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Why Democrats must defend deviancy

By Mark Alexander
web posted May 1, 2023

It must be spring!

Rainbow-colored virtue-signaling yard signs are sprouting up in front of some homes in wealthy suburbs, an indication they are occupied by affluent white privilege Democrats. Many of these leftist protagonists are inheritance welfare liberals, the effluent of generational wealth and privilege, who choose to live in the safety and comfort of suburbia, with their enclaves of clubs and finer eating establishments.

These truly enlightened Demo elitists harbor fear of and contempt for grassroots Americans, in part because they have little social intersection with those who form the backbone of our nation. They arrogantly deride the foundational family and faith values that are common among grassroots folks. And they certainly don't understand our embrace of American Liberty, the antithesis of the statist government power they advocate.

Despite their confident facade, these suburban lefties are an insecure lot who are quick to embrace the latest virtue identity fad.

When Donald Trump was president, they displayed their Hate Has No Home Here yard signs, expressing their disdain for We, the [Deplorable] People. Ahead of the 2020 election, they put out their phony Black Lives Matter signs while dispensing barrels of their BLM elixir, thinking it would ingratiate them with those off-color minorities who mostly loathe rich liberals.

They would never acknowledge that black lives don't matter to the Demo hate hustlers they put in power — those who long ago betrayed the legacies of Frederick Douglass, Booker Washington, and Martin King in order to keep poor black and brown people their dependents.

After the virtue signalers elected Joe Biden, who promptly enabled Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine, they laughingly replaced their Biden yard signs with plastic Ukrainian flag signs.

The vast majority of these suburban leftists have never raised their hand to to support and defend our country, or anything else. They depend on the grassroots folks for their protection, whether from gangbangers who venture into their neighborhoods or despots in foreign lands.

One of the virtue-signaling signs that reemerges once the other signs have worn out their usefulness is the Rainbow Mafia version — you know, variations of rainbow colors that also adorn the backs of vehicles. That theme, in support of the Left's gender-confusion cult, has become the most prolific of the Demo virtue projections, an excessive emphasis that at first glance seems curious.

Amid all the issues that Democrats should focus on if they're serious about lifting up their constituents, why do their national, state, and local leftist cadres expend so much highly visible political capital defending abject gender deviance?

That deviance now increasingly includes the most offensive of the aberrant offenders, including transgender men competing as women in sports, trans groomers infiltrating elementary schools as teachers, drag queen kindergarten groomers, and now, even the most grotesque of the bunch, child gender mutilators who are profiting from cutting body parts off of children.

Democrats are even passing legislation to remove children from parents who won't allow their child to be chemically or physically mutilated.

Defending even these absurd outlying manifestations of gender confusion is critical to the Demos' gender cult agenda, which struck deep into the heartland of normalcy when Biden signed the so-called Respect for Marriage Act — which is anything but. Last week, every House Demo voted against a bill to restrict men from competing as women in sports. Biden had already signaled he would veto it.

So, what is the political strategy behind the Demo defense of their most deviant and delusional constituents? Why expend so much political time and energy on this defense?

So quick are Demos to defend these special constituents that after a gender-confused assailant murdered six people at a Nashville Christian school, they pulled out all the stops to deflect attention from the assailant's gender pathology, including by promoting yard signs that note Protect Kids, Not Guns. Ironically, those signs include rainbow lettering.

The Nashville case provides the evidential trail exposing the Demo deviant defense political strategy. Hint: It's all about female voters.

Democrat vote

Follow along...

After the attack, Nashville Police Chief John Drake announced, We have a manifesto, we have some writings that we're going over that pertain to this date, the actual incident, including a map drawn out of how this was all going to take place. He added that the assailant was prepared to do more harm than was actually done.

Drake indicated the writings would be released to the public, but as I wrote at the time, I doubted that would happen because that manifesto might connect the dots confirming this was a hate crime.

Recall that the Nashville attack occurred just ahead of the Trans Day of Vengeance. And on that day of vengeance, a gender-confused Colorado Springs man was arrested after the discovery of his hate manifesto detailing his plans to attack schools and churches. (Notably, information about that case was not released to the public until six days after the suspect was arrested for reasons not explained.)

Now, four weeks after the Nashville assault, the assailant's writings indicating her motive have still not been released. No dots to connect here; move along.

As for why her sociopathic rants have not been released, professor Joseph Giacalone of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice speculated, I think what the FBI is really concerned here with ... is that if there is something in there that is truly damaging for the transgender community, I think they are hesitant to do it because they are afraid of a violent backlash against that protected class of people.

Actually, there is most definitely concern about a backlash, but against that protected class is not the backlash Biden and his Demos are worried about.

And herein lies the answer to the question of why Democrats expend enormous political capital defending deviance.

The delay in releasing the assailant's writings is because she is among the Left's prized protected class of gender-confused constituents. If the release of her rantings indicated that the motive for her attack was hatred for those who disagreed with her identity and ideology, thus fitting the criterion for a hate crime, the Department of Justice would be obligated to classify it as such.

The Biden administration will vigorously reject any effort by the DOJ to do so.


Because that would result in an immediate political backlash from their Demo base — those who support the whole LGBTQ+++ ad nauseam spectrum of gender deniers, especially if that hate crime declaration implied a connection between her gender confusion and mental illness.

Democrats know they can give no ground regarding defense of their deviant gender-outlier constituents because that connects the dots to the 5% of their constituents who are in the gay and lesbian category, and that group is supported by a majority of the Democrats' largest and most critical voting bloc, women.

Yes, another irony being that a large number of leftist biological women support the tiny but very vocal nonbinary miscreants. Democrat strategists believe their female voters are emotionally incontinent idiots who can be manipulated into dependably voting Democrat by promoting emotionally provoking issues.

As reported in National Review's gender gap analysis: In 2022, men voted Republican by a 14-point margin, while women voted Democratic by an 8-point margin. That's a 22-point gender gap.

Got that?

So, rather than risk offending women voters, make the issue about guns instead of gender pathology. And then give all those emotionally incontinent white privilege virtue signalers Protect Kids Not Guns yard signs. Throw in some statehouse protests to bolster that diversion.

Of course, we ALL want to protect kids from the rising generation of sociopathic killers, the vast majority of whom are killing each other, not schoolchildren. And fortunately, most school kids are protected by resource officers with guns.

If those enlightened suburban leftists were really concerned about children, they would be posting yard signs that read: Protect Kids, Not Groomers. Tag team that with Protect Kids, Not Failed Demo Social Policies. ESR

Mark Alexander is the executive editor of the Patriot Post.


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