Al Gore's tyrannical vision

By Charles Bloomer
web posted April 24, 2000

In his book The Quest for Cosmic Justice (1999, The Free Press, New York), Thomas Sowell includes a section titled "The Tyranny of Visions". Sowell maintains that the more sweeping the vision, the more emotionally gratifying the vision, the more likely it is to be protected from the "vagaries of facts". These cosmic visions of society reflect the holders of the visions and how those holders view themselves and their role in society. Frequently, holders of cosmic visions feel they are some sort of saviors or protectors who are "making a difference" or "saving society". This heady sense of being one of the "anointed visionaries" can lead to a tyrannical disregard or defiance of facts, especially if the visionaries accede to positions of power.

These ideologues who hold this kind of cosmic vision care nothing about facts or truth. Evidence that refutes their position is ignored, belittled, and dismissed. The holders of these visions do not want their theories tested and scrutinized. Their dogmas are to be proclaimed and imposed without objection, without debate, without argument. Once implemented, the visionaries do not want to hear about the results or consequences. Of primary interest to these people are their egos – "making a difference" makes them feel good about themselves. The impact of their actions and ideas on others is of no consequence to them.

Al Gore is a visionary. Al Gore has a vision that he zealously protects from facts. The Vice-President clings to his visions of utopia in spite of the evidence that consistently refutes his positions. Claims of global warming are far from proven. Thirty years of the "war on poverty" and the expansion of the welfare state have done nothing to reduce poverty. Stricter gun control laws aimed at law-abiding citizens have not reduced crime. The evidence, the facts, the consequences are of no interest to Al Gore.

Al Gore has much of his ego invested in his vision. An attack on his view of the world and how society should be is received as a personal attack. The vision and the person are inseparable.

In the May 1, 2000 edition of National Review, Noemie Emery describes Gore as a "utopian and dogmatist". "Gore…has large, sweeping theories. He shows every sign of utopian thinking, of the belief in vast, comprehensive, and definitive solutions in which,…the vagaries of life, law, and human nature can be ironed out, once and for all." Al Gore lacks the qualities of a good leader, and is instead "rigid, dogmatic, partisan, lacking in proportion and balance, and hostile to give and take".

Al Gore has a tyrannical vision to make America a utopian environmental paradise controlled by an authoritarian oligarchy, with Al Gore at the top. In Al Gore's utopia, vehicles driven by internal combustion engines will be outlawed, forbidden, eliminated, eradicated, abolished, and purged from the planet forever. We will live in perfect harmony with the environment. Guns will be banned. Tobacco will be taboo. The Constitution will be merely an archaic piece of yellowing paper in the National Archives written by some well-meaning, but naïve colonists. We will have to encounter no discomfort, no ugliness, no unpleasantness in Al Gore's perfect America.

There is no middle ground for Al Gore and his vision. Dissent is treason. He arrogantly positions himself as a morally superior "anointed visionary" who presumes to know what is best for our society, our country, our world even when his ideas are debunked and proven wrong. He will lie to protect his vision and, more importantly, his ego. He will try to convince us of theories that are demonstrably false by the use of "hard data, artfully presented". What he cannot disprove, he will seek to discredit. Al Gore is his vision.

Thomas Sowell points out in his summary that "Powerful visions may not only dispense with facts, they can defy the most blatant facts for years on end….Subjecting theories to the rigors of logical scrutiny may be tedious, but subjecting whole populations to the fancies of intellectuals and politicians has repeatedly proved deadly. That lesson has been written in blood across the history of the twentieth century and surely the time is overdue to read it."

Al Gore has a vision, and it is tyranny waiting to happen.

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