- shouldn't be allowed to own guns. Selwyn Duke wonders if a tragic shooting last week will prompt the same response
Fifty-fifth anniversary of 2001: A Space Odyssey and fifteen years since the death of Arthur C. Clarke: Mark Wegierski looks at a classic film, with an epic director, and inspired by a classic science fiction author
Biden set to shut door on conservatives in federal jobs: Your typical government bureaucracy is already a nest of liberalism but Michael Austin reports that a proposed rule governing federal employment is promising to erase the last vestiges of conservatives working there
How can you stay so optimistic?: Given the times we live in it's understandable if people aren't optimistic about the future but Dr. Robert Owens maintains his glass half full philosophy quite easily
New worries America on verge of losing petrodollar privilege: Countries like China and Russia have been pushing hard to price oil in things other than US dollars. Mike Gleason says that would have a catastrophic effect on America's currency if they and others go in that direction
9mm vs 45 ACP: The greatest pistol caliber debate: On one side, Fudds with their calibre that won two world wars...on the other side, the kids with their fancy "new" round. Chris Dwulet attempts to end the war between which is the better round: 9mm vs. 45 ACP

May 2023

There are no debt-based solutions to the debt problem: In "stunning" news, both Republicans and Democrats agree that more debt is the solution to the current "debt crisis". Stefan Gleason says this is madness
How the COVID-19 pandemic caused massive mental illness on the left: It's no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic caused increased increased mental illnesses -- particularly amongst the political left. Rachel Alexander explains why
On the 335th anniversary of the Glorious Revolution -- the historical significance of the English Civil War (Part Five): Mark Wegierski looks at the impact of Oliver Cromwell
The two witnesses who helped change my life: Before becoming a Christian, life was a lot like the Restaurant at the End of the Universe from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, says Dr. Robert Owens
Biden's denigration of American military patriots: More than 160 flag officers have called out Joe Biden's military mission erosion resulting from his "diversity, equity, and inclusion" mandates, says Mark Alexander
On the 175th anniversary of Marx and Engels Communist Manifesto (1848) (Part Three): Mark Wegierski asks, can Marx be re-interpreted as a critic of late modernity?
Iran infiltrated the Arab League: Syria's recent return to the Arab League after an absence of over a decade gives Bashar al-Assad renewed legitimacy and Iran increased influence over the Middle East, argues Yoni Ben Menachem
Biden Administration environmental injustices: Paul Driessen says that federal agencies are using the mantra of 'climate justice' to justify controlling every aspect of our lives
How electric car propaganda preys on the disabled: Those disabled who utilize electric wheelchairs know well the limitations of EV technology, writes Melissa Ortiz, but their lessons are being ignored in favour of climate change propaganda
California's reparations scam: Michael Jackson's kids would get payouts: California was never a slave state but that isn't preventing them from wanting to dole out billions of dollars to African-Americans over the country's past sin. Horace Cooper doesn't think much of the idea
Indict the 'Trump/Russia Collusion' conspirators: Clinton/Comey/Brennan: A report released last week found that the FBI "discounted or willfully ignored material information that did not support the narrative of a collusive relationship between Trump and Russia" and Mark Alexander says someone needs to pay for that
Durham Report thoroughly debunks Russiagate conspiracy, proves agencies are weaponized against political enemies: The Durham Report proved, if anyone had any real doubts, that America's federal agencies have been weaponized against anyone who doesn't have a D next to their name, argues Rachel Alexander
On the 335th anniversary of the Glorious Revolution -- the historical significance of the English Civil War (Part Four): Mark Wegierski looks at economic/class, country/urban, and "ethnic" divisions in the conflict
Hi, Mom! and the masochism of the white liberal: Thomas M. Sipos says that 1970's Hi, Mom!, directed by Brian De Palma and starring Robert De Niro, was a perfect satire of the woke politics of its day...and today
On the 175th anniversary of Marx and Engels Communist Manifesto (1848) (Part Two): Mark Wegierski continues his series on whether Marx can be re-interpreted as a critic of late modernity
Saudi-Iran rapprochement and Saudi-Israel normalization: No contradiction intended: News that Saudi Arabia and Iran were talking put the fear of many that the kingdom was reversing course on its traditional Middle Eastern policy and also turning away from its growing relationship with Israel. Dr. Yechiel M. Leiter isn't worried about either
Regarding Biden's 'gun ban' agenda, first let's ban alcohol!: Mark Alexander wonders why Joe Biden strenuously avoids identifying the real root cause of the epidemic of violence in America...
On the 335th anniversary of the Glorious Revolution -- the historical significance of the English Civil War (Part Three): Mark Wegierski looks at political, dynastic, and territorial allegiances in the conflict
It's Congress's turn to address Chase's discriminatory banking practices: Chase Bank tells everyone that they don't discriminate against religious and conservative groups but Scott Shepard says the evidence says otherwise
Ben Pleasants exposes Hollywood hypocrisy on Stalin: Ben Pleasant was a rarity in Hollywood -- a playwright and a libertarian -- and Thomas M. Sipos explores the man his play which threw back the covers on the entertainment industry and its love of communism
On the 175th anniversary of Marx and Engels Communist Manifesto (1848) (Part One): Mark Wegierski asks, can Karl Marx be re-interpreted as a critic of late modernity?
New 'Daughters of the West' documentary exposes how the transgender movement is especially hurting girls: The transgender movement is having a deleterious effect on children in general but a new documentary shows young girls may be hardest hit of all, reports Rachel Alexander
Central banks join rank-and-file villagers in exiting the dollar: Every day we're told that the US dollar remains the unassailable benchmark in the financial world but Jon Forrest Little argues that the actions of many of the world's central banks don't appear to support that
Treasury Secretary panics: 'Economic chaos will ensue': Not surprisingly, U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has announced that if the federal government's debt borrowing isn't raised that the world will end. Stefan Gleason has some thoughts on that
When strength, moral clarity, resolve, and humility prevailed: Mark Alexander ruminates on the timeless lessons of Ronald Reagan's 1977 template for the New Republican Party and why they're needed today
On the 335th anniversary of the Glorious Revolution -- the historical significance of the English Civil War (Part Two): Mark Wegierski looks at the religious divisions in the English conflict known as the Glorious Revolution
How the legal system was abused with lawfare to convict the Proud Boys for J6: Several Proud Boys were recently convicted for criminal acts related to January 6, 2021 and Rachel Alexander describes the trial as little more then a show trial
Behind the scenes of J. Neil Schulman's Lady Magdalene's: This week Thomas M. Sipos takes a look at libertarian sci-fi author J. Neil Schulman's 2008 directoral debut Lady's Magdalene's, starring Nichelle Nichols
Epic fail as Fed chairman Powell claims banks safe & sound: US Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell maintains strenuously that the American banking system is rock solid...while bringing another rate hike. Something doesn't add up, writes Mike Gleason
Hizbullah is working to elect a "puppet" president in Lebanon: Iran already has plenty of influence within Lebanon thanks to terrorist groups it actively supports but Yoni Ben Menachem says the Persian state is also trying to essentially take the presidency of the nation as well
Why Democrats must defend deviancy: Mark Alexander reveals the reason Democrats have to expend enormous political capital defending deviance, including child groomers and mutilators
It's time to move to a National Popular Vote in order to combat election fraud: The United States -- and the right -- need to start entertaining the idea of a National Popular Vote to combat election fraud. And the best part, argues Rachel Alexander, is that no changes to the Electoral College or constitution are needed
On the 335th anniversary of the Glorious Revolution -- the historical significance of the English Civil War (Part One): Mark Wegierski introduces a new series on the very historically important Glorious Revolution of 1688 that took place in England -- one that continues to resonate even today
Brad Linaweaver: Profile of a Hollywood libertarian: Brad Linaweaver was a rarity in Hollywood, an honest to goodness libertarian. Thomas M. Sipos examines the talented man and his career
Lead me not into temptation: People pray that they are not led into temptation but Dr. Robert Roberts argues that temptation can only come from within and we're responsible for both that and fighting it
The political left's failed history continues with electric cars: The political left has a long and bad history when it comes to promoting initiatives and Kathleen Wells argues that electric cars are simply the latest example of that
Your taxes at work: 'eco-anxiety' counseling for federal workers: Paul Driessen reports that climate doomsayers and cancel culture are working to justify counseling for bureaucrats' climate grief
Does the recent Jordanian smuggling incident reflect a dangerous development with Amman?: Harsh words, and some very dangerous actions, has Israelis wondering if their long-standing peace treaty and friendship with Jordan is coming undone, write Amb. Alan Baker and Lenny Ben-David
Rather than restoring soundness to the dollar, senators seek to debase the nickel: America's penny is now so worthless that it costs more to produce one than it's worth...and that goes for the nickel as well. Politicians are not surprisingly calling for the later to be made even cheaper. Stefan Gleason has some thoughts on the matter

June 2023

Shifting standards of evidence will doom woke CEOs: Many CEOs, entranced by that ESG-linked investment money, continue to proclaim the correctness of their companies move to woke. Scott Shepard says reality will come to call soon
Is the High Church of Woke collapsing?: Mark Alexander says Christian denominations embracing immorality take note: Episcopal churches, which have chosen that path, are hemorrhaging congregants
Violence and the civilized society: Conformity and dissidence in different societies (Part Three): Mark Wegierski looks at how different definitions of violence can shape society
Who's in the basket: As a Christian, Dr. Robert Owens spent a lot of time spreading the Word to others and often times it was a long and tough slog. Every now and then, however, the basket was filled
PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas' disappointing visit to China: No Chinese agreement to a mediation role: If PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas expected big deals to be made with Chinese President Xi Jinping during a recent visit to Beijing, writes Yoni Ben Menachem, he was very sorely disappointed
A new Iranian nuclear agreement poses a threat to Israel: Senior Israeli security officials argue that a new nuclear agreement between world powers and Iran would endanger Israel by bolstering Iran's military strength and that of its allies in the Middle East, says Yoni Ben Menachem
Violence and the civilized society: Conformity and dissidence in different societies (Part Two): Mark Wegierski begins his careful look at different types of violence in society
Who are we?: Many people fancy that they know who they are...while others have no idea. Dr. Robert Owens says that there is a manual for life and it provides all of the answers you need
The cultural consequences of fatherless homes: The lack of fathers in families is the common denominator for cultural entropy, argues Mark Alexander, and it manifests most notably in urban violence
Inflation end game: "Everyone pays and no one benefits": The beginning of an inflationary cycle is always a good time but it would appear that America is now beginning to edge into the second half...and that's bad hangover, writes Clint Siegner
The sham indictment is the last reason to desert Trump for another presidential candidate: Dumping Donald Trump because of his recent indictment is a poor reason to support another candidate, argues Rachel Alexander, and only gives the political left what they want...not to mention to embolden them to use the justice system against other Republicans
Violence and the civilized society: Conformity and dissidence in different societies (Part One): Mark Wegierski attempts to describe notions of the sovereign in traditional societies, and what happens to these when societies become non-traditional
Save us from more politics!: Monarchy doesn't have a great reputation for many people in our "democratic" age but J.K. Baltzersen says the institution does have a number of benefits for societies even where it's a ceremonial body
We've all had an apple out of that sack: New converts to Christianity often stumble and fall down along their journey, notes Dr. Robert Owens, and in danger of believing that forgiveness comes easy
Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde: A transgender tale of terror: Transgender themes in cinema are hardly a new thing and Thomas M. Sipos looks at 1971's Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde, an exploitation film courtesy of Hammer Studios
The LGBTQ+BS gender-bender generation: Who makes up, asks Mark Alexander, the bloated "Pride Month" constituent list of gender-confused "alphabet people"? Some of them don't appear on the official posters...
Is Hizbullah preparing for total war with Israel?: Hizbullah has been making noises about an invasion of Israel on several fronts for years and it would appear that it's dusted off an old plan for just that, says Col. (ret.) Dr. Jacques Neriah
Feds sharpen attacks on crypto market as CBDC backlash grows: Mike Gleason reports on one congressman's attempt to block the US Federal Reserve from introducing a digital currency
If it's not open warfare, it's collusive lawfare: Environmentalist lawsuits have reached new heights of both absurdity and threats to American energy, writes Paul Driessen
Biden's 'white supremacy' and 'assault weapons' dog whistles: For Democrats, argues Mark Alexander, every problem in America is the result of their diversionary and fallacious click bait rhetoric on racism and guns
On the 335th anniversary of the Glorious Revolution -- the historical significance of the English Civil War (Part Six): Mark Wegierski traces the effects of the conflict through the centuries
Perception and reality: A stubbornly persistent illusion: Philosophers and scientists have attempted to define "reality" for millennia but Charlotte B. Cerminaro believes that the closer we get to an answer, the further away we may be
Floyd Brown's new book takes a 'counterpunch' at the left's dismantling of society: Rachel Alexander takes a look at the latest book by Floyd Brown, Counterpunch: An Unlikely Alliance of Americans Fighting Back for Faith and Freedom, which examines some of the huge issues facing Americans
Time is of the essence: Life often deals you with several opportunities to take advantage of something but there is one choice that Dr. Robert Owens says you shouldn't be sitting on
Arms smuggling from Jordan: Lessons learned: The recent case of a Jordanian politician attempting to smuggle hundreds of weapons into Israel spotlights how big the problem of illicit weapons entering that country really is, argues Brig.-Gen. (res.) Yossi Kuperwasser
On the 175th anniversary of Marx and Engels Communist Manifesto (1848) (Part Four): Mark Wegierski asks, can Marx be re-interpreted as a critic of late modernity?
Debt ceiling deal keeps dollar locked in devaluation spiral: Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy talked like a gangster last week about the alleged hammer blow the Democrats took over the debt ceiling saga. Clint Siegner says the real losers were Americans
Sackett v. EPA is a victory for property rights: Bonner Cohen hails a recent US Supreme Court decision which limits which bodies of water the EPA is able to regulate, a victory for property owners in America

July 2023

Democrats want Biden/Harris gone: Last week Mark Alexander opined that Democrats were having a big problem with the idea of another Biden run for the White House. It didn't take long for others to come to that same conclusion
Ottawa's reliance on batteries to back up wind and solar power: A cautionary tale for governments everywhere: The city of Ottawa plans to back up its gamble on solar and wind generated energy with battery banks, something that Tom Harris and Mary-Jean Harris argue should be red flags for other communities wanting to go down the same road
Violence and the civilized society: Conformity and dissidence in different societies (Part Eight): Mark Wegierski points to the almost insoluble dilemma of current-day "soft-totalitarianism"
Writer who ignited spark starting revolt against transgender athletes in women's sports punished: The writer who broke the news of Lia Thompson competing against women as part of the University of Pennsylvania swim team made major waves around the world and then promptly disappeared. Rachel Alexander says that wasn't a voluntary move
Iran's growing cyber influence operations must be confronted: Iran has been fighting it's wars against its enemies on many fronts and one of its most active battlefields is the IT sphere. Eitan Fischberger says there needs to be a more strenuous response to the Persian nation
Will the FedNow payment system pave the way for digital social engineering?: Conspiracy theorists are proclaiming the introduction of the FedNow payment system to be the prelude to a central digital currency and a means of social control. Stefan Gleason says they're wrong about that...but he's still no fan of the US Federal Reserve
Finding peace amid chaos: That we live in a world of chaos is something that most people probably wouldn't disagree with, but Dr. Robert Owens argues that there is a spiritual balm for all of it
Fed expects no recession as inflation negates actual economic growth: The US Federal Reserve doesn't expect a recession this year or next but Mike Gleason says borrowing costs and uncertainty are still weighing on the average American's mind
Have Demos finally discovered the Biden/Harris problem?: Donald Trump may end up being the Republican nominee, but Mark Alexander is predicting that Joe Biden will not be the Democrat nominee
Violence and the civilized society: Conformity and dissidence in different societies (Part Seven): Mark Wegierski argues that liberals have usually been far more successful in politics than conservatives
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. announces sound money plank, tax exemptions: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has been making waves in recent years by taking on Anthony Fauci and government's increasing role in censoring people on social media. Last week he waded into the debate over sound money, reports Mike Gleason
Brutal Minds is a devastating critique of the brainwashing in higher ed: Stanley K. Ridgeway's Brutal Minds: The Dark World of Left-Wing Brainwashing in Our Universities details how far gone America's education system is with progressive politics, says Rachel Alexander
Is Iran "retuning" its relations with the African continent?: Iran has long had a poor relationship with African nations -- even including those that are Islamic in character -- but that hasn't stopped them from continuing to try and make more friends, says Col. (ret.) Dr. Jacques Neriah
Fear is the opposite of faith: Most people live all their lives in some sort of fear -- either of life itself or something -- but Dr. Robert Owens argues that a little bit of faith in the Almighty will cure them of that ill
BRICS countries planning new gold-backed currency: The BRICS nations appear to be very serious about taking aim at the status of the US dollar as the world's default currency, writes Stefan Gleason, and we could learn more soon
Violence and the civilized society: Conformity and dissidence in different societies (Part Six): Mark Wegierski looks at questions of how much force can be legitimately exercised in a society
All that really matters: Even in the best of times most people limit their world to common concerns like politics, the economy or whatever is the headline news of the day. Dr. Robert Owens argues there are also bigger things to care about
The Sound of Freedom: A modern story of an inconvenient truth: The Sound of Freedom has made waves at the box office in the past few weeks and Charlotte B. Cerminaro takes a look at the film and it's uncomfortable subject matter
Kurdish general: "The Kurdish region is not southern Lebanon, Kurds do not take orders from Tehran": Iran is accusing the Kurds of Iraq of being a proxy army of Israel and is calling for them to be dealt with. Suzan Quitaz reports that a prominent Kurdish general is not shy about calling the Persian nation an enemy of his people
Profiles of Valor: Larry Taylor, Medal of Honor: Larry Taylor piloted an Army Cobra and for his bravery one night he earned the Silver Star -- one that has just been upgraded to a Medal of Honor. Mark Alexander profiles this true hero
Is Disney complicit in hate speech?: Actor Samuel L. Jackson essentially declared that Republicans were racist rednecks and no one seemed to bat an eye. Stefan Padfield argues that his employer -- Disney -- should have responded
Stop calling everyone RINOs: Last week Rachel Alexander railed against conservatives unfairly tossing the label of "grifter" at others on the right and this week she takes aim at people who love using "RINO" as an insult simply over disagreements of tactics
Violence and the civilized society: Conformity and dissidence in different societies (Part Five): Mark Wegierski examines some problems with liberal approaches to various types of violence
Mao Tse-Tung denies that "All Whites Are Racist": Thomas M. Sipos was taking a casual stroll through Mao Tse-Tung's The Little Red Book when he came across an eyebrow-raising quote that underlines how far gone the modern political left is
Iran's pincer war on Israel is no intifada: Increasing violence aimed at Israel has nothing to do with a renewed push by Palestinians, argues Dan Diker, but is the result of Iranian moves to put pressure on the Jewish state
The fading 'Royal Jackass' fan club: After a good run of public interest, Harry and Meghan are losing their celebrity appeal, says Mark Alexander, and what's left of King Charles's fanboys will follow
More states consider sales tax exemptions for precious metals as Mississippi law takes effect: Another state last week voted to end sales taxes on precious metals like gold and silver, reports Stefan Gleason, and the campaign to be rid of them in the few remaining states soldiers on
Coup chaos amplifies vulnerability of Putin's authority: A weakened Putin regime is very dangerous, especially given an unstable military chain of command controlling an enormous nuclear arsenal, argues Mark Alexander
Violence and the civilized society: Conformity and dissidence in different societies (Part Four): Mark Wegierski asks if the dice have been loaded against traditionalists and conservatives in current-day liberal democracy
Stop calling everyone grifters: The right has recently fallen in love with calling each other grifters, and to be sure there are some people LARPing as conservatives for money and clout. Rachel Alexander argues there are some good people being tarred with that brush though
Larry Fink abandons failed "ESG" phrasing for ESG phrasing: BlackRock CEO Larry Fink recently announced that he was embarassed for having to debate about the nature of "ESG" but Scott Shepard says the leopard was only pretending to change its spots
The urgency for the UK and EU to proscribe Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC): Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps have their hands in many pies, writes Dan Diker, and are not limited to causing problems in just the Middle East...but all around the world

August 2023

The 'hypothetical conflict' that may be at the root of Disney's woes: When discussing the social agenda of Disney many tend to discuss the role that companies like BlackRock play but Stefan Padfield says there's another organization with their finger in the pie
Comparing the Canadian and the American Right – updated to 2023 (Part Two): Mark Wegierski looks at multiculturalism and varied types of "affirmative-action"-type policies in Canada
Minority-owned businesses suffer a second pandemic of crime as local governments handcuff the police: The pandemic hammered small businesses particularly hard, argues Stone Washington, and local governments allowing crime to run rampant in recent years isn't helping in their recovery
This is how the Georgia prosecutors will be disbarred for charging Trump with RICO crimes: Pro-Trump lawyers -- what relatively few there are -- have been facing sanctions from state bars for years. In this parody essay, Rachel Alexander envisions a world where prosecutors of Donald Trump and his allies is repaid in kind
Urban violent crime & legal gun ownership: A story of geographical assault in the U.S.: Cassandra McBride examines the links between violent crime and homicides in the United States and the gun laws that various state and local governments impose on the population. Not surprisingly there is a link
How can I trust the Bible?: It's a natural question that's been asked by believer and non-believer alike: How can one trust the Bible given it's age and history? Dr. Robert Owens says the answer is obvious -- at least to him
Demos use the coffins of murdered children as their political platform: Mark Alexander examines the case of a Republican governor who stumbled into a legislative "gun control" cluster of his own making
Specie money: The forgotten currency: Most modern nations up until recently utilized what is called "specie money" -- essentially coins made out of metal that could be traded for bank notes of equivalent value. Christopher Larsen explains what happened to specie money in the United States
Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah's rattles sabers against Israel: In recent weeks Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah has unleashed a war of words against Israel in the apparent belief that the Jewish state has been weakened from within
Hollywood writers have scripted their own redundancy: The twin strikes of writers and actors continues to drag on but no one involved is going to get much sympathy from Scott Shepard
Here's how I explain away election 'anomalies,' and you're just expected to believe me: Election anomalies? No such thing! Rachel Alexander has a series of proposals which she believes would put an end to any shenanigans
Comparing the Canadian and the American Right – updated to 2023 (Part One): Mark Wegierski looks at some of the differences in society, politics, and culture between Canada and it's southern neighbour
The systemic 'redlining' of free speech — violating foundational civil rights: Mass suppression of conservative speech by Big Tech and Leftmedia platforms is the Left's most effective strategy for controlling public opinion and perpetuating their political dynasty, argues Mark Alexander
"Scholars, be careful with your words" – Psychological warfare in the age of social media and political discord: Dr. Irwin J. Mansdorf explores the complex relationship that Israel has to terrorist attacks and, perhaps most importantly, how it reacts to attacks both real and threatened
The three politically motivated phony indictments of Trump so far: Indictments continue to rain down on Donald Trump -- with more sure to follow -- and Rachel Alexander argues that they're nothing but transparently political in nature
Violence and the civilized society: Conformity and dissidence in different societies (Part Nine): Mark Wegierski concludes by calling for a symbiosis of traditionalism and liberal democracy
Cobalt carnage, child labor and ecological destruction: The increase in demand for batteries is resulting in an environmental catastrophe that's built on near or actual slave labour involving untold numbers of children, argues Paul Driessen
U.S. debt downgrade points to more currency debasement: A credit agency last week downgraded credit rating of the US government, sparking outrage from people like Janet Yellen. Mike Gleason says it's just another sign of what's coming for the country
Oops JPMorgan Chase did it again...again: Banks often deny that they're "debanking" people with controversial opinions -- or even regular opinions for that matter -- but Scott Shepard says JPMorgan Chase seems to be leading the way in the practice
How to boost Gaza's economy without boosting Hamas: Give Gazans the opportunity to secure jobs, water, electricity: Thousands of residents of Gaza recently took to the streets to protest against the Hamas government over the state of the economy and increasing poverty. How to solve the problem? Dr. Yechiel M. Leiter has some proposals


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