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Chapter Thirty Nine of An Ecstatic Loneliness: Film Noir's Black and White Mirror Images

By Michael Moriarty

web posted May 13, 2013

The Communists now own the United States of America.

The Republican Party's Bush Family Appeasement Plan for the United Nations' New World Order is the ultimate American surrender to Communism.

Following Richard Nixon's obsessive and increasingly corrupted fascination with Henry Kissinger and "real politik" and their dual capitulation to Mao Zedong, Obama and the Obama Nation became inevitable.

Rounding up the "usual suspects" you have a quintet of the worst and/or the most diabolically secretive Presidents that ever happened to America. Only their transformative kingpin, Richard Nixon, is missing.

U.S. presidents
The Red Socks On Chairman George The Elder Are No Accident

The Bush/Clinton red "sox" and ties don't make them Boston fans.

They've all made certain that the United States live down to the prophecy of Abraham Lincoln: "If America is destroyed, it will not be by a foreign power. If it dies, it will be by suicide!"

And who is laughing the hardest?

Barack Hussein Obama!

I couldn't help but make the above photo the lead-in to this article on the Boston Marathon Bombing; and that tragedy's inevitability, given the bizarre list of Presidents that arrived between Richard Nixon and Barack Hussein Obama.

Ronald Reagan was a mild exception; but, in retrospect, only a "mild" one. In light of the Roe v Wade decision's forty-year longevity, they all look and sound like clowns now.

If an Islamic Kamikaze pilot goes down with a joke on his lips and a smile on his face, what do you call him?

The youngest of the Boston Marathon Bombers.

Either that or their mother.

Is there anything there to laugh, smile or crack jokes about?

Meanwhile some of the Press, i.e. Bill O'Reilly, are pronouncing the name "Dzhokhar" as "Jokar".

Dzhokhar/Jokar's Twitter Symbol

Instantly Jack Nicholson's The Joker comes to mind. That, along with Robert DeNiro's Travis Bickel

Quite a trio of American role models.

They are, to my mind, part of the ever evolving phenomenon of a distinctly American tragicomedy, first inspired, perhaps, by the cri de coeur of that fourth, now legendary American symbol, Alfred E. Newman.

Please check out the Chechnyan "comedy routine" in the video featuring "Jokar" on this cite for young Mr. Tsarnaev.

Is "Jokar" or Dzhokhar Tsarnaev an inevitable fruit from the tree of American individual freedom?

Or does the very Americanized Jokar's façade cover a Jihadist killing machine?

As a "Comic Killer", he is unmistakably a "cool" and "hip" American.

Here is the Twitter quote for "The Second Bomber":

"I'm a stress free kind of guy!"

Jihadism, because of this "Jokar", has become a collective concept for all "stress free", homicidal maniacs.

No conscience here?


He is all Homicidal/Suicidal Style with only one ounce of Serious Content: a threat to everyone's life.

Yet the legendary Liberal Lawyer, Alan Dershowitz insists that "Jokar" should not be executed.

Dershowitz says about the younger perpetrator of the Boston Marathon Massacre, "But it follows that if this defendant (‘Jokar' Tsamaev) does not deserve the death penalty, then no one does."

One of The American Left's greatest defense lawyers can  write that sentence while the likes of Kermit Gosnell is on trial .

"Then no one deserves the death penalty."

Is not abortion a death penalty?

Yet Professor Dershowitz's famous stand on abortion is: "Everyone is right when it comes to the issue of abortion."

Most experts on the matter are fairly certain neither jury nor judge will want The Jokar dead.

This Americanization of Jihad is quite possibly beyond even the worst of lethal realms in Islam. It will make "Jokar" a cult hero as certainly as the homicidal lies of Che Guevara put that killer's face on the T shirts of American youth.

That "Jokar" postponed his own capture for half a day by escaping an American law enforcement that had him literally surrounded?!?!

That alone makes him "mythical".

His 140-some victims?

What about the victims of Bonnie and Clyde?! Their deaths have entertained millions of Americans for years.

Why? Hollywood's Francophilia.

The Bel Air love affair with everything French, including film noir and its Anti-Heroes.

The popularity of Bonnie and Clyde (1967) made Martin Scorcese's very ironically French Mean Streets (1973), Taxi Driver (1976) and Goodfellas (1990) inevitable.

Why ironic?

Scorcese's films, unlike Francis Ford Coppola's very Italian Godfather series, have French nihilism's raison d'etre. When Jean Paul Sartre wrote "l'enfer est les autres" or, literally translated, "hell is the others", he hadn't even met the brothers Tsarnaev.

Would French nihilism therefore romanticize the bitter fruit brought home to America with both 9/11/01 and 4/15/13? I suspect so since true hells, and not the narcissistic delusions of French intellectuals, are the living nightmares of almost 3,000 deaths in the Twin Towers and 140-some people seriously injured or dead from the bombs set-off at the Boston Marathon.

In the book America's Oldest Enemy, John Miller and Mark Molesky discuss France as an unrelentingly envious enemy of the United States and its unsurpassed success as a nation of not only individual freedom but record-breaking individual responsibility as well.

Has the triumph of French nihilism over Hollywood/New York screenwriters, directors, producers and the MSM's film critics confirmed the opinions of my old nemesis, Janet Reno?

Is it the violence in film and television that has inspired the likes of "Jokar"?

Or was the very Americanized "Jokar" just waiting for his older and rabidly Jihadist brother to push him over the edge? For Tamerlan Tsarnaev to take his younger brother's film screen facades of "cool" and "entertaining" into a homicidal pursuit of Taxi Driver fame?

Was it the older brother's sales pitch?

Or was the "Jokar" anticipating his older brother's request and wholesale slaughter was at the back of "Jokar's" mind all the time?

Why and/or how could that be?

The Americanization of Dzhokhar into Batman's "Jokar".

"Jokar" could very well be the vindication of Janet Reno's paranoia about Hollywood's movie violence.

To contradict Reno's POV, however: it is not the blood and violence nor the guns themselves that inspire a "Jokar". It is film's story-telling that can make heroes out of the likes of Bonnie and Clyde and Travis Bickel or the "black comedy" of Batman's "Joker".

It is still not the gun nor the film violence itself. It is the he or she who picks up the gun or the dynamite-filled pressure cooker. Must we make homicidal souls the central figures to a full-length feature film?! Or, as the literary mavens and professors of Ivy League English would dub them, "anti-heroes".



Such films and such pretensions appear to sell tickets.

Then the question is: Have, indeed, the American people, with a great deal of help from Hollywood, brought the likes of "Jokar" upon themselves?

Such an event as the Boston Marathon Massacre is certainly evidence of Barack Obama's "fundamental transformation of the United States of America" into hell.

The villainy and lethal inadequacy in Washington D. C. and in the White House has become so self-evident that instead of hearing the six o'clock news I feel like I'm watching a very Beverly Hills version of film noir. The villains are at the very top of American power and their lies and evasions become more horrifyingly laughable with every passing nightmare.

And who helped elect them?

Hollywood filmmakers.

"Can you blame us?!" might be the reply from Bel Air. "You yourself, Moriarty, call Richard Nixon the prototype for this insanity!"

And Barack Hussein Obama has become a mirror image of Richard Nixon. Where Nixon was laughably unappealing, Obama is smooth and charismatic. Where Nixon needed Kissinger, Obama seems to need nothing but his own ego and either a golf course or basketball court. Where Nixon was white…

However, both pushed themselves into very "impeachable territory".

Could the Barack Hussein Obama be indicted for criminally "reckless disregard" in light of Russia's warnings about Tamerlan's visit to Russia and Chechnya?

"The President never heard the warnings about these two."


"Russia only phoned the FBI."

And all by themselves, the FBI chose to neglect the warnings?

Or is the FBI "taking the fall"?

Is there a "cover-up" going on?

Don't the FBI and Homeland Security talk to each other once in awhile?

Aren't the Benghazi mysteries and the Boston Bombers becoming the Obama Nation's combined equivalent of the Republican Party's and Richard Nixon's Watergate Scandal?

Richard NixonBarack Obama
White and Black Mirror Images

You decide, America.

I now live in Canada.

Remember that both Nixon and Obama reached their second terms. Only then could or would they, in their arrogant overconfidence, pull the rug out from under themselves. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com. He can be found on Twitter at https://twitter.com/@MGMoriarty.






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