Understanding and defeating the worldwide green threat

By Alan Caruba
web posted January 3, 2000

I've been reading articles in the Winter 2000 edition of Synthesis/Regeneration 21 that calls itself "a magazine of Green Social Thought." It is a series of articles that could have been written in the Kremlin because it is filled with Communist diatribes against Capitalism. You notice I don't say "Socialist." It's considered politically correct to refer to the views expressed by the Greens as Socialist, but it is pure Communism in which the State owns everything or, better still, the United Nations becomes a Global Government that runs everything.

The most consistent theme of all the writers is that corporations are the enemy. According to the Greens, they and the rest of us need to be regulated regarding everything we do in order to protect the earth from us.

Here's one solution offered: "Essential responsibility for economic regulation at the international level belongs in an open and democratic international body with the appropriate expertise and mandate to address complex issues from a holistic perspective on global priorities. The obvious choice is the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations, which is responsible under the General Assembly for carrying out the functions of the United Nations with regard to international economic, social, cultural, education, health, and related matters."

Did the writer say "democratic international body"? Well, the U.S. has only one vote in the UN General Assembly. It is consistently out-voted on most issues. This is the same UN that pulled its troops out of the Sinai to permit the invasion of Israel. This is the same UN that stood by while hundreds of thousands were slaughtered in Rwanda. This is the same UN that served only as the cover for the U.S. suppression of Iraqi aggression in the same way it did when the U.S. earlier thwarted the North Korean invasion of South Korea. This is the same UN whose Secretary-General tried to negotiate with Iraq's dictator with no success and whose weapons inspectors were expelled.

This is a useless international organization that wants to run the affairs of the entire world. If they succeed, you can kiss the protections of the U.S. Constitution goodbye. Elsewhere around the world nations that want to build dams to provide energy and roads to provide access to their natural reserves will find the UN is no friend of theirs. This is the same UN that is busy designating huge chunks of independent nations "Biosphere Reserves" sites, off limits to any development. This is the same UN seeking to impose taxes on nations so it can maintain its own standing army. This is a UN that has established an International Court asserting jurisdiction over and above the courts of sovereign nations.

The complaint of the United Nations Development Programme is that free markets are working too well! The UN is right now trying to ban the only defense we have against the diseases that move around the world by banning virtually every one of the pesticides that protect people against insect and rodent pests. Thanks to the UN, malaria has made a huge comeback worldwide. If you know your history, you may recall that the Black Plague, spread by fleas and rats, killed more than a quarter of Europe's population in the 1400's. This is the UN that has rendered every air conditioner and refrigerator obsolete by seeking a ban on a cheap, effective chemical, Freon, saying it was protecting the Ozone Layer, but this is a heavy chemical that cannot even reach that area of the earth's stratosphere.

There isn't enough room here to go into the many "solutions" offered by the Greens contributing to the magazine, but they all involve the loss of individual freedom, the winding down of the enormous prosperity that is beginning to emerge in a world where information, enterprise, and investment has been unleashed by the international corporations and financial institutions they hate so much. An international government did not create Microsoft. American enterprise did. The breakthroughs in medicine and new technologies were not achieved by an international government, but by individuals and the corporate dollars investors put at risk. The genetically engineered food crops feeding the world's population were created by individual companies, not government.

Those same dollars are now imposing the real international "government." They are requiring nations to demonstrate they can govern their affairs prudently and effectively in order to attract investment. They are shunning those nations whose government policies pose too great a risk. They are demanding greater openness and the granting of real freedom to people so they can participate in an age of international prosperity based on Capitalism.

Governments large and small will yield to these demands or they will be replaced, peaceably or by force, by their citizens until they do. Watch it roll over Socialist Europe. Watch it transform Russia and China. Watch it at work in Japan and in Indonesia. Watch it transform South America and Saudi Arabia. Africa will be the last place where, eventually, it will replace anarchy. It's not a green revolution. It's the Greenback revolution!

The United Nations is based on the model of Soviet Communism and it needs to be ended. The Capitalist expansion of real freedom, real democracy, real opportunity for the peoples of the earth must be expanded into every city, every town, every village of the world. The enemies of freedom will fight to the end. The task of the next century is to defeat them.

This is an excerpt from the Dec 3lst edition of "Warning Signs", a weekly commentary by Alan Caruba, founder of The National Anxiety Center, a think tank that debunks scare campaigns. Its web site is anxietycenter.com.

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