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The altar of despair

By Alisa Craddock
web posted January 24, 2011

Two stories last week rammed home the horrendous consequences of that betrayal of everything Christian and American, Roe v. Wade, the US Supreme Court's appalling 1973 decision legalizing abortion.  The anniversary occurred Saturday, but it will be punctuated, as it has every year since then, with the annual march Monday on Washington, and in cities across America, Christians and others who recognize the horror of abortion, many of them women who had abortions and want to tell of the heartbreaking effects on their lives, will pray, fast, worship, and join marches around courthouses and in front of abortion mills to remind us all, and especially our legislators, that this injustice of abortion must end, not only because of the lives being snuffed out, but because of the effects it is having on our individual and national consciences, and upon our society, our culture.

Which brings us to the two stories.  The first involves Dr. Kermit Gosnell, a Philadelphia abortionist arrested on eight counts of murder.  He is accused of third degree murder in the death of one of his "patients" who was administered (by unqualified staff whom he instructed) a lethal does of anesthesia prior to his arrival.    More grisly than that, however, are the seven counts of murder for infant deaths he is accused of—seven late term babies, born alive, who were subsequently killed by this Mengele who allegedly inserted scissors into their spinal column at the base of the babies' skulls and severed it, killing the children.  These babies were six, seven, eight months gestation—easily viable.  And these are not the only ones, but the paperwork was destroyed that proved his monstrous activities.  And he was not the only one.  His staff occasionally performed the grisly duty in his absence.  One child was "moving and breathing for 20 minutes before an assistant came in and cut the spinal cord, just the way she had seen Dr. Gosnell do it so many times." (Report of the Grand Jury) What is it that makes us somehow conceal from our conscience that a child is still a child that has not yet been born?  But these were born.  They were living babies.  What paralysis of decency makes us turn a blind eye to the atrocity of the holocaust of innocents that is happening in our land and destroying our goodness.  None of the regulatory agencies that had the power to shut this death mill down ever did it, though they had had plenty of cause for suspicion.  What silenced the alarm bells in their insides.  It was only when the police raided the place to gather evidence of illegal prescriptions that the rest of it was uncovered.

The abortion mill was a chamber of horrors, as so many are.   But the Grand Jury Report on Dr. Gosnell is the stuff of horror films.  For example, "One woman…was left lying in place for hours after Gosnell tore her cervix and colon while trying, unsuccessfully, to extract the fetus.  Relatives who came to pick her up were refused entry into the building; they had to threaten to call the police.   They eventually found her inside, bleeding and incoherent, and transported her to the hospital, where doctors had to remove almost half a foot of her intestines." Another one he sent home with fetal parts still inside her, but did not tell her.  There were baby body parts everywhere, even in the staff refrigerator where they kept their lunches, and the place was unsanitary and so cluttered that paramedics trying to evacuate the woman who had been overdosed on anesthesia took 20 minutes to find a way out.

The other story that caught my attention this week was a story about 2nd graders in an Oakland school taking their clothes off in class and performing oral sex on each other.  It was shocking enough 15 years ago when 5th and 6th graders started having oral sex with each other (presumably not in the classroom) because, as they said,  "President Clinton did it.  What's the big deal?"  But these are second graders, itty bitty kids, stripping in the classroom and performing orally in front of their classmates, right in front of the teacher.  Where did they learn that?  Where is even the remotest sense of modesty, much less innocence?  These kids are poisoned.  They will never be able to be just kids.  Who has done this to them?

What do these two different but equally shocking events have in common?  Well, they are both consequences of Roe v. Wade.  Both of these represent a deterioration of our attitude toward human life, especially in its dignity and worth, and our failure to pass on wholesome values—or more precisely, the culture and education system's determination to override what we try to pass on.  Both cases represent a profound deterioration of America's moral life brought about by her carefully cultivated rejection, indeed seething hatred, of Christianity in all the corridors of power.  Both of these are end-stage symptoms of the disease introduced in 1973 under the pretense of "compassion" and self-determination.  Why, we ask, (those of us who have eyes to see the evil) can our fellow countrymen not connect the dots.  Is Dr. Gosnell any better than the back alley abortionist of pre-Roe days?  Indeed, he is worse.  His deeds are nothing short of diabolical.  His callousness is a mystery.  The very mystery of iniquity that galls and puzzles us so.

Both of these scenes represent the result of an attitude that abortion must be protected at any stage, at any cost, regardless of the damage that is done to our culture and the children who are its future.  How, you might ask, can I link promiscuous children to abortion?  How not?  Abortion is a population control measure, which anyone who pays any attention to the United Nations knows is a high priority agenda.  I recall reading in 2009 about a closed door meeting of UN population control groups and other pro-abortion organizations in which they came together to discuss how to further this agenda and get past the obstacles, most of which involved religious objections, especially Catholic cultures.  So, how to get between kids and their religion? The solution (as reported by a covert pro-lifer) was to get children involved in sexual activity at a younger age, before they have developed a level of modesty, and maturity, and discernment.  Before they have formed a conscience and a moral center. 

America's sex education program is based on the so-called "research" of Alfred Kinsey who determined that children were sexual from birth, and should start having sexual experiences as early as possible.  Though his research has been widely discredited, and should have gotten him jailed, in fact, SIECUS is responsible for much of the shape and content of the sex education curriculum in our public schools.  One look at their philosophy and methods should seriously alarm most parents.  Sex education is not really designed to protect children, but to engender lawlessness in them, to encourage immorality so that a new morality, a secular one, can be instilled, an anti-human life agenda.  Well, don't take my word for it—open your eyes.  See the way human life is subtly treated as a pariah, a plague upon the land.  Overpopulation is destroying Gaya, our beautiful Mother Earth.  Human encroachment is destroying beautiful natural animal habitat.  Unborn babies are called parasites, "products of conception" and other dehumanizing terms.  Something to be gotten rid of.  Sex is encouraged so that abortion will still be needed, and human life will continue to be cheapened, offered on the altar of convenience, and easy sex will continue to be a panacea against despair.  But isn't it really the cause? ESR

Alisa Craddock is a columnist and activist in the culture war, a convert to Catholicism, and describes herself as a Christian Libertarian.  She may be contacted at alisa.craddock@hushmail.com.

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