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Marching toward oblivion

By Henry Lamb
web posted February 3, 2003

The League of Nations withered on the vine when the United States refused to join the world government. It is time for the U.N. to follow its predecessor into oblivion. This will happen when the United States finally recognizes that the U.N. has become the breeding ground of hate for American values, and pulls the financial plug.

The most avid supporters of the U.N. must now take another, realistic, look at this institution. The U.N. Commission on Human Rights has elected Lybia as its chair. If that doesn't frost your apples, how about this: Iraq will chair the U.N. Conference on Disarmament. Next, we'll hear that Osama bin Laden has been named to head the U.N.'s anti-terror commission.

The nation that for 12 years, has thumbed its nose at U.N. demands to disarm, will now set the agenda for U.N. disarmament talks. Lybia, the nation near the top of every list of human rights violators, will set the agenda for U.N. human rights programs.

The Human Rights Commission was prepared to elect Lybia by acclamation, but the U.S. insisted on a vote, to see where the chips fell. Thirty-three nations voted for Lybia; Canada and Guatemala joined the U.S.'s "no" vote; and 17 European nations abstained. This vote speaks volumes about the attitude of our so-called allies in Europe.

The European nations that condone this U.N. bureaucratic nonsense are among the same nations that have refused to stand up to Saddam Hussein for the last 12 years. Not only are they unwilling to take a stand now, they bad-mouth the United States, and its President, for not submitting to the "international will."

The anti-American attitude, so flagrantly displayed by the U.N. Commission on Human Rights, and in the U.N. Security Council, permeates the entire United Nations organization. I've seen it at U.N. meetings in Bonn, in Geneva, in Buenos Aires, in Kyoto, and in The Hague. At every U.N. meeting I've ever attended, there is a constant drumbeat of anti-American sentiment.

Despite this anti-American attitude, the U.N. has the audacity to ask the United States for a $1.3 billion interest-free loan to refurbish its New York Headquarters. The only money that goes to the U.N. should be to purchase the property, and send the U.N. packing.

There are two ways the U.S. can change this growing anti-American attitude. The shortest route, would be to acquiesce to global governance, and submit to the international scheme to transform the world into a socialist utopia, administered by the United Nations. The rest of the world would love us - instantly. The U.S. would finally be under the control of the U.N.

The other way is to immediately withdraw from the U.N., lock, stock, and barrel. The howls and screams would dominate the international media - and the liberal U.S. press - for a while. For a short while. Individually, outside the U.N. stable, most nations would scramble to establish a relationship with the U.S.

America's strength and prosperity arises from the principles of freedom on which the nation was founded. These same principles offer the same result to all nations that will embrace them. The United States should stop apologizing for our success, and stop compromising the principles of freedom in order to appease the international community. America should assert those principles, in domestic policy, and most definitely, in international policy.

The United Nations has but one, overarching goal: to become the center of global governance through which its socialist philosophy will impose "sustainable development" – the equitable distribution of the earth's resources. What the world needs is not sustainable development, but sustainable freedom. U.S. withdrawal from the U.N. would be a major step in the right direction.

Capitalism cannot survive in a "sustainable" world, nor can individual freedom. Capitalism is the source of evil, according to many U.N. supporters. Individual freedom is characterized as a license to pollute, according to many U.N. supporters. National sovereignty is an obsolete idea held only by xenophobes - according to many U.N. supporters.

Individual freedom, free markets, and national sovereignty are the bricks and mortar of the greatest nation the world has ever known. The United Nations is working to replace these values with government control of the economy, and the environment, by controlling every facet of human behavior.

Every dime we give to the U.N. advances the cause of global governance. When we withdraw our support, and stop paying their bills, the U.N. will fade into oblivion, just like the League of Nations.

Henry Lamb is the executive vice president of the Environmental Conservation Organization, and chairman of Sovereignty International.

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