"Change-Agents" change American education

By Charles A. Morse
web posted February 12, 2001

In the early 1970's, the "change-agents," as they call themselves, came to dominate our public education system. After almost a century of planning, they have "changed" our American school system into an increasingly top-down, command oriented, Prussian style model. They have sought to create "human resources" rather than free thinking and functioning individuals.

They have attempted to "mold," to borrow their word, young people into better functionaries of the corporate state. While by conventional terminology, the change-agents are considered to be left-wing, the term right-wing would be more literally applicable as they peruse a type of eugenic, National Socialist agenda.

Academic subjects such as math, science, and history have been deliberately hollowed out of their content. These, and most other disciplines, have been replaced with meaningless, mind-numbing psychobabble. Dumbed down methods such as whole language, new math, guessing, and others, are meant to cripple the minds of our young people. These methods create the mental dissonance required to stanch the development of cognitive thinking. Traditional values have been undermined with sex education, values clarification, "remediation," new age, and more psychobabble. A moral, independent thinking person threatens the goal of the change-agent which is the replacement of the moral authority of the family with that of the state. From their twisted perspective, today's education system is a smashing success!

One of the founding change-agent bibles, "Taxonomy of Educational Objectives," by University of Chicago Professor Benjamin Bloom, lays out the strategy for how the state, acting through the public schools, would, eventually, control the minds and behavior of it's citizens. Bloom saw education as "a tool to classify the ways individuals are to act, think, or feel as the result of some unit of instruction". Improper attitudes, brought in from home, would be "remediated." What Bloom meant by "improper attitudes" should be obvious.

By 1971, according to "The Underground History of American Education" by New York City Teacher of the Year John Taylor Gatto, the U.S. Office of Education was deeply committed to Bloom's agenda of accessing and manipulating the private lives and thoughts of children. That year, the Office of Education contracted the RAND Corporation to produce "change-agent" studies which would serve as training manuals for teachers.

Federal funding was granted under the "Education Professions Development Act" and the volume "Change-Agents Guide to Innovation in Education" would play a central role in this education "transformation." Soon after, teacher training programs were established, and more RAND change-agent volumes were produced. Our tax dollars were being spent to destroy the structure and fabric of our society, not to mention our children's lives.

In 1973, Catherine Barrett, president of the National Education Association, the monopolistic teachers union, said "Dramatic changes in the way we raise our children are indicated, particularly in terms of schooling... we will be agents of change." Parents still harbor the quaint idea that they, as sovereign citizens of a free democracy, decide how to raise their own children. What these "dramatic changes" would be is becoming increasingly obvious. The NEA is the largest and most powerful union in the US.

In 1989, a senior director of the Mid-Continent Regional Educational Laboratory, no doubt an incubator for change-agents, funded by the taxpayer, addressed all 50 American Governors attending a conference on education. He stated that "What we're into is total restructuring of society." Not a single Governor, Democrat or Republican, raised his hand to ask what was meant by "restructuring." There is no record of a single governor registering an objection. Since the establishment of the Department of Education in 1977, States have surrendered, at breakneck speed, control over public education, transferring that control to the Federal government.

Government school advocate Gerald Bracey, in a revealing essay, succinctly summed up the change-agent agenda. He claimed that, realistically, "we must continue to produce an uneducated social class." Government, by nature, seeks power for it's own sake. This requires a docile, semi-literate populace focused on external stimulants such as entertainment and controlled substances. This is why, clearly, government must be driven out of education.

Chuck Morse is the author of Thunder out of Boston.

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