California and Kyoto

By Alan Caruba
web posted January 22, 2001

The north tower of the Golden Gate Bridge, which is normally illuminated, was darkened in Sausalito, California, on January 18
The north tower of the Golden Gate Bridge, which is normally illuminated, was darkened in Sausalito, California, on January 18

If California was a country its economy would rank it sixth after the US, Japan, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. There are many reasons why people want to live there aside from the weather and chief among them are jobs. That draws people from all over.

The problem that poses for the Greens is that they don't like people, don't want them causing trees to be cut down to build new homes in which to live and then expecting to be able to turn on their lights and get water from their faucets.

People pollute. People are just awful. They drive too many cars. They don't like to recycle stuff. They want to flush a toilet just once. They have babies. They want to send their children to schools. People want to visit "pristine" forests to camp, hunt, fish and hike. They want to go to the beach and they litter. They want to ski snow-covered mountains and valleys. They want to get on their off-road vehicles and drive around the deserts. Or they want to go to the mall and buy lots of stuff. Stuff is bad.

Some of those people, called farmers, want to grow tons and tons of every kind of delicious vegetable and fruit imaginable, but they insist on using herbicides to kill the countless weeds and insecticides to kill the countless bugs that attack those crops. Then there are the ranchers raising all that cattle, sheep, and pigs that are slaughtered so people can have their hamburgers, steaks, lamb chops, ham, and such. Bad as they are, there are the fishermen who go out and catch tons of fish just so people can have a tuna sandwich or nibble a tasty lobster or crab.

The worst of the lot are those horrid people who want to drill for oil. Don't they know it only encourages people to drive their cars, vans, SUV's, motorcycles or use lawn mowers, snow throwers, and all those other terrible machines. These people want to drill offshore, too, because there's lots of oil there. Other people use energy to run their computers. A whole bunch of them work in California's Silicon Valley just thinking up new ways to use computers and bandwidths and such.

People are bad. If it weren't for people California would be an Eden, a paradise, no highways, and just a small bunch of Greens could wander its forests, deserts, and shores, enjoying it as only they can. One of them lived in a big, old redwood for a year.

So what does this have to do with California's energy crisis? And what does this have to do with the United Nation's Kyoto Climate Control Treaty?


The Greens-environmentalists-have fought long and hard to keep people out of California. The scheme they hit upon was to insure there would not be enough power generation and water utilities. Without that, they reasoned, people would be discouraged from moving to there. Didn't work. California is home to 34 million people who need and want power, houses, schools, hospitals, universities, office facilities, hotels, theme parks, wineries, warehouses, and every other structure necessary for a modern society to function.

Now those 34 million people are discovering-the hard way of course-the result of going along with all the Greens. In Marin County, just across the Golden Gate bridge, people learned that failing to upgrade their water facilities resulted in not having any in the kitchens and bathrooms of their half-million dollar homes. The state government had to step in, ignoring its own rules, and lay in a "temporary" water line across the bridge.

So now their statewide utilities are going bankrupt because Greens, socialists to the core, ignored the simple rules of the market, didn't want to build sufficient energy generation, preferring to buy it from outside the state. Those States, however, responding to the rules of supply and demand, starting charging for what Californians would not provide for themselves.

The best headline of the week reported that, after mining California for every dollar he could suck into Democratic Party coffers, former President Clinton told Gov. Gray Davis that Californians were on their own. Now we hear that the State wants to purchase power and sell it to the utilities it has rendered financially unstable. It's pure socialism!

The "get rid of the people" program the Greens foisted on California did force many to leave as jobs disappeared, but not enough because now there's not only an energy crisis, there's a housing crisis too as nine of the ten least affordable housing markets can be found in California.

It's not just California that is suffering from lack of energy or sufficient housing for a nationwide population that grew over thirteen percent in the passed ten years. In New Jersey, where energy deregulation will soon hit like an asteroid, trying to find an affordable home is getting nearly impossible. Housing starts in the most densely populated state are way, way down. It's a Green dream come true!

The UN Climate Control Treaty would force the United States to cut back its energy use to 1990 levels! Oh, thank you United Nations. That's just what we need. Maybe we can force millions of Americans to migrate to Canada or Mexico! The name of the Green Game is ridding the nation of people while forcing up the cost of everything people need and use. The Greens spelled this out in The Wildlands Project (, a plan to rid 50% of the nation's landmass of people so the bunnies and grizzlies could frolic.

See what happens when you begin to connect all the little Green dots? See what happens when you begin to ask if "urban sprawl" isn't just another name for denying people a home in which to live and raise their family?

See what happens when you ask whether your community should have to shoulder the costs of a recycling program for stuff that can be much more cheaply burned in an incinerator or tossed into a big hole in the ground?

See what happens when the ex-president has locked up 60 million acres of land in which huge deposits of high grade coal exist or billions of barrels of crude oil waits to be extracted? Or vast deposits of natural gas?

See what happens when the Clinton administration pushed a plan to tear down dams that produce millions of watts of hydroelectricity to "save" some salmon?

See what happens when you buy into these and other Green lies? In California they have learned it means wondering when the next rolling blackout will occur.

Alan Caruba is the founder of The National Anxiety Center, a clearinghouse of information about scare campaigns designed to influence public opinion and policy. The Center maintains an Internet site at Copyright, Alan Caruba, 2001

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