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George Soros versus "The Ugly American"

By Michael Moriarty
web posted April 18, 2016

George Soros, with his Black Vampire? His Mr. Hyde? Barack Hussein Obama?

Soros and Obama, the two men in the United States who, even more than the Communist Party and Islam, most want America destroyed?!

One an American citizen. The other, thanks to George Soros, an American President.

If anything or any pair of men were capable of erasing America and the American Way, it would be George Soros and Barack Hussein Obama.

Soros is now pitted against another billionaire, much like himself, Donald Trump, who wants America revived, strong and rich again!

Who will win?

If Donald Trump does not become President Trump, then George Soros and his Progressive New World Order Cabal of the Obamas and their egomaniacally blind collaborators, the Bushes and the Clintons?!

They will win.

And America will be no more.

We will only have the Progressively Marxist United Nations.

And, from the look of things now, that means a contradiction-in-terms, a Communist Islam.

George Soros wishes to destroy capitalism with the help of his own immense success as a capitalist.

As I've said, many times before, George Soros is the reincarnation of Karl Marx, the self-loathing Jew whose jealousy of Christ and giants of the Old Testament created Mankind's own greatest threat to Western Civilization: Communism.

A billionaire Communist?


Soros beat Wall Street at its own game and is here to destroy what made America great in the first place: individual genius and entrepreneurial triumphs such as, yes, those of Donald Trump.

George Soros versus Donald Trump is really the only important game not only in town but in the entire universe.


Upon it depends the entire future of the human race.

Without Soros having been so tied at the monetary umbilical cord to Barack Hussein Obama, the two most tyrannical institutions on earth, Communism and Radical Islam, would never have reached the White House.

Is a Communist Islam even possible?


At least, not for long.

Barack Obama and George Soros
The Black Lenin-or-would-be Mao With Karl Marx

Not possible in any other way than in this, by now, embittered father/son relationship between Barack Obama and George Soros.

By now, a smiling sociopathic rage.

The diabolical bliss of Marxist vengeance.

Iran itself cannot scream "Destroy America!" with profounder glee than these two recreations of pure contempt for the entire Judeo-Christian Civilization.

Can a Red Islam, Muslim Communism even exist for long.

As I've have already said, "No!"

The Soros/Obama jealousy of America and its hatred for Israel, however, both of their psychopathologies can live off of this delusion: "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."

The Soros/Obama rage could last long enough to inspire a Second Civil War in America, one that will necessitate a Martial Law which will, indeed, give Barack Hussein Obama an open-ended third term as President of the United States.

The only vibrant enough antidote to this possible nightmare that has already transformed the American Democracy into a quasi-dictatorship is, in my not-so-humble opinion, Donald Trump.

Why does Donald Trump understand both Soros and Obama better than anyone else on earth?!

Donald Trump, certainly in terms of ambition, is very much like George Soros and Barack Obama.

All three were born with record-breaking egos and power-dreams.

Trump, however, loves a Free Market.

He adores competitive challenges.

He actually thrives off of them.

Soros and Obama, on the other hand, want all competitors permanently destroyed.

How can Trump possibly have become the "winner" he loves being without an open-field of competition?

Give him what he loves, an even playing field… and he wins!

Soros, on the other hand, who profited from Capitalism with massive ruthlessness, wants it destroyed!


George Soros cannot possibly
be the equal of Karl Marx
 or Joseph Stalin
or Mao Zedong
 if he doesn't destroy
 the entire meaning
 of individual freedom
 and the Judeo-Christian Civilization.

Anything less than what I have just described makes George Soros and Barack Obama the losers.

That is why they are so impressively dangerous and, at the same time, such ultimately dangerous losers!!

No one
 has a more venomously cynical vision
 of the entire human race
 than George Soros.

With America in the situation I knew it was headed for when I left the United States because of the Clinton Administration… George Soros' lowest opinion of America was being realized.

Following the assassination of John F. Kennedy… and, despite appearances in the 1960's, "free love and an end to the Vietnam War", opportunism was replacing idealism and, with the exception of Ronald Reagan, the Devil began to rule the United States.

Inevitably George Soros
 had to see his golden opportunity
 to screw America
 with Barack Hussein Obama.

Despite the similarities between Trump and Soros, and there are more than either would be willing to admit, Donald Trump is not a mega-cynic like George Soros.

 in my opinion,
and despite his style as The Ugly American,
 is America's greatest realist.

He knows the rules of life on Earth,
and no one
plays them better.

The "Bells" that Trump is ringing right now, his exploding popularity, so startlingly loud and resonant, will ultimately deafen, not only the RINO's and their Bush Cabal but the American Democrat Party as well.

And Trump has made many friends in the Democrat Camp.

If Trump is nominated?

Trump will win!

And should win!!


Not because he's a Republican but because he's Donald Trump!

Trump is The American
who never sold the American Dream short
 but built upon it
 into a billionaire's triumph.

His own Leftist leanings… and he has them… carry the truth of what Churchill said about all men:

"If a man is not a Liberal
 in his thirties,
 he has no heart.
 If he's not a Conservative
 by his 40's,
the man has no brain!"

Trump's conversion to Conservatism
 in his late sixties
doesn't make him "slow".
It confirms
 that he was never a politician.
He was
 a New York businessman.

Now he is both a politician and a businessman!


He's an American in the profoundest sense of the word!

That, to many people round the world, Donald Trump is also The Ugly American is as much a matter of envy as it is a matter of his very bourgeois and nouveau riche American style.

If America ever needed such an American as President of the United States, it is now.

Don't let him lose!

It's not only not his style.

Losing is not America's style. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com. He can be found on Twitter at https://twitter.com/@MGMoriarty.





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