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Robbing man of his divine heritage

By Steve Farrell
web posted January 3, 2011

God and manIn the long battle to subvert the liberties of man a key to victory over the forces of liberty has always included center stage:

1. an all out effort to subvert the Judeo-Christian belief that man is a child of God, made in His image and likeness, possessed of a duel nature of spirit and body, endowed with the godlike qualities of reason, conscience, and free will; and,

2. the replacement of these truths about man with the diabolical lie that man is something far less: such as an inferior race, or worse, nothing more than a compilation of biological processes a result of mere chance and blind evolution.

To entrenched tyrants and tyrants on the assent promoting and imposing such lowly views on mankind is all about political strategy. For these diabolical bullies cannot have "we the people" believing, or for that matter knowing, that we are heirs to the King of Kings. For if we knew that we would also know we have inalienable rights: including the right to life, the right to property, the right to consent, the right to equality before the law, and many other such rights—but most especially: the right to freedom of religion, of speech, of press, of assembly, and of petition, or to those rights that inform, inspire, and guard the others.  That is, for inalienable rights to mean anything the people must have the right to read, study, and freely consider them and come to believe in them; so that they might in turn compare the laws of God with the laws of men and, thus informed, exercise their inalienable, civil rights, and citizenship with a sense of intelligence, morality, justice, equity, and eternal vigilance.

This too: men thus informed and inspired have a good sense of when they are wronged by government and deem it their right and solemn duty to fearlessly (but hopefully respectfully) approach legislators and congressmen, governors and presidents, local and national judges, with those two records (sacred and profane) in hand to appeal to the proper authority, and when that appeal is insufficient and unjust, to boldly appeal to and lay claim upon that Higher Law, to seek remedy.

Such men as these would also be unafraid to unite with others and fight when seriously wronged and after every legal remedy had been applied. For with the law of God and the author of that law on their side, and the hope of eternal life the promise given to the faithful, just what is there for man to fear from human governments?

To have such men among the common people, and the middling people, and even the leading souls would not, cannot do for the tyrannically inclined. Such men can never be dictated to nor bullied but will forever clamor for equality before the law, for the right to government by consent, to free elections, to checks and balances, and to those most vitally important of all fundamental rights that make men men and fellow children of God. There must be freedom of religion and of speech and of press in all public places.

Needless to say, yet I do repeat it for the rarity of it being heard, it is the fundamental policy of tyrants and their allies, including those elitists who centralized, then secularized, and finally socialized our schools and other public forums, to forever advance the Grand Lie that there is no God for man to be connected to, no fixed moral code to live up to, and no life after death to free mankind when all else fails.

That is why wise men, and moral men, and devout men who love their liberty and hope to forever enjoy it resist the Grand Lie, and assert wherever they can and whenever they can that man is made in the image and likeness of God.

So should every free man. No lesser belief will keep man free. ESR

Steve Farrell is one of the original pundits at Silver Eddy Award Winner, NewsMax.com (1999–2008), associate professor of political economy at George Wythe University, the author of the highly praised inspirational novel "Dark Rose," and editor in chief of The Moral Liberal.

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