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They need inferiors

By Bruce Walker
web posted April 7, 2008

The apparent madness of Leftists opposing any drilling for oil in ANWR, where the environmental impact is practically nil and which would immediately begin to ratchet down the price of oil, and Leftists simultaneously railing against big oil companies for high oil prices is only apparently mad.  The Left wants the price of oil high.  The Left wants the price of all necessities like food and medicine high.  The fact that this causes general misery and that this causes particular misery among the lower middle class does not prevent the Left from taking this perverse position.  That fact is the actual reason why the Left wants prices high or wages low or opportunity blocked or hatreds simmering.

The plain fact is that the Left thrives on misery.  Without misery, the Left would not have inferiors.  Because the Left has deified itself and abolished a Blessed Creator, it must have mortals who leave in wretchedness, fear, loneliness and anger.  The Left cannot reign over Heaven – it scarcely can conceive of Heaven – and so it will reign over Hell.

It is remarkable how prescience George Orwell was in seeing all this.  Despite technology, the Oceania of 1984 grew progressively poorer.  The memories of earlier, happier times were systematically erased by the Ministry of Truth.  The very modes of cognition were mutilated by the strangulation of language.  As O'Brien explained to Smith, if one wanted to imagine the future, then imagine a boot forever smashing a human face.  Or, as Dante put it:  "Abandon Hope all you who enter here."  That is what the Left wants. 

Does this sound far fetched?  Consider a nation which is the ideological equivalent of a black hole, a singularity in which every constraint on gravity (or, in this case, Leftism) has been utterly overcome.  North Korea is just such a land.  It is hard to imagine anyplace closer to Hell than the realm of Kim Jong Il.  Much of the nation is simply a series of vast concentration camps.  Malnutrition, outside the military, is the norm.  Whole families are punished for the real or fancied infractions of the few.  Even the leadership of the nation fears Kim Jong Il.  He is worshipped and feared like a living god. 

Virtually the only "ideology" in North Korea grew out of pure Marxist-Leninism, including those variants of Maoism which influenced Kim Il Sung, father of the Dear Leader.  What is North Korea is the result – an exercise in deliberate mass enslavement for no purpose other than enslavement.  Why does the Dear Leader need slaves?  His sensual needs could easily be sated by less power exercised less savagely.  But his psychic needs could not.  He needs inferiors, trembling, fearful, hopeless inferiors.  His empire, his Hell needs damned souls. 

The Left in America cannot exercise power that way.  People do not want to be crushed into inferior creatures governed by sadistic elites.  So myths are invented, innocents are prostituted, jealousies and hatreds are fanned.  "The planet is warming!" (So what if that "fact" is whole cloth?)    "Let's have fun with a obscene parody of Jesus!" (Which increases, rather than diminishes, distrust of gays.)  "The American government planned 9-11."  (Or Katrina or AIDS or anything else horrible.)

The tobacco companies "tricked" people into smoking – despite the fact that gym coaches for seventy years had been telling student athletes about the dangers of smoking – and so their executives must be cast into the furnaces of Hell.  The oil companies are making obscene profits – despite the fact that these companies advocate polices what would bring the price of oil down – so they, too, must be cast into the furnaces of Hell.  And we are urged to champion the destruction of these, much like ordinary Germans were urged in their Hell to champion the destruction of German Jewry, because Germans were mendaciously told that this helped them.  In the hierarchy of Hell, the only craving which can be sated is to be above lower levels of tormented slaves.

America was founded upon novel political notions of true equality.  Titles of nobility were prohibited, and later slavery was too.  The frontier offered the practical equality of economic self-sufficiency.  We Americans had no need of kings or of slaves.  We governed ourselves, and not through democracy but rather through freedom.  Back then, oilmen got rich or went bust, but they did so as the equal of other men.  Our nation grew, and not just economically but in every way, and every American had a dream of a better future, earned with his own hands, head and heart. 

Back then the Left, to a large extent, was a peripheral annoyance.  Even the speeches of FDR are filled with words of gratitude towards God, with a professed belief in smaller government, with trust in the transcendent importance of freedom and other themes that would seem very dangerous to the Left nowadays.    Today, we live in the land of the Left, and its wicked disciples need inferiors – like us. ESR

Bruce Walker has been a published author in print and in electronic media since 1990.  He is a contributing editor to Enter Stage Right and a regular contributor to Conservative Truth, American Daily, Intellectual Conservative, Web Commentary, NewsByUs and Men's News Daily. His first book, Sinisterism: Secular Religion of the Lie by Outskirts Press was published in January 2006.

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