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The vast majority of Americans support the war against Iraq, a number that grows as coalition forces move ever closer to formally removing Saddam Hussein from power. Despite that, the majority of protests seen have come from the left. It's tempting to observe that the empty can tends to rattle the loudest but the disparity in the number of protests is disappointing.

Protest WarriorAlan Davidson and Kfir Alfia had enough of seeing the left monopolize the debate on the streets and decided to act. Rather than organizing their own protests, they took the debate to their opponents. The pair gained notoriety when they crashed a San Francisco protest complete with mocking signs that hopefully forced some in the crowd to reevaluate what they believed in. So why prompted to take the extra step that most Americans haven't?

"We've always been political junkies, but we've never had any official political jobs. We're just a couple of citizens who can't sit on our hands any longer and let the left get away with what it does. And since the Republican party is sure to continue its tradition of weak and uninspiring ads, it's time for the grassroots to pick up the slack."

Davidson and Alfia both deserve the thanks of Americans for not only standing up for the silent majority, but for taking the intellectual battle to the enemy. Be inspired and the web site and go forth and tell the truth as well.

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