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Presidential chic

By Michael Moriarty
web posted March 21, 2011

"Enlightened despots" is a phrase coined by Voltaire to describe many of his own colleagues, those intellectual supremacists who adorned the Louvre to plot what eventually became known of as The French Revolution.

When Harvard graduate, Leonard Bernstein, was unerringly targeted by Tom Wolfe and his Radical_Chic and Mau-Mauing_the_Flak_Catchers, Wolfe diagnosed a disease that has now become the principle reason for why Harvard's Barack Obama is in the White House.

Barack Hussein Obama is Radical Chic!

The President is also what I consider the main fruit on the tree of Harvard's enlightened despotism.

Now that he is President, of course, Radical Chic has become Presidential Chic and … well … somehow the Beltway is not Park Avenue East and the Oval Office is not the Bernstein duplex. For what some prefer to call "rough trade", the Bernstein/Obama cris de Coeur is "Let's talk."

With tough guys, Muammar Gaddafi and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, "Let's talk" somehow doesn't seem to be working. The President's strongest words to Gaddafi were "It's time to step down."

Gaddafi doesn't seem to be listening and, as for that uprising of protest in Iran where some citizens died?

Criticizing Ahmadinejad is obviously not part of Presidential Chic.

Leave it to our foreign  enemies to know America's domestic enemies better than we do. Muammar Gaddafi has, as they say, "nailed" our supposed President of the United States. In short, our radically chic President is a hypocrite, saying one thing that he obviously doesn't mean and doing nothing to back it up.

"Michael, how naïve can you be! The President is working through closed channels to see that Gaddafi steps down."

No, please! Letting France do the real work for America is hardly closed channels.

Summing up Barack Obama's Middle East policy, Peter Schweitzer of Big Peace examines our President through the eyes of Muammar Gaddafi and, of course, the portrait isn't pretty.


The blazing, shameless duplicity of saying one thing and doing the opposite.

As in a street fight on the South Side of Chicago, Gaddafi is telling Obama to "put up or shut up!!!" The whole world is on that street corner watching.

That France should show more cajones than America or Germany is more than embarrassing. It proves that Paris has at last learned the lessons of the 20th Century. Washington and Berlin have either forgotten those lessons or somehow see the actions of Hitlerian madmen as merely old and nostalgic songs.

Meanwhile an even more dangerous villain than Gaddafi, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran, is creating the very nightmares that are plaguing Japan right now: nuclear power plants.

However, we all know this Iranian Bad Boy is doing it to build bombs with which:

1- He will destroy Israel

2- Terrorize the Middle East and Europe

3- Attack America with.

Obama's response to that?

"Let's talk."

That's beginning to sound like "Let's do lunch."

President Obama seems to be the prize student within the Leonard Bernstein graduating crop of eternally Harvard perennials. That certainly improves my other suspicion that the President might consider himself the novel offspring of a Maoist and Mohammedan Intermarriage.

Only among the Harvard Elite could the interbreeding of Mao Zedong and homicidally homophobic Islam appear promising.

The President's known sympathies have created a kind of Red Islam or Marxist Muslim's vision with nothing to really substantiate such a Sophomoric leap of deluded faith. Yet here is the inner game plan for this enlightened Harvard despot:

1- Inferentially agree with both Communists and Islam that America is a terrible nation.

2- Promise publically to everyone but particularly to the Communists and the Muslims that he, the President, will "fundamentally transform the United States of America."

3- Convey to the world that President Obama, except for the war in Afghanistan which he inherited from that awful President Bush, he, the President of the United States, will never interfere substantially with the inner-workings of any Islamic nation anywhere.

4- Secretly vow to Red China, neo-Soviet Russia and Islam, that he, President Obama, will put an end to the "Ugly American".

With Hollywood, Chicago, New York State and Oprah Winfrey entirely behind him, how could such Radical Chic lose?

The only thing that Communism and Islam share in common is a homicidal hatred of America.

Now we have a kind of Red Islamic President of the United States. What else should American expect from their Islamic-sympathizing, Marxist President? Not the "fundamental transformation of America" but the end of America as we know it.

The Enlightened Despots of Harvard have that as their main goal: down with the Tea Partiers, Fox News, Glenn Beck and Dwight Eisenhower's America of the Cold War.

What did it take to put such an enlightened despot at the main desk of the Oval Office? A Radically Harvard candidate for the Presidency of the United States. My portrait of "a perfectly useful idiot" for this web site was basically the glimpse of an obvious idolater of radical chic.

These are the young and naïve souls that wander starry-eyed into history lessons taught by the Harvard likes of Dr. Henry Kissinger, that greatest courtier of the 20th century.

Ah, the God of "real politik" will not only teach us that much German but help announce a New World Order that has decidedly Marxist shadings.

Oh, listen to him sidestep any inference of Red Chinese influence upon the American corner of a New World Order.

If you will bide with me a bit on this: notice how Kissinger immediately shifts the focus from the larger issue of Red China and neo-Soviet Russia's influence upon a decidedly Progressive New World Order, switches it to the agonies of Iraq as a "real politik" admission to a "pessimism". That seemingly bleak prospect, as we all know, became the stage upon which America began to have "optimism" about the Middle East. A nation bordering the insanities of Iran?

Iraq can institute democracy!!

He then, of course, explodes the Obama Philosophy of "Let's Talk" into the Harvard Daydream of a New World Order erupting from the increasing influence of the United Nations upon the United States.

"Everybody has to learn their limits."

That, of course, was directed at his own country, America, and delivered with the avuncular concern of a hawk hovering over a now-quivering and quavering Obama Nation.

"The engine of globalization", according to the not-so-good Doctor, is "major adjustments must be made".

Here is where the host, Charlie Rose, quickly interjects America's concerns about Red China and their influence upon this Kissingerized, Progressive New World Order. Rose does it by literally feeding Kissinger the answer: how China will obviously have to make their own adjustments.

Kissinger, in all honesty, dismisses The Feed.

"I could write a script where this will not happen," the K quickly offers. "The pressures inside China are enormous to deal with … "

He then says emphatically with hand gestures"

 "The relations with China are the fundamental challenge of American policy. If we get that wrong, then much else we may do right … it's gonna be subsumed … in an intention to a conflict like the Cold War. We must really avoid … if we want to have a constructive world … the purely strategic and military problems … that the shift in power relationships brings … will confuse us … if we do not consider … that we have to bring about … a different consciousness of what a New World Order is … you have globalization … on the other extreme you have religion (a Bill Maher distinction of atheists) … in between you have traditional states … at the beginning of the next administration (Obama's) … we might witness the creation of a … even in the Islamic world … they have to conclude … ordered expectations (The New World Order) … must return …"

Parenthetical additions are mine.

Here is where K gives away the obvious agreement of the new world order's inner sanctum: a pro-Islamic president of the United States. Did he know then who would be hurried ahead of Hillary Clinton?

Given George W. Bush's calm and easy manner with the New, pro-Islamic President, Barack Hussein Obama I am fairly positive that both Kissinger and the Bush family knew beforehand that it was not only time to hand the Presidency to a Democrat but an Islamic sympathizing Democrat.

How else would Kissinger's globalization work if America doesn't get someone in the White House sympathetic to the madmen of Islam? That is how we convince homicidal madmen that we are being earnest in our desire for the peace of globalization?

That certainly explains President Obama's bizarre behavior with both the protests in Iran and Libya. He is handing Islam negotiating rights in a Progressively driven, Kissinger-inspired, unavoidably Marxist/Islamic New World Order.

So the enlightened despot of Harvard, Henry Kissinger, has been directing not only American policy even now but was possibly part of the rigging of an American Presidential election.

Kissinger certainly contributed to the shocking failure of Hillary Clinton to be nominated.

Where did this retread of Harvard's Kissingerized despotism, Barack Hussein Obama, come from?

President Obama came from the not-so-good Dr's Real Politik solution to the problems of shoving a New World Order down the throats of all Americans.

The American people "cling" too greatly to their "guns and Bibles" to be told the entire truth about why the Democratic Party, with the help of Republican Richard Nixon's Harvard Professor Kissinger, ended up with the almost completely unknown candidate, Barack Hussein Obama.

Let us not forget the Republican contribution to this nightmare that America and the world is now in. The agreed-upon, bipartisan, American, Progressive New World Order rested upon Kissinger's prediction that the "next administration" might deal more effectively with Islam.

With the American farm and back-forty going, going, gone?!

The threats to freedom reported on within the film, Iranium, are presently America's greatest concern. They reveal the most immanent dangers which not only freedom faces but, in fact, every freedom-loving human being, of any age, must confront; must challenge with a level of courage and commitment that America hasn't required for quite some time.

The moment for such courage, however, is now.

I am not optimistic that my former and now deeply corrupted homeland will ever be capable of such courage again.

"Let's talk," offers Obama to the insanity of Iran's present leadership.

The time for talk with many of America's enemies has ended. Dear God, where is the American Churchill? Not among the Presidential Chic.

As I submit this editorial, President Obama has announced action against Libya by France, Britain and the United Arab Emirates with America running the operations out of Naples, Italy.

The President's role now is best described as "Master of Ceremonies". Is what America needs right now a Presidential David Letterman? Someone to entertain Americans as the nation falls apart?

The whole drama is beginning to remind me of the film Cabaret.

That creation's first author, Christopher Isherwood, was one of the most sophisticated men I've ever met … but … well … in Cabaret such Chic watches as the world falls apart. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.

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