Where have all the feminists gone?

By Dr. Michael S. Brown
web posted May 22, 2000

How old does one have to be to remember the good old days? I recently found myself fondly recalling the feminists of the 1960s. Thousands of women marched in the streets demanding greater personal and political power; in effect, more control over their own lives.

Much has changed since then. Among other things, our society has experienced a massive rise in violence against women. Time after time women, and sometimes their children, are attacked and often killed by ex-husbands or rejected boyfriends. The victims typically relied on pepper spray and restraining orders for protection. Many other women are victimized by career criminals who consider women to be easy targets.

While the causes of such violence are hotly debated, it matters little to the victim if it is caused by societal stress, bad genes, or too much television. Although progress has been made by locking up more offenders, violent attacks on women are not going to go away anytime soon.

What is really fascinating are the divergent ways that women have faced this problem. Some women have taken responsibility for their own safety. Yes, I'm talking about guns. A gun is the only weapon that will permit a small woman to protect herself from even the biggest, strongest man. A handgun is the only type of gun that she can keep with her at all times. In past eras, most women understood this.

The recent Million Mom March, a thinly disguised Democratic Party rally, seems to suggest that today's women are different. They are portrayed as helpless victims who must beg the government to protect them. Perhaps that would be worthwhile, if the government could do so, but it can't. All the politicians can offer are empty promises and feel-good legislation, because criminals ignore gun laws.

The brave feminists of the past have been replaced on our television screens with well manicured spokespersons directed by party pollsters and marketing experts. We have all heard their trademark phrases; "the children", "sensible gun laws", "if it saves one life". These are repeated over and over like a mantra to disguise the glaring flaws in their logic.

Despite the fact that gun accidents are at an all time low, they fly the false flag of "gun safety" to mask their intentions. A new term, "nanny state", has been coined to describe the utopian goal of this new political axis. In a strange twist of fate, the women who march now are not demanding power, they are offering to give up their power to others.

For over three decades, Americans have been fed anti-gun propaganda by the media and various political entities that find it useful to promote fear of guns. It is not surprising that many women now blame guns for the violence that threatens them. Guns have been portrayed as evil masculine tools that women are not capable of understanding or using for their own defense. If only guns are banned, they are told, violence will cease.

They seem to forget that men don't need guns to harm women or children.

Men become violent criminals not because they acquire a gun, but because they are willing to hurt people to get what they want. If it were somehow possible to remove all guns from society, the offenders would simply substitute other, even more brutal, methods against their victims. Men will always have a physical advantage because of their greater size and strength.

The most effective way to eliminate the disparity of physical force is for women to arm themselves and seek out good training. Research by Professor John Lott shows that concealed weapons carried by a small percentage of citizens significantly reduce violent crime. This makes sense, since a predator contemplating an attack does not know which woman might be armed. Thus, he is more likely to leave all women alone and seek some safer way to meet his illegal needs. Even before Lott's study, many criminals admitted that guns in honest hands are a major deterrent to crime.

There is now a well developed political and media system that thrives on frightening women and convincing them that more gun laws are the answer. The politicians do it to gain power and the media do it for ratings. Exploiting women and children is just one more tactic to be used in their destructive campaign of cultural warfare.

Where have all the feminists gone? Perhaps they are still out there, bravely protecting themselves and their families while the political storm rages on.

Dr. Michael Brown is an optometrist who moderates an email list for discussion of gun issues in Washington state. He may be reached at: mb@e-z.net

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