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Repudiation of the unholy trinity

By Henry Lamb
web posted January 25, 2010

The rebellion that swept across Massachusetts last Tuesday should provide Washington's unholy trinity – Barry, Harry, and Nancy – with convincing evidence that the American people will no longer tolerate their tyranny.

Tyranny is the "arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power; despotic abuse of authority."  Does this not describe perfectly the actions of the unholy trinity?  Consider the so-called $787 billion "Stimulus Bill" that the public opposed; enacted with little Republican support.  Consider the government takeover of General Motors, AIG, and the banks.   Consider the pending health care bill which the unholy trinity has twisted, shaped, and manipulated into such a corruption that even the people of the nation's bluest state rejected it.     

The unholy trinity now must decide whether to follow the clear instructions of the people and repent from their tyrannical past, or will they choose instead to follow Master Saul Alinsky's advice given in "Rules for Radicals," which says, "when times get tough, step on the accelerator."

Some of the President's advisors are telling him that now is the time to get tough and show strength and conviction of character by forcing his health care bill through Congress.  Nancy told reporters that regardless of the outcome of the Massachusetts election, "…we will have health care one way or another."   Congressional underlings, however, who must face a hostile electorate in ten months, are less confident.

 There is no doubt that the election of Republican, Scott Brown, in Massachusetts has dramatically altered the progress of the progressive agenda Obama is pursuing.  This remarkable victory, in no way, reduces the urgency of continuing the rebellion across the country. 

The unholy trinity and the Marxist majority they lead are not defeated.  They have simply been forced to slow down a little, and devise new strategies.  Their long term goal is still "fundamentally transforming the United States of America" into a government that reflects their Marxist ideals.  While they are trying to put the best possible spin on the Massachusetts debacle, they are also moving ahead with other initiatives that don't get the national spotlight.

Wall Street Journal's  John Fund told a gathering recently to expect the Democrats in Congress to call for Universal Voter Registration.  The plan, Fund says, is for the federal government to require all states to combine all their existing databases into a massive list of registered voters.  According to Fund, this would mean that all welfare recipients, all unemployed people, all incarcerated people, all licensed drivers, all the people in any state or county government database would automatically be registered to vote.

Fund says that the idea will be sold as a way to end the outrageous voter-registration fraud by third party groups such as ACORN.  Such a scheme would simply upgrade the fraud from a third party activity to another corrupt government activity.

Such a bill may already exist in the "Universal Right to Vote Act" (HR1604).  This bill says:

"A State may not provide an absentee ballot to an individual for an election for Federal office unless the individual's signature is included on the official list of registered voters in the State or some other official record of the State connected to such list (emphasis added)." 

While the purpose of this bill is to force all states to allow vote-by-mail, it may also be the vehicle through which John Fund's warning is realized.  "…Some other official record of the state…" is any official record that requires the signature of the person.  Once a person – whether a legal citizen or not - has signed a government form of any kind, he may be automatically registered to vote.  This expanded voter registration list, coupled with the requirement to allow vote-by-mail creates a condition ripe for corruption.  It is precisely the kind of circumstance Alinsky teaches in "Rules for Radicals."

The depth of corruption the unholy trinity has demonstrated in its efforts to transform America's health care system into a government-controlled system reveals just how devious they can be, and the lengths to which they will go to achieve their goals. 

They must be removed from power.   The Massachusetts election shows that the people want no more of the unholy trinity's shenanigans.  It shows that the people prefer basic conservative values over utopian promises of government largesse.  Scott Brown's election also proves that a little-known Republican, armed with honesty, sincerity, and the right agenda can defeat the Kennedy-Obama-Democrat machine in the bluest state in the nation.  This is the formula for success.

Scott Brown's example can be the formula for success across the nation in November.  Aspiring candidates would do well to study his campaign and his conviction.  Both provide inspiration for the rising rebellion. ESR

Henry Lamb is the author of "The Rise of Global Governance,"  Chairman of Sovereignty International , and founder of the Environmental Conservation Organization (ECO) and Freedom21, Inc.


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