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Margaret Thatcher

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It might be a bit of an embarrassing admission for the editor of this weekly journal to admit to, but growing up as a preteen in the early 1980s my heroes -- along with Montreal Canadiens forward Guy Lafleur and Pittsburgh Penguins defenceman Randy Carlyle -- were Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. I suppose that makes me a bit of a geek.

Margaret ThatcherSince ESR has previously honored two Reagan themed web sites, it's perhaps only appropriate that it honors one dedicated to Baroness Thatcher. Entitled as simply "Margaret Thatcher," the web site was recently launched and arrived around the time of the tenth anniversary of the Iron Lady's resignation (late last year) as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

If you're too young to remember Thatcher's time in office, you missed quite a drama, one that is chronicled at this web site. Her brand of conservative politics, popularly known as Thatcherism, is evidenced in the collection of speeches, articles penned by her, interviews and quotes by and about her that the site has put together. Rounding out this tremendous database of material are the standard chronological timeline, election results and Conservative Party material to place it all in context.

It's a remarkable piece of work and it will interesting to see if the Thatcher Foundation will be able to craft an official web site as useful as this one. If you're old enough to remember fondly the days that Thatcher and Reagan embodied conservatism in the Western world then a visit to this web site is a must. If you aren't, then it will serve as a marvelous introduction to a former prime minister that stands as an equal to names like Winston Churchill and Benjamin Disraeli.


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