Global warming: Lies, lies, damnable lies!

By Alan Caruba
web posted March 19, 2001

Some years ago I concluded that The New York Times was little more than a journalistic criminal enterprise. Throughout the last decade, the Times devoted itself to publishing every kind of lie possible to advance the global warming hoax and it continues to do so shamelessly.

On February 26th, it issued "A Global Warning to Mr. Bush" in which an editorial asserted that "the seemingly indestructible snows of Kilimanjaro that inspired Ernest Hemingway's famous short story may well disappear in the next 15 years." Yeah, right. And the entire Northeast was supposed to have been hit by the biggest blizzard in 50 years about two weeks ago. You could have read about it in the Times and every other newspaper. They were all wrong.

The Times, however, goes beyond merely being wrong. It deliberately fabricates global warming lies, depending upon an endless parade of breathless scientists ready to announce that the North Pole is melting, the oceans are rising, or that global warming will produce mass murders, plagues, and an outbreak of anything you care to name.

You can pretty much read the same lies in most mainstream publications from Newsweek to every idiot who repeats the eco-mantra that carbon dioxide is causing global warming. I have yet to have read a single reporter that even stops a moment to ask if this is true or not.

What led the Times to issue its editorial warning? It was President George W. Bush who got elected to office saying that the science surrounding global warming was inconclusive and that the Kyoto treaty based on the theory was flawed and unworkable. A lot of us, including myself, breathed a big sigh of relief when we heard that. We figured, elect GW and then let's rid ourselves and the world of this noxious treaty. This week he began to move in that direction.

Christie Todd Whitman (L), head of the Environment Protection Agency, smiles as Canadian Environment Minister David Anderson looks on as they pose together with other ministers for a family picture during a pause in the G8 Summit in Trieste March 3, 2001
Christie Todd Whitman (L), head of the Environment Protection Agency, smiles as Canadian Environment Minister David Anderson looks on as they pose together with other ministers for a family picture during a pause in the G8 Summit in Trieste March 3, 2001

His handpicked choice to head the Environmental Protection Agency, Christie Todd Whitman, began spouting global warming nonsense the same day GW delivered his budget speech. The former Governor of New Jersey is an idiot who saddled her State with billions of dollars of debt before departing for Washington. She was elected to rid the Garden State of a Governor who had raised taxes, driven business away, and was an environmental nutcase. The voters, G-d help us, keep getting screwed no matter for whom we vote.

My friend, S. Fred Singer, a former director of the US Weather Satellite Service and Professor Emeritus of Environmental Sciences from the University of Virginia, wrote Whitman on March 2nd. Here's a bit of what he told her.

"The overwhelming balance of evidence shows no appreciable warming trend in the past 20 years, nor indeed since about 1940. While some surface readings in far-away locations (mainly Eastern Siberia and the tropical oceans) show warming trend, the well-maintained stations in the United States do not.

"Weather satellite date, the only true global measurements we have, show no warming. Neither do the independent data from weather balloons, which confirm the satellites in all respects. In addition, so-called proxy data, i.e., non-thermometer records from tree rings, ice cores, etc., show no warming."


Well, unless you include the past 10,000 years since the last Ice Age. Yes, in that case, the Earth has most certainly been enjoying almost consistent warming. If it were not, the history of man would be very different. Man, of course, is blamed by the Greens as the "cause" of the current "warming" which is not occurring. Mankind does not warm the earth. The Sun does that.

All this talk of too much carbon dioxide (CO2) is just nonsense. The climate of the earth was warmer 1000, 3000, and 6,000 years ago. All periods during which human civilization was developing. At the time of the dinosaurs, CO2 levels were five times those that exist today. The long-range threat to earth isn't too much CO2, it's too little!

It would be a naive kindness to assume that EPA Director Christie Whitman is simply uninformed. Were that the case, she would do herself and the nation a big favor by keeping her mouth shut about the subject of global warming.

Instead, she has been all over the place blathering about it being "a real phenomenon" and even suggesting we might have to put "caps" on carbon dioxide. It turns out, though, that someone must have explained things to President Bush because, on March 14, the White House put out the word that it does not favor regulating CO2 emissions from power plants. He also made it clear that he takes a very dim view of the UN Kyoto Climate Control treaty.

Carbon Dioxide is a natural, abundant chemical that is essential to the growth of all plants and trees. You and every other member of the planet's six billion human population emits CO2 every time they exhale. Termites produce ten times the amount of C02 than all the fossil fuels burned in a year worldwide. The technology of energy production, transportation, etc., has been calculated to be only 0.04 per cent. The UN Kyoto Climate Control Treaty is intended to control that! Do you think 0.04 per cent has any effect? The notion of calling CO2 a "pollutant" is ludicrous. Worse, it is a criminal fraud.

But fraud is the name of the game for Greens. Hearing of the President's decision, David Doniger of the Natural Resources Defense Council said, "He has turned his back on the overwhelming science that shows the planet is in danger from carbon dioxide." That is a lie. A very big lie.

Those of us who have been fighting against the torrent of lies surrounding and advocating the global warming theory thought we might rest at last, safe in the knowledge that the new President understood how completely absurd it was, how absurd it is to even consider US participation in the Kyoto Treaty that permits twenty other nations to do nothing while we ruin our economy.

The President's decision against capping CO2 emissions is a small step in the right direction. However, new bills are being introduced in Congress for just that purpose, so we must gird up again to protect our nation, our economy, our security, our dynamic, technological way of life against those who would take it from us by deception.

George W. Bush is moving in the right direction. The next step is to declare the UN Kyoto treaty dead on arrival. Christine "Browner" Whitman needs to get that message, too.

Alan Caruba is a regular contributor to Enter Stage Right. He writes a weekly column, "Warning Signs", posted on the Internet site of The National Anxiety Center. © Alan Caruba. 2001

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