The Third Way Part VI: Eradicating the US Constitution by design

By Steve Farrell
web posted April 10, 2000

A half-century ago, in a classic exchange between two men on opposite ends of the moral and political spectrum, Soviet Prime Minister Nikita Khrushchev bragged to American patriot and Secretary of Agriculture Ezra Taft Benson: "Your grandchildren will live under communism!" To which Secretary Benson enthusiastically replied: "If I have it my way, your grandchildren will live free!"

Khrushchev, undeterred, fired back: "Oh you Americans! You're so gullible! We'll spoon feed you socialism until you're Communists and don't even know it. We'll never have to fire a shot!"

Ironically, history has to some degree vindicated both men. A greater degree of liberty has arisen, if only temporarily, behind the Iron Curtain, as was Benson's hope; but nevertheless, Khrushchev was also on target - truth be told, more on target.

For socialism is still alive and well in Russia, throughout the old Soviet Empire, on all seven continents, on the isles of the sea, at the UN, in its regional arrangements, and as Khrushchev predicted, in the United States.

Socialism is not in desperate retreat, as falsely proclaimed by the establishment press, our state university professors and our "all is well" don't-rock-the-boat political machines. On the contrary; it moves forward confidently, aggressively, and for the most part uncontested, everywhere in the world.

If Benson were alive today, he might have surmised that communism was the victor in this ironic twist of events. For despite communism's "demise," Benson consistently held that Communism was but a tool in a game of political blackmail whose purpose was not to communize the world, but to frighten the world into a comfortable merger under socialism.

That comfortable merger is the very real threat of our day, and the ordained mediator of the final stages of that merger is the Third Way; whose mission it is to bellow such a merger as the only legitimate choice in politics, a place where social democracy and economic prosperity may safely meet.

Yes, it is among the Third Wayers today that we find people kooky enough to believe that mass murdering Communism has something as lofty as social democracy to bring to the bargaining table, and that the United States must of necessity bow before the economic clout of countries like Communist China - granting butchers, avowed enemies, and proven deceivers, privileges and political might that they do not deserve, which privilege and power will certainly be used not to enhance the economic freedom of their peoples, but to undermine the economic independence of the United States, not to enhance our national security, but to build up their military capability and political leverage against the United States.

It has been the unfortunate task of this series of articles (see archives for third way articles) to expose this, the Third Way, as a creature in hiding which has come forth out of the badlands of socialism and communism, masked and cloaked in futurism and social democracy. Evidence enough that this is true, has been presented.

Yet, proving the Third Way is a threat was the easy task. Convincing hands-over-their-eyes-don't-tell-me-the-facts Republicans, that it is not just the Democratic Party, not just Blair, Schroeder and the EU, and not just "reformed" communists in Russia and China, but their "liberty" party as well - the Republican Party - which is knee deep in the Third Way, is the far more daunting task.

Nonetheless, the claim is true.

Building the case for this claim, the last two articles in this series have:

1. Demonstrated that the most influential man of 1990's Republicanism, Newt Gingrich, has of his own admission been for 30 years zealously involved with Alvin Toffler and the Third Way movement in a leadership capacity (see Third Way Contract: Gingrich & Toffler, an Odd Duo).

2. Exposed the Marxist underpinnings of Toffler's version of the Third Way (see The Third Way Part V), which so-called Democratic philosophy Mr. Gingrich said was at the core of his own political ideology and the ideology of the Republican Revolution.

3. Pointed to the bold revelation that a trashing of the outmoded US Constitution is the grand key to implementing this strange democratic plan, which will replace or radically reform the US Constitution with a totally ‘new' and ‘improved' 21st Century Democracy. (see 21st Century Democracy and the Third Way)

The question some may be asking, is just how vulnerable is the Republican Party to this socialist philosophy. Surprisingly, Democrat Alvin Toffler singled out the Republican Party, not the Democratic Party, as the preferred Third Way party. Why? Because the Republican Party had the largest contingency of centrists and moderates - perfect fodder for a scheme which thrives on compromising politicians, rather than dedicated ideologues to the left or the right. 1

Fittingly, although Heaven rejects the luke-warm warm, the Third Way recruits them, for a moderate is someone who loves everybody and loves nothing. He is a servant of the world, not of high principle. He is a seeker of the dingy side of self-interest. And the Third Way has a sales pitch he can't resist; that is, a little bit of something for everyone: progressive thinking, democratic rhetoric, social welfare, "free" markets and Corporatism - the kind of political plan which guarantees election or reelection, but, deplorably, abandons the greatest system of government the world has ever known.

The Plan

The plan to usher in the Third Wave rests on four pillars. 1. Get rid of or radically reform the US Constitution 2 Replace it with a direct or semi-direct democracy. 3. Replace majority rule with minority rule 4. Improve government efficiency through a management tool called decision division. 2

1. Get Rid of the US Constitution

Alvin Toffler described the US Constitution as a "disease" which "must die and be replaced." 3 The reason why is that the US Constitution presents many obnoxious obstacles for futuristic man - the central threat being its cumbersome structural feature of checks and balances, which results in gridlock (which was, incidentally, by intent) rather than speedy legislation; and which results in bitter partisan politics, rather than the national and international unity requisite for rapid response to the needs of billions of people - needs, they say, which are not adequately being met in our high tech, rapidly changing, highly interdependent world. 4

Or as Gingrich added: "[the divisiveness and gridlock inherent in the Republican structure] has kept our politics trapped in frustration, negativism, cynicism and despair." 5 Apparently, it is more important that government has the power to make more laws to "bless" our lives, then that she be slowed down by those who might disagree with those new laws.

Debate hampers change.

So he and Toffler had a plan to facilitate that change, a plan which would discard many "horse and buggy" gridlock features of our US Constitution. The majority of the solutions Mr. Gingrich proposed in the first 10 weeks of 1994 as part of the Contract With America (the plan), or as addendum's thereto, attempted to solve the big problem: republican governmental features, or those features which promoted "frustration, negativism, cynicism, and despair." He proposed 17 amendments in all!

Hardly conservative, especially when you consider that in the first 209 years after the Bill of Rights was joined to the US Constitution, only 17 amendments have been added. Gingrich sought to double that overnight!

Radical, then, is a better word to describe Gingrich, and foolish, the best word to describe Republicans who tra-la-la-ed along, and continue to do so today.

Gingrich went further, however, by attacking the Constitution not by the legal process of amendment alone, but by a Clinton-like sidestep of the Constitution, proposing and passing legislation which radically defied and redefined the Constitution, as if the Constitution weren't there to say no.

Things such as fast track treaty authority for the King, line item veto for the King, disciplinary powers over Congress for the King (through the Justice Department), the transfer of state jurisdiction over criminal and other law to the King, and the surrender of Congress's constitutional duty to regulate our nations commerce to unaccountable, non democratic regional and world governmental bodies like NAFTA and the WTO, organizations which are run by appointees of this leftist King and the leaders of nations antagonistic to our way of life.

These changes, even though they were radical departures from the Constitution, and could therefore, legitimately only be proposed as amendments to the Constitution, were instead ramrod through as routine legislation. Such was Newt Gingrich's contempt for the United States Constitution.

Gingrich, as more than a few Congressmen have come forth and admitted, not only supported these and other bills, but strong armed them through Congress. No committee appointment, committee chair, or future party financial support was secure for any Republican Congressmen who defied Gingrich's direction.

Interestingly, this powerful "leadership" tactic was out-to-lunch when support for legitimate constitutional issues such as missile defense system funding was needed. In 1994, such a system went down to defeat when 29 Republican's dissented. Not one House member was threatened loss of a committee post over that issue!

Call it what you want - by an array of constitutional amendments, and unconstitutional legislation, the Republican Party under Gingrich's Third Way approach, sought to radically redefine the US Constitution, doing away with gridlock and contention, by centralizing all power in the King and His Court, or worse yet, by centralizing power in remote, unaccountable, international bodies.

Such methods, admittedly, do dwindle the debate, and do guarantee smooth sailing for the passing of necessary laws, but they also guarantee smooth sailing for unnecessary, unconstitutional, and un-American laws, and therein lies the danger.

By no small surprise, the Third Way agenda of limiting the debate, so that Congress, the President, or the UN, might be free to maneuver (as if they were Kings or Independent Citizens rather than agents accountable to the people and to fixed laws) in a rapidly changing world, haunts the Republican Party today in new ways, as top candidates for the Presidency, during the recent primary, shook hands over a promise not to employ negative campaigning tactics.

Call it the new, "shut up and vote" strategy, as if our voting franchise is all that is necessary for liberty to prevail (ask Russian citizens if that is true). John McCain would eliminate negative campaigning 60 days before an election - and also eliminate, altogether, soft fund contributions (contributions which pay for issues advertising). Such a plan is akin to prohibiting Patrick Henry from rallying the colonists to fight the British, even as their ships armed to the teeth were anchoring in the harbor, because such talk creates cynicism and mistrust in government; or as if free speech is no longer a 365 day per year right!

With government as intrusive as it is today, and with politicians as uneducated in the doctrines of liberty and morality as they are today, pledging to keep our mouths shut is not an act of love, but of hatred for ourselves and of future generations.

The "middle" Ground which would remove the debate, the division of powers, and our stubborn amendment process, in favor of fast tracking every bill which "appears" necessary to keep up with our high tech, interdependent world, is a way which promises a smooth sail to the abolition of our "diseased" free government in the name of expediency.

Shame on Newt Gingrich and the Republican Party for their surrender of proven political principles and our fundamental right to free speech and consent, to their Fast Track Third Way Goddess of Change, Technology, Money, and Expediency. In as much as they have done this, they have proven once again, that they are Democrats in Drag.

Next Column: Alvin Toffler and Newt Gingrich want to replace our Republican form of government with a more direct democracy. This, they claim is a return to Jeffersonian Democracy. It is a lie! Find out why next week in Part VII of the series, "Third Way Direct Democracy: Using Jefferson as a Cloak for Revolution."


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Steve Farrell is a widely published research writer. CalNews, Liberty Caucus, Ether Zone, Enter Stage Right, Spin Tech Magazine, OpinioNet, ConEye and carry his column. Projects include his upcoming book Democrats In Drag: Another Look at the Republican Party. Please email your comments and/or media requests to Steve at

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