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More hilarity at the United Nations

By Linda A. Prussen-Razzano
web posted April 14, 2003

In 1991, I contributed a few versus to the "World’s Largest Poem for Peace," which was presented to the United Nations. The poem, dedicated to my father and reflecting just a sliver of his experiences fighting in the Korean War, has undergone some minor revisions over the years. At the time, I thought the effort noble. Who would not embrace calls to end senseless killing and oppression? I looked to representatives of world governments to bring rebirth and construction in the wake of death and destruction.

Silly? Yes, I realize that now.

Instead of appealing to the pampered dandies skulking around the halls of the United Nations, I should have been writing letters of sincere gratitude to the American military personnel that made peace possible. Instead of presuming that meaningful change was actually taking place inside the United Nations, I should have done more research. The United Nations is not the great benefactor and moderator of world events it pretends to be; it is more like America’s Brutus, approaching us as a friend only to stab a knife in our back.

In just one of 13 appropriations bills before Congress this session, some $14 billion dollars of hard-earned American taxes are going to various international programs. Many of these appropriations come through pledges to the United Nations. These gifts represent the total gross domestic product of several smaller nations, and yet, America is perceived as the evil imperialist. We’re tossing away billions of dollars on countries that spit in our eye, but we are the "bad guy."

Many of the United Nations’ "programmes" teach doctrines diametrically opposed to America’s founding principles. The United Nations Conference on Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in All Its Aspects was a frontal assault on our inherent, inalienable right to keep and bear arms. The International Criminal Court would have left all our military personnel exposed to frivolous harassment aboard. The Kyoto Treaty would have punitively affected America’s manufacturing interests. The International Family Program conducted coerced sterilization on impoverished women. In 1999, the United Nations’ UNICEF program, in conjunction with the Mexican government, published a document on the sexual rights of children, which included sex with other children and bestiality.

In return for these repeated attacks on American values, the United Nations receives billions of dollars in economic aid from America, occupies premium space in New York City, and its kleptocrats live large on our tab.

Hopefully, our current military engagement with Iraq has proven the irrelevancy of the United Nations in keeping peace, the hindrance it poses to America’s national security interests, the malice with which is treats our systems and values, and its disdain for everything except our pocketbooks. While our men and women are dying to liberate others and protect us from proliferators, Russia has been caught supplying Saddam’s sadistic regime, slimeballs in France have defaced the graves of World War II veterans who died liberating their pathetic ancestors, and Germany stiffs us at every turn.

Now, these international muggers want to participate in the rebuilding of Iraq. They want the lucrative construction contracts, the proceeds from oil sales, and, of course, they want their debts paid. My personal reply is not fit to print, so let me politely say they can go "pound sand." Under the doctrine of odious debt, America should "stiff" the axis of weasels by not repaying a dime of the debt, purposely withholding management of the funds, and awarding contracts only to those countries who comprise the "coalition of the willing."

If they insist on displaying their relevancy in post-Saddam Iraq, I’ve got the perfect job for them; they can clean our latrines. They’re so used to mucking about in waste, they would feel right at home, providing, of course, we feed them the best delicacies money can buy while they opine about world hunger.

A showdown at the United Nations is a win-win for America. The average American’s distrust and disgust for the United Nations is now at unprecedented levels, so much so that what was once wishful thinking has become a serious topic of debate. Let them try to shake their ineffectual finger at us. Please, please, give us an excuse to toss their ridiculous, collective backsides out of the country. The average tax payer will save a bundle not supporting their anti-American schemes; New York City can petition for the donation of much needed office space; the air around New York will be less polluted by the mindless prattle of self-important, imported popinjays so scared of real sacrifice the very thought makes them soil their silken panties; and we can build treaties and agreements the way the Founding Fathers wanted us to - one nation at a time, based on its individual merits.

Last, but certainly not least, maybe those "United Nations loving" fools and ex-Presidents will move to another country so they can continue to worship at the global government altar. That way, we won’t have to listen to their equally mindless prattle about how they would have done things differently (even though history has shown we never managed to achieve any lasting measure of success with their methods).

Iraq has been an eye-opener, in much the same way September 11, 2001 was a wake-up call, for many average citizens. Twice, in the last few years, Americans have been forced to look at themselves and the world around them, and they do not like the idiocy they now see. What was will not be again, and those who sided against us during our toughest hours will not bask in our sunshine at the moment of victory.

In a great many American hearts, we come first again. If President Bush’s legacy is to be accurately written, it must include the day the global government fanfare party died. America has awakened from a self-imposed, media fed, guilt ridden fog to realize it achieved pre-eminence because of the will of its people, the sweat and blood and sacrifice of millions, the love and generosity we show to each other and the world.

America once again realized it is a world leader because it has the capacity to lead the world, not because the world "allows" us to lead.

True friends will willingly walk beside us, or behind us, but for the rest – they’d better get out of our way.

Linda Prussen-Razzano is an advisory board member and frequent contributor to Rightgrrl.

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