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U.N. - Peacekeepers or money grubbin' communists?

By April Shenandoah
web posted April 1, 2002

After 9/11 I noticed the flag of the United Nations flying high over a dry cleaning business in California. I mentioned this to a friend living in Washington, DC and he said he had just noticed one over the Starbucks coffee shop where he drinks his daily latte. Look for the blue and white flag in your neighborhood!

Bush takes a question about Fidel Castro while at a joint press conference with Mexican President Vicente Fox in Monterrey, Mexico on March 22
Bush takes a question about Fidel Castro while at a joint press conference with Mexican President Vicente Fox in Monterrey, Mexico on March 22

Though I was not in attendance, I'm sure the U.N. flag claimed its rightful spot at the United Nations Conference on Financing for Development, in Monterrey, Mexico for the global forum of several hundred non-governmental organizations (NGOs). President Bush lent his ear to demands concerning global tax on currency transactions as a means of financing foreign aid and "stabilizing the international financial system." The "Declaration of Monterrey" demanded the cancellation of all Third World Debt, a universal minimum wage, and progressive taxation. Our beloved President was all smiles as he coughed up an additional and modest $5 billion (CNSNews.com), MSNBC said $10 billion, for foreign aid. We've been had and I'm mad!

How many conservative NGOs were asked to participate in the forum? I'll go out on a limb and say -- none. American representatives were scheduled to include former President Jimmy Carter, Sylvia Mathews of the Bill Gates Foundation and Mary McClymont of InterAction. (My educated guess is that Bill Gates has been strong-armed by the U.N. - he has contributed to their causes in the past.) The foreign NGO representatives came from Iraq, Cuba and Yasser Arafat's Palestinian Authority. At one panel discussion, Professor Yash Tandon of Zimbabwe was applauded when he declared, "Cuba has done very well" and should be followed as a development model by other countries. Say what?

Speakers at the conference included, Marlen Sanchez of the National Association of Economists of Cuba and Jesus Guerra of the United Nations Association of Cuba, endorsed the Tobin tax (global currency tax) to generate funds for Third World development. Lene Schumager of Denmark, representing theWorld Federation of U.N. Associations, proposed that Tobin taxes or an Earth stamp be used to finance the NGO organizations. Carol Barton, head of the Womens International Coalition for Economic Justice, gave a passionate speech denouncing welfare reform in the U.S. as "racist" and a plot by right-wingers. The inaugural address by Paul Nehru Tennassee of the World Confederation of Labor, denounced Christopher Columbus as a person who "invaded, destroyed and pillaged" the Inca civilization in Mexico.

The Ford Foundation, known for contributing millions of dollars to leftist and global initiatives, financially underwrote this global forum (Henry Ford Sr. would be turning over in his grave). Available (once considered) contraband for the participants to buy: posters of Ernesto "Che" Guevara, the Latin American revolutionary who helped Cuba's Fidel Castro rise to power; copies of the Communist Manifesto; the works of Lenin and marijuana smoking devices. On display was a banner "For the Fair Distribution of Wealth," and a 6-foot high "Peace Pole."

This spreading-the-money-around-fairly idea is nothing but a crock. In theory it sounds all compassionate, however, as history has shown, it sets the evil-elite-dictators up in palaces while sending the people into bread lines. When/if the U.N. actually pulls off a "world tax" the tax money would be lining the pockets of the very people that are undermining our freedom.

One of the biggest mistakes this country has ever made was allowing the United Nations to take up residency on our shores. What a convenient location to assure communist infiltration into our society. No longer is the socialist/communist agenda subtle, it is being flaunted! Though folks have been calling for the U.S. to get out of the U.N. for years, it will never happen. We are wearing U.N. shackles. They get to treat us with disrespect while holding out their money grubben hands -- and we oblige them. Make no mistake; the United Nations are the ones calling the shots. United Nations "Peacekeepers" sounds honorable, however, the Mafia always had a "front business" to hide their dirty deeds as well.

(Resource for the United Nations Conference on Financing Development - CNSNews.Com Correspondent Cliff Kincaid)

April Shenandoah is the author of So...Help Me God! An Inspired Letter/Book addressed to President Clinton. Since serving as the Los Angeles press contact for Pat Robertson's presidential campaign Shenandoah has researched and gathered material pertinent to the "changing" world we live in. Her weekly column Politics & Religion appears in the Tolucan Times in Los Angeles and her political commentary is posted throughout the Internet. Shenandoah conducts Freedom Tea Party forums and wears the unofficial title Ambassador of Prayer. She sits on the board of The National Council for Bible Curriculum in Public Schools, headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina and ABC-Learn, Inc., in San Fernando, California. You can e-mail April at april@politicsandreligion.tv.

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