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Right down the toilet

By Mark Trapp
web posted February 18, 2002

"Biology is not destiny." So declare two UCLA students, both members of the school's Gay and Lesbian Association, in a recent article in support of their assertion that separate restrooms are required for so-called "transgenders."

Transgenders, according to Erwin Ong and Masen Davis, are those "whose gender identity does not easily match the social expectation of their biological sex." The term often describes one who, although not having undergone a surgical modification of their body, dresses and lives as the opposite sex. The pair suggest that since a transgender's "gender identity" may not match their biological sex, special "gender neutral" bathrooms are required to accommodate these persons.

I wonder if these two are aware of the mess they have gotten themselves into with their homophobic statement that "biology is not destiny."

Homophobic? Sure - how could any self-respecting member of a Gay and Lesbian Association proclaim that "biology is not destiny"? Think about it - if that statement is true, what are we to make of the gay-rights mantra that homosexuals are "born that way"?

For, if biology is not destiny, doesn't that mean that a person "born gay" could "go straight"? Doesn't it imply that homosexuality, rather than being an unavoidable consequence of genes and DNA, is merely a choice, made by the individual, and subject to change?

Which leads me back to the transgender toilets. Whatever merits a "gender neutral" bathroom might have (and I can't think of a single one), such outrageous proposals do serve a purpose. They establish that the increasingly outrageous freak show that is the activist homosexual rights community in America will eventually collapse under its own weight. Indeed, by affiliating with transgenders (and other "gender identity" advocates), and supporting such things as "gender neutral" bathrooms and purported "sex-change" operations, homosexual activists are cutting their own throats. Allow me to demonstrate why.

Anybody with a brain in their head (including, presumably, even UCLA's finest, Ong and Davis) must admit that no matter how much a person spends on surgery, clothing, or make-up, no matter how much they wish, hope, or pretend, they can never change the fact that they are either male or female. Genetically, at least, they are either a man or a woman.

Sex is an absolute genetic characteristic, and a person can no more change their sex than they can their race. People cannot simply decide what sex they are - they are what they are. For instance, a man could not merely choose to become a woman, and subsequently get pregnant. His decision to become a woman could never affect his genetic framework. In other words, biology, while it may not be "destiny", is reality.

Sexual behavior, on the other hand, is a choice that is within the dominion of each of us as human beings. Every person has the inherent ability to dictate whether they are homosexual or heterosexual. While they may or may not have control over their sexual impulses, they indisputably do have control over their sexual conduct. It is a behavior, not a trait.

In spite of these facts, for far too long, homosexual activists have gotten away with the ridiculous assertion that one's sexual behavior is beyond their control. This argument is patently false. For example, if a person's sexual behavior is beyond their control, how do we justify punishing rapists? They couldn't help it, could they? How about polygamy? Pedophilia? Aren't we all just at the mercy of our sexual desires?

Indeed, the homosexual activists have it exactly backwards. They assert that transgenders, transvestites and those who have undergone "sex-change" operations can choose their sex. At the same time, however, they argue that people cannot choose their sexual behavior. They assert that sexuality is an immutable characteristic, i.e., "I was born this way." How these silly arguments have gained such widespread acceptance in our country underscores the lack of thinking actually done on such matters.

Obviously, if we allow to stand the argument that a person's behavior is beyond their control, civil society cannot last long. What if we were all free to act on every impulse, sexual or otherwise, with no restraints? Clearly, society can, and must, set certain parameters for conduct. Imagine the free-for-all that would result if we did not. Civilization would go right down the toilet.

Which, come to think of it, is exactly where these calls for "gender neutral" restrooms should go - right down the toilet. Along with all the other garbage the homosexual activists have for years been telling us.

Mark Trapp is a regular contributor to Enter Stage Right.

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