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Make your own explosives

By Jeremy Reynalds
web posted January 13, 2003

Islamic hatred for those with different viewpoints other than their own never fails to amaze me. This time it's the "Mugahedeen Terrorist Handbook," by Mii Almarkaz Alisslami Alilami apparently of the Islamic Media Center and available on line at www.geocities.com/psgas.geo/palterror.htm.

This handy guide covers everything for the aspiring terrorist ranging from buying explosives to procuring chemicals, techniques for picking locks, the use of explosives and special ammunition for projectile weapons.

Here are some examples of materials contained in the book. In one section the author says the best place to steal chemicals is from a college lab. He points out that's because many state schools place all of their chemicals out on lab shelves and they have even more in their stockrooms.

Alilami writes, "Evening is the best time to enter lab buildings, as there are the least number of people in the buildings, and most of the labs will still be unlocked. One simply takes a bookbag, wears a dress shirt and jeans, and tries to resemble a college freshman. If anyone asks what such a person is doing, the thief can simply say that he is looking for the polymer chemistry lab, or some other chemistry-related department other than the one they are in."

However, if that doesn't work there are always other things you can do, for example putting a piece of cardboard in the latch of a rarely used rear exit.

"If one just walks into a lab, even if there is someone there, and walks out the back exit, and slip the cardboard in the latch before the door closes, the person in the lab will never know what happened," Alilami writes.

Of course, the author points out, at this time terrorists should also check for security systems.

The author comments that it's prudent to stake out the building that one plans to rob for several days before the theft is actually committed. That's so the would be thief/terrorist is aware of when campus security makes a building patrol.

However, if none of this works out you can always fall back on picking the lock but the author says he hopes that won't be necessary as for the most part "college campus security is pretty poor, and nobody suspects another person in the building of doing anything wrong, even if they are there at an odd hour."

Alilami does make note that you can always attempt to purchase as well as trying to (illegally) "procure" chemicals. He comments, "Almost any city or town of reasonable size has a gun store and a pharmacy. These are two of the places that potential terrorists visit in order to purchase explosive material. All that one has to do is know something about the non-explosive uses of the materials."

Alilami then deals with a variety of substances. Here are some. He says that black powder, for example, is used in blackpowder firearms and comes in a variety of "grades," with each of the grades being a different size. "The rule is: the smaller the grade, the faster the burn rate of the powder."

Ammonium nitrate is also discussed. While it can be made by a terrorist, Alilami seems to prefer another method. He writes:

"It could be stolen from a construction site, since it is usually used in blasting, because it is very stable and insensitive to shock and heat. A terrorist could also buy several Instant Cold-Paks from a drug store or medical supply store. The major disadvantage with ammonium nitrate, from a terrorist's point of view, would be detonating it. A rather powerful priming charge must be used, and usually with a booster charge."

The author also talks about Molotov cocktails, explaining that while they were first used by Russians against German tanks they are now exclusively used by terrorists worldwide. He points out that Molotovs are very simple and very effective, producing "devastating results."

Emphasizing his point, Alilami says that by taking any highly flammable material "and putting it into a large glass bottle, anyone can make an effective firebomb."

I've only shown you a fraction of what's contained in this on-line handbook. It also contains a variety of other explosive recipes and quite clearly doesn't belong on the internet. If you'd like to contact the ISP and tell them that this material quite clearly violates section 5a of their terms of service, you can do so by e-mailing netblockadmin@yahoo-inc.comor by calling (1) 408 349 7183. The author of this handbook may possibly be reached by e-mailing khadija1417@hotmail.com.

Jeremy Reynalds is a freelance writer and the founder and director of Joy Junction, New Mexico's largest emergency homeless shelter. He has a master's degree in communication from the University of New Mexico and is pursuing his PhD in intercultural education at Biola University in Los Angeles. He is married with five children and lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His work can be viewed here and weekly at www.americasvoices.org. He may be contacted by e-mail at reynalds@joyjunction.org.

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