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Barack's trustafarians

By Bernard Chapin
web posted March 17, 2008

"We are the ones we've been waiting for.
We are the change that we seek."
            —The Sound Byte previously known as "Barack."

There is no question a generation gap exists between the supporters of Barack Obama and the other candidates for the presidency. This is particularly true in regards to his rival for the Democratic Party nomination, Hillary Clinton. Obama is all the rage among college voters and their fealty may sweep him into office by November. He pays extra-special attention to the young and has courted them in ways some consider unethical.

Barack ObamaObama flatters the already inflated egos of the self-esteem generation which has caused some to label his effect as "cult-like." His message is…his message. It's all self-reference all of the time. Indeed, my senator offers to the young narcissism and vacuity which their dopamine receptors have latched onto as if his words were grains of morphine.

The "millennials" are a generation unlikely to make a positive contribution to society. Their educations—especially those who seek or have already obtained liberal arts degrees—have been incurably corrupted by political correctness. Imbibing PC guarantees that one will never understand politics, history or human nature. Many regard themselves as rebels but are too cowardly to question the constructs of cultural Marxism.

Questioning the authority of their professors is beyond them. Propagandistic assertions like "a patriarchy" existing, that whites possess privilege, and that "someone making money results in someone else losing money" are shoveled past their pierced tongues without a belch of dissatisfaction. Their universities have prepared them well for the insipid utterances of Barackstar Obama.

Sure, it's easy to laugh over trite stuff like: "This time can be different because this campaign for the presidency of the United States of America is different. It's different not because of me. It's different because of you. Because you are tired of being disappointed ... and you're tired of being let down."

To self-absorbed freaks, this is the pain killer they crave. Jejune phrases palliate better than a trip to the therapist. Obamaphiliacs receive the full range of emotionac succor at his rallies: they chant, they scream, they hug, and then they see a rich, privileged guy on stage and confuse him for John F. Kennedy. 

Of course it's not fair to label the entirety of Obama's young, clueless supporters as trustafarians. Loving Barack does not hinge on one's being a trust fund baby, smoking dope, embracing the counter-cultural lifestyle or rebelling against your parents. Most of the outrageous esteem for the "man of air" springs from old school causes like rampant ignorance. The shared ignorance between my senator and his Obamabots has formed the basis of a serious connection.

Neither the anointed one nor his flock, know much about the world. His promise to meet with the leaders of Iran and North Korea in order to iron out our differences is a magnificent example of his naivety, yet those who have experienced little evil tend not to recognize it even when it comes to summits spraying improvised exploding devices and draped in a dynamite belt. Call me a pessimist but I suspect that Barack's charm and charisma will not travel well. Non-westerners often know a flapper when they see one.
The way of the leftist though is to manufacture false allegations of oppression about America, and then pretend that actual despots and tyrannical regimes either don't exist or are the product of western intervention. That's the stance they took with Saddam Hussein, al-Qaida, Osama bin Laden, and most risibly, the genocide in Rwanda [not to mention the uproarious canard, "the Bush family funded Hitler"]. Millennial feminists are already outraged about having to pay for their birth control pills so why would they care about a dictator who caused a million deaths from famine?

While riding the bus on Super Tuesday I overheard the conversation of two UIC students. They were festooned with Obama paraphernalia and droned on about the "drug makers." One said he hated the industry on the whole while the other proclaimed that he would never work for them. With as much politeness as I could muster I interrupted them to ask what industry they would turn to should they ever acquire MRSA. They responded by inquiring what MRSA was. Never fear though. Obama is the patron saint of the ignorant and has their back [well, maybe not if they get MRSA]. He stands for lowering pharmaceutical profits; although, he remains alarmingly silent in regards to the $802 million it costs Big Pharma to get their products to pass DEA trials.

That Senator Obama knows nothing about economics should not surprise us. He appears disinterested in both the law of unintended consequences and the concept of competitive advantage. He also possesses a known antipathy towards free trade. Everything about his positions reeks of partisan leftism and features the jerry-rigged pastiche of contentions which are their normal policy considerations. His ideas for change include the revolutionary idea of increasing federal spending by $250 billion a year. Groundbreaking! The ground will break at the Treasury though in light of the federocracy's operating in the red by about $400 billion per annum.

Government waste is also something of which His Baritoneness is gloriously unaware. He need not ever raise taxes. Most government programs are pregnant with pork and disseminate more dysfunctionality than benefit. Suggestions on ways to streamline the Leviathan are available should one be motivated to look for them. Citizens Against Government Waste publishes a Pig Book which, for 2007, identified 24 projects that are prime for the axing.

Outside of his canned speeches, unsavory racial overtones are discernable. Judging others by the company they keep is more than an advertising slogan. It's a time tested way to ascertain character and values. Obama's friends and associates are rather dubious, and I'm not only referring to trust funders like John Kerry and Teddy Kennedy. For conservatives, who long for an end to public obsessions over skin color, genitalia and class, his personal life is not reassuring.

There is ample evidence to suggest that his real view of race may not be in harmony with the one he put forth at the 2004 Democratic Party Convention. Much has been reported about the racialist nature of the church he attends. The candidate's relationship with Reverend Jeremiah A. Wright is pretty damning. The man brims with antipathy for his country and described 9/11 as a case of white America getting what it deserves. The alleged holy man further demeaned his country and dubbed it a place of white supremacy. No doubt, should Obama become our next president, the tone of his sermons will not change. Why mess with success?  

Closer to home is the person of Michelle Obama. His wife's statement that, "for the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback," suggests that the contempt Reverend Wright has for America could be shared by his two most prominent parishioners. Personally, not for the first time in my life was I reminded that those who deem our great democracy to be a racist, sexist state have no interest in preserving it.

As for Obama and his gilded youth, we are further reminded of just how ridiculous the American fetish for juvenility is. We should listen to the young people because…there can be no reason. The phrase "young people" and "serious thinking" do not belong together in the same together. Yet pairing the former with words and phrases such as "hormones, sex, athletics, narcissism, experimentation, drinking, ambition, incessant conversation, over attention to self," and "ruthless pursuit of entertainment" is most descriptive.

This whole "students are coming together to make their voices heard" thing is so 1969. Back then we listened to the flower children…and they slipped us brown acid. If you ask me, one serious mistake per fifty years is enough. If I want to hear a completely irrelevant opinion about politics then I'll eschew the UIC campus and consult with the beagle across the hall instead. At least with him I can get past self-importance and bewilderment with the aide of a greenie. Let's let young Americans skip out on rocking the vote this year so they can get back to what they do best: drinking heavily, hooking up, blogging their social lives on myspace.com, and sleeping in. Oh, and sleeping in as late as possible on November 4th 2008 is heartily recommended. ESR

Bernard Chapin wrote Women: Theory and Practice and Escape from Gangsta Island, along with a series of videos called Chapin's Inferno. You can contact him at veritaseducation@gmail.com.

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