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Regarding Biden's 'gun ban' agenda, first let's ban alcohol!

By Mark Alexander
web posted May 15, 2023

As you undoubtedly heard, there was another rare but high-profile mass murder, this time in Allen, Texas. The Hispanic assailant was a brown supremacist who murdered eight people, leaving others seriously injured. This tragic incident occurred just a week after another attack by a Hispanic illegal immigrant who murdered five victims in Cleveland, Texas.

In a quick and apparently unrehearsed response to the second attack, Joe Biden shocked Democrats nationwide by noting the root causes of such attacks and the systemic issues that are responsible for the epidemic of mostly urban violence nationwide.

According to Biden: "We, as a nation, must rise above using the blood of innocents to further our own political agendas while blaming our political opponents for violence. It is time we identified the underlying causes of the epidemic of violence besieging our nation, and determine a path to correct the systemic issues responsible. We must correct the generationally failed social policies that have resulted in the common denominator of most violence — fatherless homes. We must also address the influence that abjectly violent media has on young people, desensitizing the rising generation of sociopaths who then slaughter innocents with no remorse. It is time to stop blaming guns for violence because we all know guns don't kill people, thugs do."

OK, of course Biden did not actually say that. Instead he defaulted to his diversionary rhetoric claiming that violence is a "gun problem," not a culture problem, and he blamed Republicans for not passing a so-called "assault weapons" ban.

Biden could not exercise the decency to say what he should have said about the real underlying causes of most violence in America because even his most dullard Demo constituents might connect the dots between cause and effect — between Democrat policies and violence. They might also realize that Biden and his Demos unleashed a record surge of violence nationwide.

So he has to distract them with political smoke and mirrors to obfuscate the reality that guns don't commit murder; violent thugs do.

It's much easier to blame guns, and Republicans know that most Democrats do not possess even a modicum of discernment sufficient to acknowledge, much less understand, the more complex systemic problems, the effluent of which is mass violence.

Then, as a reminder, Biden ordered flags to half-mast ostensibly to honor the victims, when in fact he is using American flags as political rags to promote the Demos' anti-Second Amendment agenda.

The disgraceful irony of using the symbol of American Liberty to undermine the first line of defense for American Liberty falls squarely into the Left's cauldron of BIG Lies. And a greater irony: Democrats are the historical architects and political beneficiaries of systemic racism.

But what about the daily average of 50 other victims who did not make national news — no political virtue signaling for them? We all hear about the occasional mass murder, but nobody can list all the other nameless and faceless victims of urban violence. On any day, the total victim count of black-on-black and black attacks on people of other races far exceeds the death totals of any high-profile mass murder this year.

Democrat politicians studiously avoid any discussion of this data because it would require studious consideration of the Democrat policies that have created these conditions.

Demos are certainly not going to take on the 600-pound gorilla in their big donor constituency — the violent "entertainment industry," which feeds our nation's next generation of sociopaths a steady diet of unmitigated violence.

And they wonder why some people slaughter innocents with no remorse. The entire advertising economy is based on words and imagery to influence behavior. But Demos don't dare suggest that endless mind loops of violent imagery might influence the behavior of sociopaths.

Fact is, violence is a Demo-induced culture problem spawned primarily by generations of failed socialist Democrat policies — most notably the disintegration of families.

That is particularly true given the common denominator that most violent offenders grew up in fatherless homes. In virtually every case of violence in America, the assailant had no present or functional father, and the strongest link between every social and cultural problem across our nation is, irrefutably, absentee fathers.

The result is metastasizing violence on Demo-controlled urban poverty plantations, the violent urban centers that have been under Democrat control for generations.

And here's an inconvenient truth about race and violence: A grossly disproportionate number of violent crimes nationwide are committed by black assailants, and black-on-black assault is the most prevalent violent crime in the nation. The suspect in 88% of murders of black people is also black.

Manhattan Institute fellow, author, and nationally recognized crime researcher Heather Mac Donald notes the inconvenient truth about black assailants: "Dozens of blacks are murdered every day, more than all white and Hispanic murder victims combined, even though blacks are only 13 percent of the nation's population. Blacks between the ages of ten and twenty-four are murdered at twenty-five times the rate of whites between those same ages. Their assailants are not the police, not other whites, but other blacks."

When considering that the young black males who committed most of those crimes represent less than 3% of the population, that imbalance is staggering. Furthermore, according to Pew Research, "In 2021, 46% of all gun deaths among children and teens involved Black victims, even though only 14% of the U.S. under-18 population that year was Black."

And regarding all those "hate crimes" and race-hustling chatter by leftists, Mac Donald also reports: "From 2016 to 2020, blacks nationally were twice as likely to commit a hate crime as whites, according to FBI data. ... In New York City, from 2010 to 2020, blacks were 2.42 times as likely as whites to commit a hate crime. ... Blacks in Los Angeles committed anti-Asian hate crimes at 4.8 times the rate of whites in 2021 and committed anti-gay hate crimes at seven times the rate of whites, and anti-Semitic hate crimes at 2.4 times the rate of whites."

That being said, I have argued what Democrats will never dare say, that ALL murders are hate crimes — every murder deprives a victim of his or her most fundamental civil rights.

The gross racial disparity in criminal assailants is not a new issue, as made clear by a 2015 Harvard study on black-on-black violence. In that study, gun-grabbing former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg noted: "Ninety percent of all people killed in our city — and 90 percent of all those who commit the murders and other violent crimes — are black and Hispanic. It is shameful that so many elected officials and editorial writers have been largely silent on these facts."

Democrats don't actually care about inner-city black Americans, despite the fact that they know who suffers most. They are ignoring black racism and gang violence. Apparently, black victims are expendable.

If Democrats actually believed "Black Lives Matter," they would not propagate failed urban policies that proliferate black-on-black violence.

So what is the Left's real firearms agenda?

Bottom line: Biden and his Democrats would like to confiscate all firearms from law-abiding citizens. That is their agenda.

They focus on high-profile attacks using so-called "assault weapons" as the starting point for demanding bans. But the fact is, rifles and shotguns of any description combined are used in less than 3% of all homicides. A homicide victim is far more likely to be murdered by an assailant using a knife, blunt object, or fists than by a rifle or shotgun.

Of course, Demos never let facts get in the way of their political agenda.

Finally, the next time some enlightened leftist challenges your right to own firearms, advocating for the Demos' dream of firearm prohibition, challenge them with the following analogy.

According to the latest data, there were 26,031 homicides in the U.S. in the latest year of record.

However, 140,000 people, more than five times the number of homicides, died from alcohol-related causes. Drunk drivers are responsible for 28 deaths per day. Notably, it is estimated that alcohol is also a key factor in at least 30% of homicides involving firearms. (Include drugs and that number jumps to about 60%.)

Is this an "alcohol problem"? Should Democrats ban alcohol? Or at least should there be red flag laws for alcohol abusers and background checks required before purchasing alcohol?

Fact is, the vast majority of alcohol users possess and use this drug legally and responsibly. Likewise, the vast majority of firearm owners possess and use them legally and responsibly.

Enacting a prohibition on firearms is tantamount to enacting a prohibition on alcohol. In both cases, only law-abiding users are penalized while outlaws don't obey laws. ESR

Mark Alexander is the executive editor of the Patriot Post.


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