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 Paying unhappy Americans to leave - The Grateful American Citizens Act

By Bruce Walker
web posted March 17, 2003

Forty years ago, conservatives advised bitter, hateful young American crypto-Marxists to love America or to leave it. This sound advice was mocked as paleolithic by the establishment left. Considering the vast majority of mankind has tried to get into America for the last hundred years, why on Earth would anyone consider America to be "Amerika"?

There have been two constant movements of people in modern human history. People born in Marxist totalitarian states have left by any means possible. People born outside America have tried to get into America by any means possible. So obvious. So simple. So clear. So counter-leftist.

No group of people has ever really wanted to leave America, including even those who suffered true oppression. Africans transported in horrific slave ships and kept in humiliating degradation in America never sought to return to their native continent.

Even before emancipation, freed slaves created the nation of Liberia as a homeland for any of their peers who wished to return home. None did. After emancipation, blacks in America had even more options. If America was the worst place in the world for freed blacks, then why did almost all of these blacks stay in America? Why, indeed, did Caribbean blacks, who had governed themselves decades before the Civil War, come to America?

The answer is clear: living in America is the greatest blessing anyone can have on Earth. The single exception to the influx of people into America has been the flow of American Jews to Israel, proving that Israel alone can attract Americans from America.

Why then all the whining about America by the left? Why especially the whining by the affluent and privileged Americans who constitute the bulk of America haters? And why do these people not just leave?

The usual explanation - America is so bad that it must be reformed by those courageous Americans who can influence its policy from within - is the sort of ridiculous illogic which only leftists can spout with a straight face. Would not an emigration from America to more "socially conscious" lands send a stunning message to comfortable Americans? Would not the removal of the "best and brightest" from America be a disastrous blow to American pride?

All this would be true, if America was the major problem in the world and if the chronic America haters born to privilege in America were truly valuable citizens and if they honestly believed their own propaganda. But, of course, these whiners are simply leeches on those good people who make America work. They involve themselves in agitation and litigation to promote mindless and senseless agenda which undermine the American Dream.

We do not need them, and America would be much better off if they just left. Once global travel and acclimation to the cultural and linguistic differences between nations made this a tough choice. No more. Any of these leftist complainers could travel first class to almost any place on Earth. English is spoken and understood everyone. And the Internet makes it very easy to communicate quickly in English with almost any place on Earth.

These leftists who loath their homeland should be encouraged - challenged! - to leave America and to find a country they like better. American citizenship is the best economic investment an ordinary person can hope for today. The federal government spends almost $8,000 for every man, woman and child in America each year.

This is as much as the per capita income in many comfortable lands. If those who live in America hating it all the time were given $50,000 to renounce their citizenship and never come back to America, it would be an outstanding investment. Suppose a million Americans took up this offer? The price tag to get rid of those one million malcontents would easily be worth fifty billion dollars.

This is the logical solution for people who hate America and live here hating it. Collect, before they leave America forever data that would identify them if they were found in America and other technology to help track anyone who crossed the border after having renounced citizenship. All the rest of us would ask is that they leave and stay away.

There would be a solemnity surrounding the relinquishment of citizenship, much like in an adoption case, and perhaps a determination by a psychiatrist that the decision was made freely and with full knowledge of the consequences.

In practice, almost no one - except, perhaps, convicts on death row - would willingly surrender American citizenship, which is worth much more than $50,000. But the same federal program that made this offer could also be a required condition of any government benefits, much like the ubiquitous promise that individuals and organizations make not to discriminate, etc.

Anyone who applied for a student loan, who bought a home with government secured loans, who applied for a job at any level of state government, who had almost any consensual contact with government would be required to read, to sign, and to date a statement something like this:

"I understand that under the Grateful American Citizens Act that I may now renounce my citizenship and leave America forever in consideration for the payment of $50,000, comfortable transportation to the nation of my choice, and release of any obligations that I have to America. Because I am happier in America than anywhere else, I voluntarily choose to remain in America and not to receive the money and the benefits of living elsewhere in the world."

These documents should be matters of public record, and every leftist who has reached the age of thirty should have either: (1) forgone the benefits of any government program or support, or (2) executed this document many times over a period of years. The overwhelming vote of confidence in America, even by its critics, would be a stinging rebuke to America-haters. The Grateful American Citizens Act might even make these angry people stop, think and appreciate the wonderful blessing of America.

Bruce Walker is a senior writer with Enter Stage Right. He is also a frequent contributor to The Pragmatist and The Common Conservative.

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