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How communist is public education?

By Charles A. Morse
web posted March 25, 2002

That the prevailing philosophies and methodologies of American public education are leftist is not up for debate. Leftists have dominated the federal Department of Education, most State Departments of Education, the teachers' unions, many teachers, colleges, and education foundations for several decades. Many rank and file teachers know this, and have observed the catastrophic results, yet the situation is so rotten that they dare not speak out. Taxpayers will no doubt continue to unwittingly dump their hard earned money into a system that seeks to damage children by undermining morality and turning them into human resources.

John DeweyOn December 5, 1928, The New Republic published an article written by self described socialist John Dewey, the revered father of so-called progressive education, in which revealed the true nature of the leftist education agenda. In the article, Dewey spoke of "the marvelous development of progressive educational ideas and practices under the fostering care of the Bolshevist government." This tells us everything we need to know concerning Dewey's admiration for the Soviet system and its "ideas and practices."

He fawningly described the development of a "required collective and cooperative mentality" which was, of course, the exact opposite of the American ideal of the development of self-sufficient creative and competent individuals. Dewey considered "the great task of the school" to be "to counteract and transform those domestic and neighborhood tendencies" which he specifically and accurately identified as "the influence of home and Church." In order for Dewey's "progressive" agenda to advance, the moral authority of "home and Church" would have to be undermined and replaced with the authority of the state. The state run school would be the chief agent and catalyst in the development of this "collective and cooperative mentality."

Dewey stated that "In order to accomplish this end, the teachers must in the first place know with great detail and accuracy just what the conditions are to which pupils are subject in the home, and thus be able to interpret the habits and acts of the pupil." Socialists like Dewey, Hitler, or Stalin, whom Dewey greatly admired, or today's crop of change-agents, always seek to poke their noses into other peoples business. They teach students to be snitches in the same way the Nazi's encouraged people to turn in Jews. Students would be taught that the enlightened school knows better than parents because school is scientific and parents are backward.

A child who is recruited to spy on his parents would be more likely to grow up to be an adult who would turn someone in for, perhaps, engaging in expressions or actions not deemed to be politically correct. With the statement "Thoroughgoing collectivists regard the traditional family as exclusive and isolating in effect and hence as hostile to a truly communal life," Dewey expressed his hatred for the autonomous sovereign family and his conviction that the family was the prime obstacle to the creation of his "communal life." To create this "communal life," the communists, with the tacit support of fellow travelers such as Dewey, would murder over 100 million people.

Dewey wants "The institution of the family (to be) sapped indirectly rather than by frontal attack." This describes the cowardly and dishonest method of the left as they implement their agenda through subterfuge, lying, and conspiracy, which is part and parcel of a philosophy that requires the gun-backed State to enforce its strange agenda of social change. Only through force can the left hope to achieve their agenda as no rational person or society would ever voluntarily surrender freedom.

Dewey spoke of "Outcome based Education," or whatever the establishment is presently calling it, when he stated that "The earliest section of the school system, dealing with children from three to seven, aims to keep children under its charge six, eight, and ten hours per day, and in ultimate ideal this procedure is to be universal and compulsory." He believed that "When it is carried out, the effect on family life is too evident to need to be dwelt upon." This explains why the left supports high taxes, welfare, no fault divorce, homosexuality, and abortion, drugging children with Ritalin, gun control and other freedom eroding agendas.

Dewey observed that Soviet education was "part of a whole network of agencies by means of which the Soviet government is showing its special care for the laboring class...and to give a working object-lesson in the value of a communistic scheme." Dewey believed that the best way to implement communism in America over the long term was to infiltrate all major areas of American life. Education would, he believed; provide the foundation since pupils could be indoctrinated into this peculiar way of thinking at a young age. Dewey, the father of American 'progressive' education shows his cards with the following statement in the New Republic article: "Reference to this phase of Soviet education may perhaps be suitably concluded by a quotation from Lenin: 'We must declare openly what is concealed, namely, the political function of the school...It is to construct communist society."

Chuck Morse is a radio talk show host on WROL 950 AM in Boston.

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