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Do we have the will to fight?

By Charles A. Morse
web posted January 21, 2002

The attack of September 11 marked the opening salvo of the Third World War. While both sides refuse to admit it and are presently observing a shaky cold peace, the equivalent of Pearl Harbor Day has nevertheless arrived for the Western Democracies. The Afghanistan operation is the first skirmish and the outcome is by no means assured.

This enemy is as aggressive as both the Nazi's and Communist's in their day. Indeed, the present enemy has absorbed much of the political, military, and philosophical remnants of these two colossal European movements. The modern scientific Socialist outlook and methodologies of Nazism and Communism have been merged into the archaic Islamic Empire.

The Islamic States, together with the Communist States of China, North Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, and other Third World States share an unbending hatred for the West. The CIA recently released a report indicating that China will have an estimated 100 long-range nuclear missiles aimed at the US by 2015. The Islamic States are rapidly developing nuclear, biological and chemical weapons and intend to use them. Al Queda cells are scattered across the globe. Elements of the international left may have already revived their Cold War function as fifth columnists.

The war need not involve major loss of innocent life or long-term infringements on our civil liberties if we play our hand correctly. Many positive steps have already been taken but more are needed to stave off catastrophe. Following are some suggestions:

Domestic Security

  • The Patriot Act should be scrapped.
    Except for the monitoring of conversations between convicted terrorists and their lawyers and the detention of suspected terrorists for longer than 48 hours, the Patriot Act, passed immediately after Sept. 11, places too much power into the hands of the executive branch and is rife with infringements on constitutionally guaranteed rights.

  • Congressional committees should be established to identify terrorist groups and individuals by means of open hearings. "Terrorist" means any group or individual who is plotting to overthrow the government, engage in violence, or aid and abet a foreign enemy. Based on its findings, the committee would make specific recommendations to the FBI, the INS, the US Treasury, and other government agencies regarding the handling of specific groups.

  • Trained and certified agents should handle airport security and that of other potential targets. The Israeli's and others could be brought in as consultants. Pilots should be armed. Profiling should be left up to the experts.

Domestic Policy

The response by the American people to the attack of Sept. 11 was a heartening display of patriotism by even some of the most hardened anti-American leftists. This spirit should result in action.

  • Public schools should require courses that involve a patriotic examination of American history, civics, and philosophy including a familiarity with the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and other founding documents.

  • Public education should re-introduce methods that foster genuine learning such as intensive, systematic phonics, arithmetic, rhetoric, and philosophy, and get away from methods that treat students like mental patients.

  • A Constitutional Amendment should formalize English as the legal language of the land. One language unites us as a culture and as a people.

  • Courses in self-defense and weapons training should be encouraged.

Foreign Policy

  • An alliance of sovereign states should share intelligence, assist each other in eradicating domestic terrorism, and lend military support if necessary. The alliance should include the US, Canada, most of Europe, Japan and the Pacific Rim, Australia, and possibly Russia, India, Central Asia, and moderate states pledged to eradicate terrorism.

  • Israel will be encouraged to create a demilitarized Palestinian State on the West Bank and Gaza with borders to be determined by Israel.

  • The "Containment" policy authored by diplomat George F. Kennan in 1948 and successfully employed against the Soviet Union and its satellites should be activated with modifications. This involves encirclement and an embargo against terrorist states with the idea that their corrupt and inhumane systems will crumble over time.

  • An act of aggression by terrorists into any member of the alliance should be met with full and total military force including, if deemed necessary, such actions as the nuclear bombing of Mecca. No apologies would be necessary, as this policy would be clearly articulated at the outset.

An enemy that seeks to impose their will on us by use of force has practiced war upon us. The terrorist nations are, without exception, sick societies teeming with corruption and wretched poverty. They will be welcomed into the civilized world if they forego and dismantle their violent apparatuses. Meanwhile, the US and like-minded nations are in their rights to protect their sovereignty and the lives and futures of their citizens.

Chuck Morse is the author of "Why I'm a Right-Wing Extremist".

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