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The "National Climate Service" scam

By Alan Caruba
web posted January 21, 2002

The one thing you learn as you follow the activities of the environmentalists devoted to the biggest hoax of the modern era, Global Warming, is that they are relentless in their devotion to pursuing the hidden agenda of "climate control." It isn't about the climate at all and never has been. It is about crippling the economy and, thereby, the hegemony of the United States.

Yes, "hegemony", because we are without doubt the most powerful nation on the face of the Earth today and a lot of people really hate our devotion to capitalism, to the workings of the free market, to property rights, to guaranteed political freedoms, and the free flow of information.

Some of them fly hijacked commercial jets into the symbols of our power, the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Others seek to undermine our Constitution by luring us into international treaties that have noble-sounding names, but which serve to strip us of the control our government has over our landmass, our natural resources, and other vital aspects of our lives.

That has been the purpose of the United Nations Climate Control Treaty, otherwise known as the Kyoto treaty. Even Japan, where the treaty was first proposed, has recently rejected many of its provisions. There's nothing like a recession or depression to get governments and people focused on how to pay the bills.

The United States, to its credit, rejected the Kyoto treaty outright as totally bogus and an attack on the stability and maintenance of our economy. Of course, not everyone in government rejected it. The treaty's primary defender and proponent was then-Vice President Al Gore. He was supported in this by former President Bill Clinton. Not surprisingly, Republican-turned-Democrat, Jim Jeffords of Vermont, is also a rabid environmentalist.

If you think that environmentalists-Greens-have given up on curbing our use of energy to keep our computers goes, heat our homes, run our automobiles, fuel our industries, and generally insure that everything functions as intended, you are very wrong. The list of environmental organizations fill fat directories. There are thousands of these enemies of prosperity, health, and common sense buried in the ranks of government at all levels. They find their greatest support from the Democratic Party.

My friend, David Wojick, who writes for Electricity Daily, recently alerted myself and others to a plan to create a "National Climate Service" in the Commerce Department. This nugget is tucked away in the huge Senate energy bill, S-1766. Now, we're not talking about the National Weather Service or the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration. No, this new agency would exist to predict the weather ten years, fifty years, a hundred years from now!

At this point, you probably think I'm just making this up. After all, if there is anything we know for sure, it is that even the National Weather Service with the most sophisticated computer models and tracking technologies often gets a prediction for the next day's weather wrong. If it gets it right predicting what the weather will be five days from now, we think they are doing a dandy job.

The National Climate Service, we are supposed to believe-and fund-will have the capability of predicting what the weather will be decades, even centuries, from now. This is the United Nations Climate Control Treaty all over again! It is the deliberate lie that current computer weather models have the capability of predicting such distant events or trends. It is the Global Warming gangsters doing what they have been doing since they stopped predicting a coming Ice Age in the 1970s!

Another friend of mine, Christopher C. Horner, an expert on the way the Greens are perfectly willing to break in the backdoor if they can't get through the front one, points out that "it irrefutably is not possible to trace climate activity to man" and that "one volcanic eruption dwarfs anthropogenic (human) activity, exposing the follies of regulating energy use on the basis of man-as-weather-machine."

Horner, writing in The Washington Times, said, "Sane policy-making dictates ceasing all machinations toward CO2 (carbon dioxide) reductions and their related economic impact until science answers the threshold question: What concentration level constitutes 'dangerous interference'?" Good question. In the era of the dinosaurs, there was tons more CO2 in the Earth's atmosphere and they thrived for a hundred million years!

The National Climate Service, proposed in Senate bill S1766, is intended to ignore real science and substitute the outright lies perpetrated by Greens who are devoted to advancing the Communist goal of global government. To achieve this, they came up with the ultimate scare, Global Warming. The proposed new agency would be charged with the responsibility of "developing assessment methods to guide national, regional, and local planning and decision making" based on its utterly, totally bogus predictions.

That's why this latest break-and-entry by the Greens is so dangerous. If the National Weather Service cannot predict next week's weather with any certainty, why would this nation want to predicate major policies on the predictions of a National Climate Service? The answer is that this is preposterous!

Preposterous, too, are claims about CO2 levels in the atmosphere as a danger to humanity or claims that the Earth is even experiencing a warming. It is not. It has not warmed at all in the passed half century since the 1950s.

The Bush administration and the Republican Party have got to make a clean break with the environmentalists and their endless, deliberate falsification of science. This goes way beyond mere politics. This nation has declared and is waging war on Islamic terrorists around the world. It is time to do the same with the Green Taliban whose purpose is to destroy our economy and undermine our national sovereignty.

Alan Caruba is the founder of The National Anxiety Center, a clearinghouse for information about scare campaigns designed to influence public opinion and policy. The Center maintains an Internet site at www.anxietycenter.com.

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