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The "C" word: An American taboo

By Steve Farrell
web posted April 22, 2002

In journalism, some subjects are strictly taboo. Here's one:

Politicians, pundits, and professors can talk about capitalists conspiring together to form monopolies and cartels -even to the point of rigid regulation and prosecution of such activity via the Justice Department.

Politicians, pundits, and professors can talk about right wing religious fanatics conspiring together to form terrorist organizations - even to the point of waging worldwide "open-ended" wars - in hopes of "rooting them out."

Politician, pundits, and professors can talk about "vast right wing conspiracies" burning down black churches, bombing abortion clinics, beating up on gays, and blowing up federal buildings - even to the point of radically reigning in our freedoms in order to insure such activities never occur again.

And politician, pundits, and professors can talk about rich and greedy Enron executives conspiring together to deny the little man his fair share of a sinking ship's booty - even to the point of moving the government ever closer to the elimination of all private economic activity so as to guarantee worker and investor security.

But never, oh never can the "The Three P's" dare talk about, dare regulate or eradicate conspiring men o the left. This is why: Such men on the left don't exist, and have in fact, never existed, except in the minds of Art Bell fans.

Admit it. The left (I include globalists) accuse and regulate the right for conspiracies. The right, however, is forbidden from counter-accusing, counter-regulating the left for conspiracies. Yet, clearly, the left involves itself as principals, provocateurs, participants, and partisans, in the same activities, meaning in monopolies, terrorism, bombings, and persecuting employees. Moreover, the left has a history of orchestrating protests, boycotts, parades, editorials, lawsuits, violence, and revolution, with but one goal in mind, eradicating "the Four Corrupt C's: Colonialism, Constitutionalism, Capitalism, and Judeo-Christianity.

But never mind. The right must keep their peace. The right must concede that the right, because it is the Capitalist, always exploits, bullies, and conspires to sustain its profitable, ruling class position; and that the left, because it is the victim, always "spontaneously" arises in loose temporary groupings and alliances, which of necessity, step forward to correct social, economic, and political injustice wherever it is found.

If you believe that, I've got some white sand, palm tree-laden property to sell you in the tropics of Antarctica.

But then again, this politically correct thinking prevails.

David Rockefeller, Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien and John C. Whitehead at an East-West Institute dinner honoring the three men on April 16
David Rockefeller, Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien and John C. Whitehead at an East-West Institute dinner honoring the three men on April 16

And so, in honor of such thinking, this weeks "Leftist, Globalist Apologist, There-Ain't-No-Such-Thing-as-a-Left-Wing-Conspiracy Award" goes to David Rockefeller, founder of the Trilateral Commission, for his – "Hah! Hah!, Hee! Hee!" - retort in the April 6, Washington Times, in reference to conspiracy theories persistently besieging the Trilateral Commission.

Before proceeding, for those unfamiliar with the Trilateral Commission, here's a quick synopsis: As the name Trilateral reflects, their mission is to divide the world into three regional trade regimes, or three regional super-governments, as an interim step toward world government.

David Rockefeller, at the time of the commission's creation, confessed that Zbigniew Brzezinski's book Between Two Ages, gave him the inspiration for the commission, and thus, the appointment of Brzezinski as its first director, was a natural. Yet, in that book, Brzezinski called Marxism, "the best available insight into contemporary reality," and outlined the goal of the Trilateral Commission as being: "[the forging of a] community of the developed nations that would embrace the Atlantic states, the more advanced European communist states, and Japan" as a stepping stone to world government. Dub them, as did Orwell, Oceania, Eurasia, and Eastasia.

I'm not sure what could be more clear, other than to add that an upfront call for world government was deemed too bold, too likely to arouse suspicion among America's sleeping conservatives. Progressive regionalization was thought better, hence the Trilateral Commission.

All this being true, though known by too few Americans, yet Mr. Rockefeller, in the aforementioned Washington Times article, responded to "conspiracy/shadow government" charges as being "absurd . . . but, to some extent, . . . amusing," as did the commission's press officer, Francois Sauzey.

The "afraid to say the "C" word," Washington Times, let the two dismiss the "loonies" on the right, without a thoughtful counterbalance.

OK fine. That's my point.

What matters is intent. So, of course, when leftist globalists plan on regional government, leading to world government, leading to a world Marxist order, it is only like-minded individuals coming together, only non-politically aligned progressives planning ahead, it is only realists coming to grips with growing interdependence and widespread injustice, and it is only capitalists stabilizing world markets. Intent is everything. And when it comes to the left - you can rest assured - intent is always pure.

Contact Steve at cyours76@yahoo.com.

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