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The gift-bearing, New World Order "Machine"

By Michael Moriarty
web posted April 25, 2011

This editorial began with Charles Krauthammer's run-down of the presidential race. I had initially titled this The Krauthammer Realism.

I then thought that "cynicism" might be more relevant than "realism". How about "The Jaundiced Eye"?

To the contrary, however, his current presidential favorite, Paul Ryan, reveals a welcome glimpse of renewed idealism in Charles Krauthammer. Yes, indeed, Barack Obama would dread facing Paul Ryan in a presidential debate. I score Ryan as clearly the winner in his previous encounters with the President over the budget.

Pray for Charles Krauthammer's "posse" indeed!

This article's title changed drastically when I realized that even Krauthammer's sometimes cynical opinions aren't cynical enough. Presidents Paul Ryan or Chris Christie or Sarah Palin/Allen West won't happen. Why?

Even if Paul Ryan were convinced he should run for the Presidency, the "Machine" of the Republican Party would either "reshape" his opinions or categorically sabotage him and any other honest politician. I think that even Paul Ryan knows that. Chris Christie certainly does. Sarah Palin is obviously headed for a Third Party ticket.

Even if Paul Ryan or Christ Christie "cut a deal" with The Machine, they'd lose what was most appealing about them: their integrity.

Let us look at the Republican Party since Henry Kissinger invaded it, the man who, despite even Ronald Reagan, has consistently shaped The Republican New World Order Policies. Henry Kissinger's mysterious connections to Red China over the years – a bit of a love affair actually – have made him an oxymoron: The Republican Party's Man In Beijing.

With the Not-So-Good-Doctor's hand on the pulse of the Far East's Politburo, his "advice" on "How To Build A New World Order" has been seminal to all decisions by The Machine.

What is The Machine?

A bipartisan collection of New World Order Collectivists who attend to George Soros' demands almost as quickly as they honor Henry Kissinger's suggestions. To The Machine, Soros and Kissinger are Wealth and Wisdom personified.

What they both share actually is the cunning of despotic serpents. Not good ole noisy American rattlers but the quiet hiss of New World Order cobras. Ironically, I do believe The Machine was most animated by the Reagan/Gorbachev friendship which ostensibly and eventually, during the Bush Administration, "brought down" the Berlin Wall.

What did such an obviously American Victory as the fall of the Berlin Wall cost America in secret and metaphysically serpentine concessions? George Bush Sr.'s agreement to the basic architecture of a New World Order.

What stood most emphatically in the way of such a dream? The strength of the American dollar.

George Jr.'s considerable contributions to the American debt and deficit, due to his highly suspect and expensive adventures in Iraq, were all part of the New World Order's basic requirement: a greater parity of currencies, in fact and eventually a New World Order EURO, American and Asiatic Union currency combined.

"Money, money, money, money!!"

Who saw this necessary devaluation of the dollar coming before anyone else?

George Soros and Henry Kissinger.

Illusion and reality are the two balls in the air being deftly juggled by the Patriarchs of The New World Order.

The Illusion?

That it is the melodrama of America versus the Red Islamic or Communist Islamic Axis.

Meanwhile it is a Free World Military Alliance under the New World Order's Responsibility to Protect Doctrine that is occupying the Middle East in three separate nations: Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. And with only mild objections from both Russia and China.

What has the New World Order identified as the real enemies of "Progress"?

First, Islamic Fundamentalism. Second, Catholic opposition to abortion.

By now, many zealots in the New World Order consider those two campaigns a "mop up" operation.

I recall quite vividly, even though I was drunk at the time, my encounter with a Canadian Communist who said, "The only threat to peace that we (the Communists) see is Islamic Fundamentalism." That, of course, would also include as a threat The New Black Panther Party.

Hmmm … so a "shell game" is being played with the name of the true enemy being the "pea that is hidden".

Since Barack Obama is the most convincing "shell" to the game, his pro-Islamic sympathies being unquestionable, and America playing the villain whose only hope seemed to have been Barack Obama?

But then why are American troops all over the Islamic world?

Because both the Communists and the American Progressives agree that their only real enemy, for now at any rate, is Islamic Fundamentalism.

Hmmm …

I, of course, don't agree.

The greatest enemy of America and individual freedom worldwide has proven to be Progressive Americans such as Henry Kissinger and George Soros. As Lincoln accurately predicted, America could only be destroyed by suicide.

Kissinger and Soros are the gift-bearing, Enlightened Despots of Harvard and Nazi-Occupied Hungary.

What is it that they know, have experienced and we don't know?

Appeasement and their inevitable admiration for a ruthless giant such as Red China.

Who was the only real leader for both Soros and Kissinger?

Mao Zedong.

As for the Soros/Kissinger, self-loathing, Jewish vulnerability to the self-loathing, Jewish intellectualism of Karl Marx?

The same brand of anti-Semitic, smarty-pants insanity under Neville Chamberlain almost handed England over to Hitler.

Since the phrase, "Enlightened Despots", was coined by Voltaire decades before the first shot of the French Revolution was fired, The Return of The Enlightened Despots now controls America.

America's French Revolution has been well underway. Having the Republican half of this would-be Enlightenment conducted by the likes of Richard Nixon and the Bush Family has kept its intellectual despotism hidden by the neurotic likes of Tricky Dick and the "Good Ole Boy" salesmanship of the Georges, both senior and junior.

Now, since the slick and smooth, Harvard veneer of Barack Obama has picked up the very same baton to run this New World Order Scam by us, Americans are beginning to smell the very detectable scent of tyranny. Such a dictatorial odor rises from the basements of the Progressive New World Order, the White House and both the Republican and Democratic Parties.

The is beyond corruption. It has been American suicide for quite some time. Certainly since the Supreme Court's Roe v Wade decision in 1973.

The only thing that will overturn that homicidal beginning of the Progressive Victory would be America's increasing affiliation with the Catholic Church and its unbending stand against abortion. Nothing less will save the United States from its undeniable self-destruction.

Not all the money in the world or a complete return to Free Market Principles can save America from its obvious addiction to abortion except the Catholic Church and its unequivocal stand against abortion. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.

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