George W. Bush for President

By Charles A. Morse
web posted February 28, 2000

Last weekend, I attended a social event with a group of left wing friends, very political people. The results of the South Carolina primary were just in and my friends were visibly despondent. A gloomy depression seemed to permeate the room. Gov. George W. Bush had just swamped Sen John McCain.

This tells me everything I need to know in terms of supporting Bush for president. No doubt, the left, with their well placed pundits and opinion molders, is warming up the liquidation propaganda machine for Bush. The shrieking, hate filled analysis of Bush is as predictable as the morning commute. We could set our clocks to it.

One reason trumps all others as the cause of the left’s hatred toward Bush and their upcoming program of destruction. That is Bush’s publicly professed belief in God. Bush unabashedly identifies himself as a Christian who declares Jesus as his lord and savior. As a traditional Jew, I applaud this and hope my co religionists do the same. This proclamation, above all others, marks Bush as anathema to the secular humanist, liberal establishment.

I believe Bush is sincere in his confession of faith. Bush’s approach is the mirror opposite of President Bill Clinton who defiantly smirks at the camera with his Bible stretched out in front of him as he emerges from church on Sunday morning. Kenneth Starr's report illustrates, in lurid detail, how Clinton spent his time after one of those church visits. Such perfidy and debauchery mortified even liberals, with a few scruples.

The results of Bush’s faith are consistent, unwavering stands on conservative principles. A President should be and has historically been a moral as well as political leader. This is a fact of history that has been airbrushed out by left wing revisionists. While one of the functions of the presidency has been that of moral bully pulpit, Bush expresses an understanding of the limitations of constitutional government and respect for states and individual rights.

Unlike Sen. Bill Bradley, Bush understands that the Confederate flag at the South Carolina Statehouse is a state prerogative. Unlike Vice President Al Gore who speaks of the constitution as a “living” document with regard to the Supreme Court, Bush understands that the job of a Supreme Court Justice is to interpret the constitution. Bush demonstrates an understating of the concept of free enterprise as opposed to authoritarian state interference in the economy.

John McCain was vociferous in his support of a land invasion of Kosovo. He takes an imperialistic internationalist stand with regard to foreign policy. Although Bush surrounds himself with advisors from the Council on Foreign Relations, he speaks of foreign nations conducting their own regional military affairs and of strengthening the military at home. His chief foreign policy advisor, Condoleeza Rice, wrote a surprisingly patriotic article in Foreign Affairs. A refreshing contrast to Madeleine Albright.

Left wing Texas columnist Molly Ivins, appearing on a news program, warned liberals not to underestimate George W. Bush. While she decries his ideology, she acknowledged that he has been an effective governor of Texas.

Liberals have lined up behind John McCain for the sole purpose of stopping George Bush because he is a God fearing conservative and therefore must be stopped. While their efforts have so far backfired, they have yet to roll out the heavy artillery. Lets engage them in battle with our weapons being simple, honest patriotism and conservatism.

Charles A. Morse is a syndicated talk show host on the American Freedom Network and a contributing writer to Enter Stage Right.

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