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The rule of innuendo

By Phillip J Hubbell
web posted May 20, 2002

America's fifth column marches across our television screens doing the work Osama bin Laden and his crew was unable to accomplish on September 11th. The recent campaign of innuendo by the Democrats and their amen chorus in the mainstream media suggests that the Bush Administration is somehow implicated in the attacks on the United States. The leadership of the Democrat party is lining up in front of news cameras to wink and nod about how we must get to the bottom of yet another vast right wing conspiracy.

At stake is our national unity in the face of a growing enemy who would see our nation in ruins. For some reason the political left in this country are more interested in making political points with their victim constituencies than keeping the United States from harm. They would rather tear down this administration than stand against a common foe. The Democrats appear to believe that obtaining political power must be achieved no matter the cost to the country.

George W. BushWhat is most distressing about the Democrat crusade to discredit George W. Bush's leadership, is that it is so obviously political in nature. The leadership of the Democrat led Senate Intelligence Committee had the same general information given to them as the President. As a matter of fact, even greater detail of terrorist threat was given to the Clinton White House in 1999, yet I see no suggestion in the news media that Democrats are somehow responsible or implicated in the attacks on the U.S.

This shameless legacy of the Clinton years and the continuation of dishonesty as the guiding principle of the Democrat Party should be soundly rejected by the people at the polls in November. Naked political ambition that tramples over truth, decency, common sense, and reality should be seen for the farce that it is. I for one don't want people like that running the local car wash, let alone my country.

The President, along with the leaders of Congress get briefings every day about terrorist organizations which include possibilities and scenarios of a general and generic nature. This is a manufactured controversy instituted by dishonest people for the sole purpose of reducing the popularity in the polls of the President of the United States. This is about the 2002 congressional elections and if it harms the country, so be it. The Democrats consider gaining control of the House and retaining the Senate more important than the credibility of the Commander in Chief in time of war.

Since the United States was first attacked, the political left has barred efforts to adequately screen people most likely to commit these acts. They are the people defending the terrorists and condemning the United States for imaginary mistreatment of the prisoners in Cuba. They have used the tragedy of other people's lives to expand the Federal government payroll. They have stood in the way of meaningful reform of our airport security and they have criticized efforts to keep the borders secure from illegal entry. They seem to think that the Constitution of the United States is a suicide pact when in reality, if the country doesn't survive, the Constitution becomes a meaningless footnote to history.

The political left, from college campuses to rallies around the country, has left no doubt as to where their loyalties lie. If it is anti-American they are for it, if it is anti-dictatorship they are opposed to it, and if it will garner respect for the United States they hate it. While the Democrat Party and politicians of our political left aren't as vocally open as the people who carry the water for their socialist ideology, you will see little criticism of the anti-United States rhetoric and sloganeering from our "objective" media.

Phillip J Hubbell is the author of Write Winger: Solutions for the Politically Oblique, available from www.booklocker.com. See www.hlefty.com for other writings.

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