Radicalism in the militia movement

By Charles A. Morse
web posted February 14, 2000

On February 4th, on my nationally syndicated broadcast, I interviewed two opposing factions of the Michigan Militia, one moderate and one radical. My syndicator, the American Freedom Network, expressed trepidation concerning this interview. I had also avoided this topic for years out of suspicion concerning the political and religious orientation of militias. Intellectual curiosity and the fact that militia members have been interviewed on all the major networks over the years finally got the better of me.

Each group contacted me before the interview with accusations made about the other. There appears to be an extremely acrimonious internecine conflict underway that could become violent. Apparently, this reflects the general state of militia movements nationally. Following is how the FBI describes the situation in their report "Project Megiddo":

"The majority of militia groups are non-violent and only a small segment of the militias actually commit acts of violence to advance their political goals and beliefs. A number of militia leaders, such as Lynn Van Huizen of the Michigan Militia Corps-Wolverines, have gone to some effort to actively rid their ranks of radical members who are inclined to carry out acts of violence and/or terrorism. Officials at the FBI Academy classify militia groups within four categories, ranging from moderate groups...to radical cells which commit violent acts of terrorism… the FBI only focuses on radical elements... any such investigation of these radical militia units must be conducted within strict legal parameters."

I asked the radical guests if their faction included Christian Identity. Their evasive answer contained the type of legalese that reminded me of President Clinton's testimony about Monica Lewinsky. Christian Identity espouses racist and anti Semitic theories and advocates a system of government that would be at least as totalitarian as communism. The radicals revealed to me that they have been in contact with the Marxist Black Panthers. They seem willing to network with any subversive group. Perhaps this constitutes the emergence of a "united front" in the tradition of the old left. This contradicts everything they claim to stand for and their self-described raison detre, which is, limited constitutional government and law and order. They would replace our Federal system with a far more authoritarian one. I suspect, from certain innuendoes from the radicals, that they also include amongst their rank members who don't consider the constitution itself to be valid. Conspiracy theories abound. In any case, the radicals embody ideas and beliefs that are the mirror opposite of what the founding fathers meant by a well-regulated militia.

I support, in principal, the concept of citizen militias. The right to keep and bear arms and the right to assemble are basic components of freedom and the fundamental exercise of checks and balances with relation to a federal government. Militias have a great and glorious history going back to the Mass. Minutemen and Ethan Allen's Green Mountain Boys. The very presence of citizen militias thwarts strong-arm government tactics. In the case of the Montana Freeman, which was not a militia, the presence of peaceful, unarmed militia members at the scene went a long way toward diffusing the tension building between the Freeman and the Federal forces and thus averting disaster. The carnage at Waco could have been avoided in the same way. Perhaps the best way to safeguard our freedom as citizens would be to organize well-regulated militias in every state and county in the union. Men and women of all ages, ideologies and skill levels would have the opportunity to voluntarily participate in patriotic duty. The only requirement for membership should be an oath of loyalty to the constitution.

A well-regulated Militia is one that places itself under the authority of an elected official such as a county sheriff and one that operates according to the law. In fact, a militia, under the auspices of an elected sheriff, could play a major role in law enforcement and other services, which would have the effect of re empowering, elected local and county government. The very existence of a citizen militia serves as a warning to government not to overstep its authority to the point where tyranny may occur. At the same time, the militia, in order to retain credibility with the citizenry must conduct itself in a lawful and orderly fashion. Otherwise, a militia could become subversive or criminal.

Subversive militias would include the Weather Underground, the Black Panthers the Symbonese Liberation Army, and others. Rather than supporting limited constitutional government and law and order, these groups conspire to bring about Marxian style government and introduce violent terror as a means of achieving their ends. Right wing militia elements advocate white supremacy schemes and theocracy and have, in some cases, adopted the terror tactics originally introduced by the left. These are examples of unregulated militias that by their own creed threaten the constitutional rights of their fellow citizens. Government has a constitutional responsibility, through due process, to remove this type of threat. Additionally, militias such as the Mafia, the Crips and Bloods, and drug gangs are criminal in nature and should be dealt with as the criminal conspiracies that they are.

Left wing anarchist Tom Mooney dynamited a parade on Market St. in San Francisco on July 22, 1916 resulting in 10 deaths and 50 injured. Thus was America introduced to the idea of terror as a means of effecting social and political change. The left continued to employ this tactic from that time until the present. Mooney's terrorist act was the worst ever recorded on American soil until the bombing of the Alfred T. Murrah building in Oklahoma City April 19, 1995 by Timothy McVeigh as well as accomplices. Some right wing forces are beginning to adopt communist tactics. Honest people must reckon with this fact.

Lets have Militias that are willing to swear allegiance to the constitution and register with local elected authorities. I envision militias which include people of all political persuasions who pledge loyalty to the Republic and as such are not subversive. These private organizations can admit anyone they care to with the central common denominator being loyalty to country. This would present a great opportunity for the average citizen to learn how to handle a gun, engage in para- military exercises, study the constitution, build character, and associate with other citizens. I would like to join such a militia. These militias would be our best guarantee of independence.

Charles Morse (http://www.chuckmorse.com) is the host of the nationally syndicated Chuck Morse Show which can be heard Monday through Friday from 8pm - 10pm EST on the American Freedom Network (http://www.americanewsnet.com/)

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