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Bill Clinton remembered

By Lisa Fabrizio
web posted February 4, 2008

As the incessant march for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination continues, probably the most entertaining aspect is watching the mainstream media take sides.  And although many of their liberal icons--most notably Ted Kennedy and Pat Leahy--are endorsing Barack Obama, Hillary is still the subject of loving puff-pieces like this from ABC News: "Is Clinton Scrutinized About Her Looks Too Much?"

Bill ClintonBut some outlets are obsessed with the presence of Bill Clinton trampling the underbrush beneath his wife's dainty feet out on the campaign trail. Many of the stories focus on whether he is an asset or a liability, but most all of them lapse into a rhapsodic paean to the allures of the forty-second president; heaping honor, glory and praise on the brilliant, sexy, charismatic, and oh-so empathetic Teflon one.

Now far be it from me to give aid and comfort to the Obama campaign; truth be told, all conservatives should be praying for a Clinton nomination. But if certain members of the press who are friendly to the Big O really want to dig up some dirt on the odious operations of team Clinton, here's a little clue: Bill Clinton was impeached.

Yes, he was.  A majority of the U.S. House of Representatives voted to impeach Clinton on a count each of perjury and obstruction of justice. And although he was acquitted after a sham trial in the Senate, he settled a sexual harassment lawsuit out of court with Paula Jones for $850,000, was cited for contempt of court, was fined and disbarred for five years from practicing law in Arkansas and resigned from the Supreme Court bar rather than suffer further humiliation as the first U.S. president to be permanently disbarred from practice there.

All of this was a consequence of his blatant lies under oath to a grand jury and to the American people, as well as his various attempts to cover up his and Hillary's convoluted dealings in the infamous Whitewater scandal. This is the caliber of man whom voters are now supposed to trust when he sings the praises of his better half.

This is a man who transferred control of sensitive, weapons-capable technology from the State Department to the Commerce Department run by former DNC chairman Ron Brown, which then ended up in the hands of the Red Chinese at about the same time that a passel of cash was funneled into the coffers of Clinton & Company through PRC operatives. Our national security couldn't be in better hands.

And speaking of Clinton cronies, maybe President Hillary will solve our energy problems by rescinding an Executive Order signed by her husband in 1996 which designated 1.7 million acres in Utah as a national monument. The now untouchable land is the site of the world's largest deposit of environmentally-safe, clean-burning coal; 62 billion tons of it. The owner of the second largest? Clinton bagman, James Riady's Lippo Group of Indonesia.

Here is a man that issued tainted pardons to relatives, terrorists, murderers, drug dealers and fugitives from American justice. Yet, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton feel no compunction when lecturing Obama about his associations with "slumlord" Tony Rezko. This is a couple who basically backed a truck up to the White House to collect "souvenirs," trashed Air Force One and whose staffers vandalized West Wing offices in a childish display of pique. Yet this twosome now seeks to paint their opponent as immature.

Recent reports are that Hillary's handlers are preparing to decide whether Bill must go on the shelf, as the feeling is that his Rumpelstiltskin days may be over; when he could spin anything into gold. Because, just maybe, all or some of the above may be recalled from the dustbin of history where it has been deposited by liberal writers and reporters eager to preserve the Clinton ‘legacy'.

As stated above, it is my earnest hope that the Clintons will prevail in their scorched-earth campaign against Senator Obama since it is my belief that, with her constantly high negative polling numbers, she would be much easier to beat than the black knight of the New Camelot. Not to worry though; word is, he just might send Ted Kennedy out to the hustings. ESR

Lisa Fabrizio is a columnist who hails from Connecticut. You may write her at mailbox@lisafab.com.


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