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There is a reason why Mark Steyn has, in tongue in check fashion, dubbed himself a one man global content provider. It's difficult to open a major newspaper's op-ed section today without coming across his byline. Of course, because Steyn usually writes unique pieces for each newspaper, it can be problematic finding each essay without buying all of the newspapers, difficult in smaller cities, or guessing which web sites are carrying his essays.

Steyn OnlineFortunately, Steyn has solved that problem with his recently unveiled web site, Steyn Online. Straight from the front page you can access his articles in newspapers ranging from the National Post, Jerusalem Post, The Daily Telegraph and the Chicago Sun-Times. For fans of his work, this convenience is invaluable.

Along with links, Steyn's web site also features feedback from readers -- and the more opposed you are to what he believes the more likely your letter will be published -- and information about his two books, including the recently published The Face of the Tiger, Steyn's collection of essays published after September 11, 2001.

Unfortunately, the one thing missing from his web site is a deep archive of his work. Although he provides links to essays that appeared ten years ago to the day, there isn't any way to search all of his work without resorting to Lexis-Nexis. It's hard to believe that Steyn couldn't provide at least the last few years of essays in an electronic format that could be placed online.

That said, it's gratifying that Steyn has a permanent home on the Web and we're eager to see what direction it will take in the coming weeks and months. Given his near amazing output, it would be nice to see Steyn launch his own weblog. We won't be greedy and demand one given how much he gives us already.

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