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Mexico's Fox is not going to force-feed us his workers

By Carol Devine-Molin
web posted March 21, 2005 

Unfortunately, Mexico's President Vincente Fox continues to exhibit a contemptuous attitude toward American grassroots activism. Obviously, he doesn't grasp the nature of American democracy at work. Mexico's leader essentially wants President Bush to rein in groups such as the 950 member Minuteman Project that monitors the Arizona-Mexico border for individuals illegally entering our nation. Fox is even threatening to utilize the US and International Courts to stifle this activism that's perfectly legal. What chutzpa! Moreover, it's downright laughable that Fox avoids the term "illegal immigration", which would underscore that violations of the law have been perpetrated by Mexicans sneaking into the US. No, we can't have that unpleasantness, can we? For Vincente Fox, Mexican workers are merely "migrating" to the US when they enter illegally, as if these circumstances are natural in the scheme of things. Who is this guy kidding with his euphemisms and politically correct talk? Americans are not going to take kindly to a foreign leader that refuses to respect American sovereignty or American citizens acting within the framework of American law. And Fox refuses to accept that Mexicans break the law when they enter the US illegally.

Those participating in the Minuteman Project insist they will abide by the law. If these activists observe illegal aliens coming across the border, they intend to notify the US Border Patrol, nothing more. As long as there isn't any vigilantism on the part of these activists – no direct interference with illegal aliens making their way into America – there's no reason for Fox to become apoplectic regarding these self-styled "Minutemen". This citizen group is really tantamount to a "crime watch" group, which engages in well-established precepts – The Minutemen watch, and if there's any perceived criminality, the Minutemen report it to authorities. 

Fox and Bush meet in early 2004
Fox and Bush meet in early 2004

Vincente Fox can squeal all he wants but most Americans understand the following: This era of Mexicans and other Latin Americans illegally entering our nation will be forced to wind down, given its negative impact upon our homeland security and our other vital systems, particularly healthcare, education and criminal justice. Clearly, "undocumented workers" are a tremendous burden for   taxpayers, and Americans are not going to tolerate stifling, prohibitive levels of taxation. How dare Vicente Fox think that Americans should silently foot the bill for his citizens! Fox is overly reliant upon US largesse, rather than pursuing the political and economic reforms in Mexico that he had promised. Moreover, he dares to criticize the US for constructing partitions to keep the illegals out. Journalist Chris Hawley of The Arizona Republic has done fine work reporting on border issues, and stated in his March 17 piece: "Fox also harshly criticized the construction of walls along the border, including a new ‘triple fence' planned for the San Diego area. "We (the Mexicans) are convinced that walls don't work. They should be torn down', he (Fox) said." Sorry, Vincente, the US says those walls stay put.

Fox is also bent out of shape regarding the Fed's green light to Arizona's Proposition 200, the voter-approved initiative that denies some public benefits to illegals. For taxpayers, "enough is enough" and they certainly don't want to bankroll illegal aliens at current levels. But even more importantly, in the wake of 9/11, tightening our borders is absolutely crucial to our national security interests. Two Syrians were recently charged with impersonating US citizens when they attempted to smuggle a Mexican across the border. It's not much of a stretch to think that it was a "trial run" on the part of these Syrians, who might have had bigger plans to smuggle terrorists into America. It's an open secret that al-Qaeda and other terror groups consider the US-Mexico border a pivotal entry point for terrorists.

Furthermore, Vincente Fox gives short-shrift to the strongly held views of the American people, who clearly want immigration reform and our borders strengthened. As noted in an editorial last year by Tony Blankley of the Washington Times: "Decades of public polling by the most respectable news and polling organizations have invariably disclosed that, although the numbers have moved up and down within a small range, solid majorities of the American public want our borders secured, illegal immigrants tracked down and even legal immigration reduced in volume". This is supported by the non-partisan Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), which keeps extensive polling data at its website on immigration and border issues.

Thankfully, there are some in Congress thoroughly in sync with the American people, as demonstrated by the 32 House members that signed a letter addressed to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice condemning Mexico's immigration policies. It stated: "we urge during the course of your meetings later this week with Mexican officials that you call on the government of Mexico to cease and desist from its flagrant campaign to encourage its citizens to violate the immigration laws and sovereign borders of the United States of America". In sum, Vincente Fox must come to understand that there are limits on the patience and generosity of Americans.

Uncontrolled illegal immigration at the Mexican border is no longer tolerable for Americans. The view that the relationship between the US and Mexico is a symbiotic one, with acceptable levels of rewards for both sides, has now largely fallen by the wayside. Increasingly, Americans view these huge numbers of undocumented workers - possibly as many as 20 million floating among the US populace - in a somewhat unfavorable light. These illegals are feeding off the host nation, America, in manner that will inevitable inflict harm. The long and short of it is that there's going to be a taxpayers' revolt if the flow of illegal aliens does not ease-up in the immediate future. And everyday that our borders are not secured, pose a threat to US safety.

Carol Devine-Molin is a regular contributor to several online magazines.


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