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By Robert T. Smith
web posted April 22, 2013

Cloaked in the green-agenda flag, the socialist utopia promised by Marxism is alive and well funded by the left, with government largesse flowing to select green companies and think tanks in the form of tax-payer supplied stimulus money.  Ultimately, it is the command and control of an all powerful government that brings these two agendas of green ecology and socialism into collusion, with tragic results that we suffer with today. 

The Obama administration's U.S. EPA undertook human experimentation in support of their Eco-activist agenda, regarding air quality related to particulate matter (PM).  As a measure of the quality of air in our country, the U.S. EPA maintains data and statistics that quantify air quality from 1980 to the present.  Based on the U.S. EPA's own data, the national ambient air quality standards for certain target pollutants have all steadily and dramatically reduced.  Specifically for particulate matter, as a national average:

Particulate matter as PM10 was reduced 38% and fine particulate matter as PM 2.5 has been reduced 27%

Regardless, according to the Obama administration and its Eco-activist supporters, the quality of the air in our country is literally killing us.  Consequently, more stringent, job-killing regulation is required to control the already significantly reduced particulate matter in our air.

The U.S. EPA has in testimony before congress stated that exposure to fumes from diesel engines can cause premature death.  Diesel truck engine emissions are targeted as a significant source for particulate matter as PM 2.5.  There is currently a lawsuit pending against the U.S. EPA because people were treated as human guinea pigs and attached to an idling diesel engine to observe the effects on these test subjects to inhaling the engine emissions. 

Only in the world of our current leaders could the sense of elitism, arrogance, and hubris lead to this type of harmful human experimentation on individuals.  The Eco-activist agenda has taken primacy even over the ethical treatment of people.

As has become typical, the Eco-activists' goal is control over as much of human activity as possible, including the means of production.  Only through voluminous regulation developed and put into place by unelected bureaucrats of the left can the full agenda be realized.  As demonstrated in this US Chamber of Commerce illustration example of the failed American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009, the law's convoluted "logic" diagram is in full view.  A byzantine multitude of regulations and mandates would flow from the various unelected organs of government control over most aspects of our lives, should this law or similar law be put into place.

Environmental mandates

The ultimate prize to the Eco-activists and their big government socialist benefactors is the control of carbon, that would touch every aspect of our daily lives.  Consequently, greenhouse gases and global climate change are paramount to the Eco-activist agenda.  While much has been written about global climate change over many years, the basic aspects of the issue haven't changed; we are asked to forget things we once knew.

We must forget our grade school science, the history of the earth as one of glacial expansion and retreat, climate warming and cooling; climate change.  We must ignore that "The Medieval Warm Period" existed when Vikings colonized "Green"-land.  Most interesting is that this warm period occurred without the benefit of our SUVs and industries having contributed any of the CO2 tagged by the Eco-activists as the culprit for global climate change.  Further, we must forget that following the "Medieval Warm Period" was "The Little Ice Age," a relatively wild swing in climate in a short period of earth-time.  These two events were fully ignored by the Eco-Activists to support the notorious hockey stick theory, as a basis for Man(n)-induced global warming (that would be the author of the hockey stick temperature model used for a time to support global climate change, Professor Michael Mann). 

Never mind that even the Eco-activists do not contest that water vapor accounts for ~95% of the green house effect and that man-made CO2 contribution is less than ~4% of the earth total.  We also need to ignore that there was a predecessor to global climate warming, the 1970's impending doom of global cooling.  Coincidentally (?), 1970s global cooling was also sold as a reason to have dramatic increase of government control over human activity.

We also must forget the relationship between the physical aspects of geology that we can see etched in the earth's crust and climate change.  As depicted in this illustration (Pennsylvania Geologic Survey, 1999), in the large scale of the earth's history, we are at a relatively warm period.  The point to this illustration is the historic nature of dramatic climate change without any influence by man, and our current position on the higher end of the historic temperature fluctuations.  Based on this illustration, if past is prologue, we probably shouldn't sell our long-johns.

Temperature chart

The list of Eco-Activist work to empower government over We The People is almost endless.  In the American ideal, we were not to have kings or rulers, the government was subservient to We The People.  In today's America, We The People are now subject to an oppressive government of the ruling elite, aided and abetted by their cohorts, the Eco-activists. ESR

Robert T. Smith is an environmental scientist who spends his days enjoying life and the pursuit of happiness with his family.  He confesses to cling to his liberty, guns and religion, with antipathy toward the arrogant ruling elites throughout the country.






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