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Melting pot in the wrong hands? What could go wrong?

By Harold Witkov
web posted April 29, 2013

Well, I've seen what can happen when a pressure cooker gets into in the wrong hands. So I've been ruminating a lot about what could possibly happen if our melting pot ever got into the wrong hands.

I've been thinking that maybe we are where we are because an increasingly potent segment of the population, those elites of the Left, took it upon themselves and decided for everyone that the melting pot we lived in was fatally flawed.  And then, if that wasn't bad enough, they went even further and convinced themselves that utopia was only a socialistic, European-style, nanny-state away.

To me, it was as if on one gloomy and rainy day the Democratic Party, the main street media, the entertainment industry, and the public school bureaucrats, all got on page 1 of the same playbook, and their first order of business was to convince the citizenry that, despite what they were brought up to believe, the melting pot was only a myth. There was no pulling together, no harmony, no fairness, no equal opportunity, no justice,  and most of all, no melting into oneness.  

Apparently page 2 of the playbook was to persuade the melting pot inhabitants that they would do better to think of themselves as part of a hyphenated grouping, and telling them their group, in particular, had always been on the short end of things. So, to help accomplish this feat, they waged a war of words upon those who disagreed with them and, upon instituting their rules of political correctness, stifled open debate. They went after religion, the religious, and demonized the very rich.  I have to hand it to them, they were really good at making a whole lot of folks feel angry, frustrated, betrayed, jealous, and entitled.

As far as I see it, their present leader is not the beacon of light they make him out to be. I do admit he is very good at getting his way, but I don't appreciate his political modus operandi  - always manipulating (or manufacturing) a crisis to obtain his goals.  One thing is for sure, the man is a wizard when it comes to nonpartisan common-sense blabber.  I do think what he is really all about is putting a lid on contrary ideas,  turning up the heat on the citizenry, and providing pressure to explosive situations.  

Pay attention now because here is where things might get really interesting. Depending on how hot things might become in this melting pot nation of ours over the next 3-plus years, we may see  millions of formerly passive citizens, from all sides of the political spectrum,  resembling  popcorn colonels about to pop, and shrapnel pieces awaiting an explosion .  If that happens, I sure hope this "beacon of light" does not double down with still more heat and more pressure.

So what might happen if our melting pot nation got into the wrong hands? Your guess is as good as mine. ESR

Harold Witkov is an occasional contributor to Enter Stage Right.





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