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The Clintons' phantom idea of progress

By Michael Moriarty
web posted April 7, 2008

While writing this, I have been watching the great Peter Sellers in the Blake Edwards film, The Pink Panther. The climactic costume party in that film is now unfolding and the full, movie-length efforts of the "thieves" to steal the famed Pink Panther jewel is erupting into fireworks.

While The Pink Panther fills the television screen, I muse on the Clinton Imperial Family's efforts to again steal the White House. If Bill Clinton and Company could rip the Democratic Party's Presidential nomination out of the hands of Governor Mario Cuomo of New York in 1992, when it seemed certain that Cuomo would be our next President, Bill, Hillary and the Clinton Global Initiative can certainly pick the pockets of the Kennedy-like, Senator of Illinois, Barack Obama. Also, while the likes of James Carville recast this political drama in biblical terms, branding Governor Richardson of New Mexico a "Judas", The Pink Panther is into the "bystander" scene, as I call it. By now the "thieves", all in animal costumes – gorillas and a zebra – are in cars or near collisions, whizzing by the Bystander, leaving him in much the same state as the American voting public is now growing into. Between the election, the economy and the war in Iraq, as CNN itself puts it, America is in "Shock and Awe". Not only are the Press awaiting Hillary's concession speech, they are inferring that the primary race has become so ugly that the possible "dream team" of Obama and Clinton as President and Vice-President is about as likely as a political compromise between Progressive Nancy Pelosi and Conservative Rush Limbaugh. Just seeing the "dream team" in the same television frame, feigning civility and politeness, is provoking laughs.

Meanwhile, Bill is hovering around the playing field, with a football coach's running commentary about how Obama should be playing politics more like Jesse Jackson, how the "Clintons aren't quitting" and that disagreement is what politics is all about … and Bill is just warming up.

Now I know I promised last week to disclose the identity of the True Second Coming … before that, however, The Pink Panther has ended with the sentencing of our hero, Peter Sellers, to jail for being the "phantom".

Hmmm … I think the real Phantom is headed back to the White House to achieve its goal of owning the Oval Office for four terms, thus equaling Franklin Delano Roosevelt's, first, four-term installation of "Progressive Polemics" into American politics.

However, and in my own humbly biblical opinion, I think the true Christ will rise, in the form of the Holy Spirit, the one that will inspire millions … perhaps a billion worldwide Christians to overthrow legalized abortion and thus drive the Clintons and their "Phantom Idea of Progress" forever out of the White House.

What will it take for that to happen? What horror will face the Holy Spirit within one billion human beings to rise up in protest against the false prophecies and fraudulent preaching of the Clintons?

Another four years of Bill and Hillary!

As I've said before, America's horrifying indifference to legalized abortion, just like its former, 89 year, inhumane endurance of slavery, has earned the United States another four years of the Clintons in the White House. Within those four years, the truth beneath the Clinton Global Initiative and the previous, eight year, Bill Clinton Presidency will be revealed! Why? Those "Phantom Ideas of Progress" will be seen as no more legitimate than the means by which the Clinton/Bush, Presidential Tag Team stole the White House in the first place … and will do it again, but, thank God, for a final time. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Moriarty is also running for President of the United States in 2008 as a candidate for the Realists Party. To find out more about Moriarty's presidential campaign, contact rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.

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