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The face of a Supreme Court "lion"

By Michael Moriarty
web posted January 31, 2011

This article has been submitted as an obligatory reminder of last week's Supreme Court Anniversary. That "Enlightened" Judicial Estate of the American government gave us The Roe v Wade Decision in this January, 38 years ago.

To begin with, I never thought anyone could outdo the arrogance of President Obama's uplifted chin; but then again I hadn't ever seen the face of the pro-abortion Supreme Court Justice, Stephen G. Breyer.

The impudence of a bench that could legalize the cold-blooded murder of partial birth abortion was only matched by the Supreme Court's earlier Dred Scott Decision to legalize and help enforce Confederate slavery, and the subsequent Buck v Bell Decision, calling for the sterilization of the retarded.

We have learned recently, with the arrest of Kermit Gosnell, that the difference between the legality of Justice Breyer's majority opinion on partial birth abortion and the definition of homicidal butchery may be roughly 10-12 inches of gestating infant.

Stephen BreyerLook at the eyes on that man!

This is a judge implacably locked within his own Imaginary Destiny as History's Eternally Impeccable Prophet.

"History will be on my side!" declares Judge Breyer.

Yes, that is repeatedly this enlightened despot's message to his critics.

Such narcissism, enforcing the homicidal policies of an increasingly dictatorial government conjure up the sophisticated certainties of Joseph Goebbels and the infernal heartlessness of a Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong.

"Oh, you must be kidding, Michael!"

The greatest casting director in the world couldn't come up with a more tyrannically self-important narcissist than Stephen G. Breyer.

Yet it is that very blind certitude that leaves a Fox News senior spokesman, Chris Wallace, ending the interview with Establishment bonhomie.

As my readers know, I must determine who among so-called conservatives are actually pro-abortion, when I feel they should be pro-life. Then I know upon whom to bestow the Rudolf Giuliani Award, which quotes the former Mayor of New York:

"I oppose abortion, but I believe that ultimately the government should leave that decision to a woman and her conscience."

"You said 'Should be pro-life', Mr. Moriarty?!"

Yes, if I'm going to trust them as declared conservatives.

Justice Breyer has the very expression of a Robespierre whose own "Progressive Revolution" inspired wholesale death on the guillotine; and the historians that Justice Bryer expects glowing reviews from are shamelessly, yea, arrogantly Progressive.

Only the Nazis and now the Communist Progressives have been as homicidally certain about their decisions and mutually shared visions of human viability and acceptability as Justice Breyer has been.

What a cast of characters we have in this flowering melodrama of Progressive America: from George Soros to his hand-picked President Obama, through the Progressive warm-ups with both the Clintons and the Bushes; and, of course, a Justice on the Supreme Court bench, Stephen Breyer.

This Supreme Court Elitist wrote a book that he is now trying to sell across party lines.

Michael Moriarty as Eric Dorf in "Holocaust"Thank God for conservatives such as Chris Wallace on FOX, or I would never have been introduced to Justice Breyer and this breathtaking American version of the kind of man I played in the Holocaust: Eric Dorf.

Unfortunately, as hard as I tried, I could not possibly approach the eternally nascent smile around the lips that this Justice of the Supreme Court has. That secretive self-obsession and the stare that penetrates only the certainty of an inner bunker.

I suspect the Justice unwittingly calls that bunker his Destiny.

What will the American Progressive Bunker turn out to be?

Only God and the Devil know that.

Evil's last great stand on the earth will, of course, necessitate a bunker the size of an entire nation. Should the Progressives be driven out of America, I suspect France, in the spirit of Napoleon, may prove to be their refuge.

Until then, however, Washington is now the capitol of the increasingly Marxist New World Order. All other Capitols, including Moscow and Beijing, await developments out of the Oval Office.

The corrupt magic that has deviously created the European Union is now concentrated in the swiftly instituted American Progressive Improvements under Barack Obama.

Despite a Progressive's certainty of Enlightened Progress, History, including the kind of History that Justice Breyer speaks so presumptuously about, does indeed "repeat itself".

Given the Napoleonic ambitions of the Marxist New World Order, the Progressives would, indeed, be most appropriately driven back to the Louvre and the home of the very men whom Voltaire described as "enlightened despots".

Here is the naughty boy hyperbole of Bryer on the right to bear arms.

"Get on the subway and go to Maryland?!"

This is not a Supreme Court justice opining on the Second Amendment of the American Constitution but a Peck's Bad Boy applauding the District of Columbia's inner circle.

Watch him dance his wife around the rumors of their possibly mutual respect for Sharia Law.

In the same interview there is a glimpse of this master of evasion talking about sounding evasive.

Note the frequency of inexplicable smiles.

His love of Franklin's sophistication is coupled with his admiration for the "truly brilliant man" Alexander Hamilton, the proselytizer of centralized power. Hear how Bryer softens Hamilton with phrases like "reasonably strong, efficient federal government" without, however, disguising his own affection for Hamilton's reverence for the more enlightened among us, such as Justice Breyer.

"They (these decisions) should not be made by the political branches."


They would be made only if they were "popular" but not necessarily right.

Roe v Wade and the subsequent decisions over "late term abortions" which Breyer supported and wrote the majority opinion on?

Hmmm …  let us examine the "popularity" or "unpopularity" of abortion.

In light of the two efforts to overturn Roe v Wade in the state of Colorado, it would seem that unequivocally the 38 year-old, Roe v Wade is an incontestably popular Supreme Court decision. The pro-life movement was trounced.

It was as if America's old law against abortion were about as popular as Prohibition.

"Oh, Mr. Moriarty, as you know, there was a considerable period of violence against abortion clinics and abortionists"!

That doesn't in any way prove that a majority of Americans were against abortion.

I suspect the Supreme Court knew that a majority of both the enlightened and unenlightened, educated and uneducated, would love to get out from under the burdens of parenting and "get the job done" for the price of a few hundred dollars. The weight of pubic opinion on the Supreme Court, as I discussed in my last article, is far greater than the justices themselves are willing to admit.

With the obvious popularity of legalized abortion, President Bill Clinton's support for abortion left him rather proud of describing himself in his autobiography as a "Progressive Baptist".

With a President broadcasting the ability of Christians to support and even engage in abortion without guilt of any kind, the Progressive Hegemony now controlling the United States of America was doubly assured.

Obviously such profoundly spiritual hypocrisy has virulently exploded among not only politicians but within the general body politic.

The backbone of the entire Progressive Movement, in fact the central ingredient to the Progressive's "fundamental transformation of the United States of America" was Roe v Wade's version of legalized murder.

A body politic that sits silently before the horrors of Roe v Wade deserves Barack Obama and everything that comes with him.

The justices of the Supreme Court "are professionals and they won't go too far", says Justice Bryer while paraphrasing Hamilton in the Federalist Papers.

"They legalized slavery with the Dred Scott decision, and only by virtue of a Civil War was it overturned," says History.

"They legalized forced sterilization by the State in Buck v Bell," echoes History.

"They have legalized infanticide with the Roe v Wade decision," History will say of a Supreme Court filled with a Stephen Bryer majority.

The court replied to my kind of objection, the one they already knew was coming, with this caveat, "A fetus does not attain viability outside the womb until at least the third trimester."

And apparently Jews and Gypsies under the Third Reich attained not viability but "acceptability" never!

How generous of the Supreme Court to set a time limit on what can be thought of as not viable, nor, in the case of America's frequently careless lovers, acceptable.

Along comes Justice Bryer and Friends on the Court to extend that lack of viability and unacceptability into "late term abortions".

Not only did I not buy Justice Breyer's book as a Christmas gift, nor the kind of Democracy the Justice is hustling, I prophesy that History will lump Justice Bryer among the Eric Dorfs of America, those careerists such as the Nixon administration's John Dean – my role model for Eric Dorf – who not only did not recant as Dean did, but who carry the smug certainty of their Progressive decisions, parade and actually flaunt them in book form with the smiling insolence of a Progressively Marxist New World Order, a brand of International Socialism that would have made Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and Mao Zedong proud!

Don't believe Justice Bryer's textbook defense of the separation of powers, please.

When the separate branches of government, the executive, legislative and judicial corners all agree upon a New World Order as they have during two years of President Obama's first term, the result is the exact panic and growing hysteria that America is suffering now. That, of course, makes Justice Bryer's smug calm amidst it all the more infuriating. Perhaps that upset he creates is his primary intent. Measuring his arrogance beside that of President Obama? The POTUS looks almost humble.

Will the new Republican House of Representatives be able to roll back the thousands of "improvements" slipped into the over two thousand pages of Obamacare and Stimuli I and II?

Not if the executive branch thinks it is time to put its fist down and declare martial law. Then the vile and inhuman decisions by the Supreme Court such as Dred Scott, Buck v Bell and Roe v Wade, would not and could not be overturned by anyone.

During my last year of Law & Order I suggested that its producer, Dick Wolf, extend the Ben Stone character as a successful nominee to the Supreme Court. There would have been massive drama to that, from the confirmation hearings to each of Justice Stone's possible decisions as a Supreme Court Judge.

After pondering the history of the Supreme Court, from its Dred Scott decision legalizing slavery, through the Buck v Bell Decision instituting compulsory sterilization for the retarded and then on to this hellishly conceived rationalization for murder in the Roe v Wade decision, I'm so grateful I left the television series Law & Order over the arrogance of Attorney General Janet Reno.

The ghoulish excesses and enlightened rationalizations for slavery, sterilization and infanticide make Reno's fascist arrogance in Waco, Texas look like a bad few days at the office.

Considering the Leftist propaganda mill that Law & Order became, thank God I left it, Manhattan, New York State and America for a less hypocritical corner of the world!

The arrogant smiles of Barack Obama and Justice Bryer have been on the way for quite some time.

I was recently forwarded a remarkable video. Briefly described, the documentary footage shows an entire herd of African water buffalo rescue a baby water buffalo literally from the jaws of not only an entire pride of lions but a set of lurking crocodiles. It is both a terrifying and thrilling testament to the power of an animal family's commitment to protecting its young from the crocodiles and predatory lions of life.

America and its Supreme Court haven't the humanity or courage of an African water buffalo. The "Lions" of the Progressive movement, with the majority support of the American people, feast politically on the butchered hides of gestating infants. These "Lions" still don't believe that the meek shall inherit the earth. In the swamps of their political environment, they are really reptiles posing as mammals.

However, their well-known "stealth and cunning" have faded in the glaring light of their breathtaking arrogance. Without Bill Clinton's "homey" salesmanship for his "Progressive Global Initiative", the true intentions of the Progressive New World Order become all too obvious.

"Tell the pro-life movement to get on the subway and go to Hell! There will be no safety for them near the Obama Nation's watering hole!!"

Unless, of course, we water buffalo stick together. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.

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