Fanning the flames of racism

By Charles A. Morse
web posted March 6, 2000

Marxist theoretician and African nationalist Frans Fannon, in the early 20th century, developed the idea that race conflict equals class conflict as a means of birthing world socialism. The left has subsequently developed "race consciousness" to further conflict between the races. The desired result is an empowered state which, acting as a white knight, steps in to save the citizenry from the planned anarchy. Race has been exploited with a measure of success in America by the left and this has poisoned the well of genuine civil rights in the process. Our Achilles heal is our race problems. The left exploits this by fanning the flames of racism.

Setting one race against another proved so successful to the left that they have further defined categories in which to exploit conflict. These include ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and others. Their solution, although rarely articulated, is stronger and more invasive government i.e. socialism. Several ancillary goals are achieved as well on their road to utopia.

Among these are powerful bureaucracies, funded with the workingman's dollar and free from competition. Appointed, unaccountable bureaus wield unconstitutional power over minute aspects of our private lives. They provide employment for fellow travelers. Leftists find jobs that wield power to "transform society" and often don't require a lot of heavy lifting. Bureaucracies are staffed with the American version of commissars and in some cases develop a dependant clientele that is bought off with "welfare" or other benefits.

The race agenda is a weapon of destruction against enemies. Charges of racism or their euphemistic use of the term "discrimination" are publicly applied to enemies creating a witch hunt atmosphere. An example was the way radical feminists amplified sexual harassment charges against an enemy, Justice Clarence Thomas, and ignored far more grievous charges against an ally, President Bill Clinton. Let's not confuse a fundamental opposition to discrimination with the left's situational opposition. Charges of discrimination etc…serve their purpose of further "empowerment."

The use of the race agenda has become a staple in political campaigns particularly the present campaign for president. Jesse Jackson, himself a presidential candidate in 1998, in an interview with reporters in Chicago on Feb. 23, last month, excoriated Gov. George W. Bush for speaking at Bob Jones University claiming that they "preach white supremacy." This ludicrous statement tares Bush with the racist brush and is meant to damage his campaign and his reputation. I've heard interviews with black and white students attending BJU which refute this.

Bob Jones University, a private institution, has controversial policies concerning inter racial dating, policies that exist less formally in many private settings including so-called liberal. There is no evidence that they are "white supremacist." BJU, as a fundamentalist Protestant institution has expressed vehemence as well in their opposition to the Catholic Church, a position taken by many Protestants as far back as Martin Luther. Catholics have historically expressed similar opposition toward Protestants. This is an inter-Christian dispute and does not necessarily mean that either side is "anti" the other.

During the 1988 campaign, Jackson dealt was charges of anti-Semitism when he referred to Jews as "hymies" and New York City as "Hymietown." At the time, Jackson had a political alliance with Louis Farrakhan who is on record as referring to Judaism as a "gutter religion" and Hitler as a "great man." Farrakhan harbors similar race theories, in reverse, as David Duke and the KKK. Jackson has not been noticeably hurt by this and remains a darling of the left and their media lackeys. VP Gore and Sen. Bradley struggle to prove that they are the more loyal to the special interest groups that have emerged from these categories while implying that those who don't support this political agenda are racist.

Jackson also accuses Bush of "wrapping himself in the Confederate flag" yet fails to mention the stars & bars on Gov. Clinton's Arkansas flag, a symbol Pres. Clinton has never denounced. Gov. Bush respects the fact that the flag is a state prerogative under the constitution. Jackson criticizes Bush for supporting the death penalty in Texas referring to this as "morally bankrupt." Gov. Clinton, while running for president failed to intervene when his state executed a retarded man who didn't understand what was happening to him. He was not similarly criticized at the time.

Jackson and his ilk are in no position to discuss moral bankruptcy. Rather than a fundamental understanding of morality, the left's approach is situational. If it helps the political faith, it's moral, if it hurts the political faith it's immoral. The damage this political belief system has done to our society is manifest to anyone who has eyes to see and ears to hear.

Charles A. Morse is a syndicated talk show host on the American Freedom Network and a contributing writer to Enter Stage Right.

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