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Indict the 'Trump/Russia Collusion' conspirators: Clinton/Comey/Brennan

By Mark Alexander
web posted May 22, 2023

It is difficult to choose my favorite Donald Trump line from the 2016 debates, but a contender, and perhaps the most prophetic, would be a five-word rebuttal to Hillary Clinton in their second "debate" a month before the election.

In response to Trump saying, "If I win, I'm going to instruct the attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation because there's never been so many lies, so much deception," Clinton shot back, "It's just awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law of our country."

Trump stumped her with his best line of the night: "Because you'd be in jail."

And that's exactly where Clinton and all of her "Trump/Russia collusion" co-conspirators should be.

We have nearly eight years of analysis documenting the conspiracy between Hillary Clinton and her collaborators, former FBI Director James Comey (and his lieutenants Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok), in concert with former CIA Director John Brennan, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden.

There are two sections in my analysis archives dedicated to the details of this conspiracy, the "Clinton Crime Syndicate," and the "Deep State Conspirators" who attempted what was in effect a coup d'état to take down Trump's presidency.

Despite their best efforts in 2016, in the end what got Trump were the shenanigans ahead of the 2020 election, starting with Demo Rep. Adam Schiff's attempt to impeach Trump for what Joe Biden actually did. Then they fabricated a summer of rage and riots based on their "systemic racism" lie. And they fully primed their emotionally incontinent "hate and fear Trump" voters.

Just before the election, a cabal of high-level former intel officials and their Leftmedia talkingheads and scribes arranged a massive cover-up of the corrupt Biden/ChiCom connection.

On top of all that, to finally defeat Trump required massive systemic election corruption — what I documented as the "Democrats' So-Called 'Voter Rights' Bulk-Mail Ballot Fraud Strategy," which they justified with government manipulation of the ChiCom Virus pandemic.

As our Douglas Andrews noted last month, reputable polling indicates that a substantial majority of American voters believe Trump would have won reelection if not for the Leftmedia's Pulitzer Prize-winning fake news disinformation campaign — most notably the cover-up of evidence from Hunter Biden's computer regarding Joe Biden's ChiCom connections.

According to Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), former head of the Senate Homeland Security Committee: "They knew the Hunter Biden laptop was real. The FBI knew that. They had possession of it in December 2019. ... They wrote a letter to interfere in our election to a far greater extent than anything China or Russia ever could hope to do."

And Demos are pretty sure they can defeat Trump again in 2024 using key elements of their 2020 strategy, especially if, as I have asserted previously, Biden is not the nominee.

Which brings us back to Trump's 2016 assertion that Clinton should be in jail.

In December 2019, the first evidence emerged to confirm what our team had asserted all along regarding collusion between Clinton and her deep state cronies in the FBI and CIA. That was the report from DoJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz regarding a contrived FISA application investigation to set up Trump.

As you recall, the Russia-collusion investigation originated with the FBI's "evidence" for unaccredited FISA warrants linked to the fake Trump dossier, which they knew was funded by the Clinton campaign.

That conspiracy was hatched by Obama's then-FBI Director James Comey and his then-CIA Director John Brennan, who used the FISA court search warrants as a layup for what would be Robert Mueller's investigation — essentially a bureaucratic coup d'état.

As it turns out, Trump was right about that conspiracy and the accompanying investigation being a "witch hunt" — as any nonpartisan with a pulse knew at the time.

But the real issue was connecting the dots between the Clinton campaign and deep state partisans who used the FISA Memo to launch a counterintelligence investigation of the Trump campaign under the codename "Crossfire Hurricane."

It was a full year after the 2020 election when former Trump Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe declared that Special Counsel John Durham's investigation into the origins of the Russia-collusion hoax was closing in on the conspirators.

And then it all went silent for almost 18 months — until last week.

Four years after his investigation began, Durham dropped his 306-page bombshell report in the lap of Biden's hyper-partisan attorney general, Merrick Garland, a scathing indictment of the FBI. It detailed how a lawless cadre of high-level deep state partisans within the FBI — the aforementioned Comey, McCabe, and Strzok, and a slice of dependable partisan minions below them — colluded against Trump.

The long delay in releasing the report is likely because of endless haggling over wording to soften its condemnation of the FBI. However, "bombshell" is too kind for the report's exposure of the Clinton/FBI conspiracy, given these key points from the report.

First and foremost, the report determined: "CIA Director [John] Brennan subsequently briefed President Obama and other senior national security officials on the intelligence, including the 'alleged approval by Hillary Clinton on July 26, 2016 of a proposal from one of her foreign policy advisors to vilify Donald Trump by stirring up a scandal claiming interference by Russian security services.'"

That is the link between the conspirators and Obama — and Biden.

The "Clinton Plan" was designed specifically "as a means of distracting the public from her use of a private email server," her secret communications subterfuge.

Notably, affirming how the conspirators covered for Clinton, the report indicates "the immediate opening of Crossfire Hurricane as a full investigation contrasts with the care taken in connection with the investigation of the Clinton Foundation and other matters." For example, regarding "the Clinton Foundation matter" it finds that "both senior FBI and Department officials placed restrictions on how those matters were to be handled such that essentially no investigative activities occurred for months leading up to the election."

Regarding this abject malfeasance, the report notes, "Based on the review of Crossfire Hurricane and related intelligence activities, we conclude that the Department and the FBI failed to uphold their important mission of strict fidelity to the law."

As for the actions of the FBI's then-Deputy Assistant Director for Counterintelligence Peter Strzok, who "had pronounced hostile feelings toward Trump": "FBI records prepared by Strzok in February and March 2017 show that at the time of the opening of Crossfire Hurricane, the FBI had no information in its holdings indicating that at any time during the campaign anyone in the Trump campaign had been in contact with any Russian intelligence officials."

Of McCabe and Strzok, the report notes: "In the end, the perceived difference between the approaches taken and mindsets of FBI personnel central to both the Clinton and Trump matters is well-captured in a February 24, 2016 email between FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe's Special Assistant Lisa Page and her lover, counter-intelligence official Peter Strzok. Prior to the FBI's interview of Clinton in the investigation of her use of a private email server while she was serving as Secretary of State, the following exchange took place. Page: One more thing: [Clinton] may be our next president. The last thing you need [is] going in there loaded for bear. You think she's going to remember or care that it was more doj than fbi? Strzok: Agreed..."

It noted further: "Equally important is the fact that in not resolving [Steele dossier source Igor] Danchenko's status vis-a-vis the Russian intelligence services, it appears the FBI never gave appropriate consideration to the possibility that the intelligence Danchenko was providing to Steele — which, again, according to Danchenko himself, made up a significant majority of the information in the Steele Dossier reports — was, in whole or in part, Russian disinformation."

The report concludes gently: "There is a continuing need for the FBI and the Department to recognize that lack of analytical rigor, apparent confirmation bias, and an over-willingness to rely on information from individuals connected to political opponents caused investigators to fail to adequately consider alternative hypotheses and to act without appropriate objectivity or restraint."

And how did the FBI respond?

Basically with a statement that affirmed the corruption within its ranks: "The conduct in 2016 and 2017 that Special Counsel Durham examined was the reason that current FBI leadership already implemented dozens of corrective actions, which have now been in place for some time. Had those reforms been in place in 2016, the missteps identified in the report could have been prevented. This report reinforces the importance of ensuring the FBI continues to do its work with the rigor, objectivity, and professionalism the American people deserve and rightly expect."

In other words, next time the corruption will have to find a different path to avoid detection.

Assessing the report, Trump's former Attorney General William Barr, who appointed Durham, concluded: "It was a success in that its purpose from the very beginning was to get to the truth. It was not launched as a criminal investigation. [Durham has] dug into it, and I think he's gotten as close to the bottom as anyone is going to get to this. Both the press and the FBI abandoned any semblance of professionalism and took up the cause with a vengeance. I think the real story here from the FBI's perspective is what an abomination this was, this so-called investigation. It wasn't a witch hunt, it's a damn good imitation of one. ... [Trump] deserves a lot of credit for what he accomplished. And this [Russia collusion charade] was a grave injustice. And the fact that he was able to accomplish a lot in the face of it, I think was a great achievement."

He also reiterated that this was a conspiracy implemented by the key senior FBI officials I mentioned previously and is not an indication of deep institutional corruption. In fact, those principal co-conspirators know full well that the smaller the circle, the less likely that it will be exposed — and it was, indeed, a small circle.

As legal analyst John Hinderaker notes from the report, "It turns out that some of the key allegations of the Steele reports actually came from a Democratic National Committee staffer with close ties to Russian officials, who initially lied to the FBI." In other words, the investigation itself was Russian disinformation — as we have noted all along.

Among the report's most damning conclusions:

"The FBI discounted or willfully ignored material information that did not support the narrative of a collusive relationship between Trump and Russia."

"Senior FBI personnel displayed a serious lack of analytical rigor towards the information that they received, especially information received from politically affiliated persons and entities..."

"The promulgation of additional rules and regulations to be learned in yet more training sessions would likely prove to be a fruitless exercise if the FBI's guiding principles of 'Fidelity, Bravery and Integrity' are not engrained in the hearts and minds of those sworn to meet the FBI's mission of 'Protect[ing] the American People and Uphold[ing] the Constitution of the United States."

In other words, it was a deep state setup involving all the key players we have named over the last seven years. Perhaps the most succinct assessment of the report's findings is this from former U.S. Attorney Brett Tolman: "This was an operation, not an investigation." Noted former U.S. Attorney Andrew McCarthy concurred, "The FBI didn't ignore Russian intel on Hillary's plan to smear Trump — it abetted the plan."

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT), a constitutional scholar, declared, "The gravity of the misconduct uncovered by Mr. Durham cannot be overstated." He noted further: "The LEAST one can say of it is that it involved a malicious use of federal law-enforcement officers to conduct a contrived investigation utterly lacking any valid, factual foundation from the very beginning. That is itself incredibly troubling — and also unconstitutional. A powerful, long-respected, federal law-enforcement agency [used its power] to render a presidential candidate unelectable — entirely in the absence of any valid, good-faith basis for doing so. ... This is as corrupt and as subversive of the Constitution as it gets."

In fact, as I have argued, this conspiracy was a far more significant assault on our Constitution than Richard Nixon's concealment of the DNC/Watergate burglary. And ... those conspirators went to jail.

Establishing the links between Clinton and the deep state operatives who orchestrated the Russian collusion charade, primarily Comey and Brennan, is now a step closer. However, note that at the time the conspiracy was hatched, the nation's two most skilled black-bag bureaucrats in the art of using cutouts to ensure there are no direct prosecutable links were Comey and Brennan.

Much as demonstrated in current congressional efforts to weed through all of Biden's shell corporations and cutouts providing cover for his crime syndicate's collection of millions from the Red Chinese, making the direct connections to Joe Biden is, by design, very difficult.

But the link to Clinton has been exposed.

George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley laid down this challenge: "Given Durham's findings that there was no basis for the actions taken by the FBI in launching this investigation, this would be a good time for former House Intelligence Chair Adam Schiff to reveal that evidence he said showed the Russian collusion."

He observed further: "The Durham report states that Clinton General Counsel Marc Elias 'declined to be voluntarily interviewed by the Office.' Elias was recently severed by the Democratic National Committee from representation. The campaign was fined by the FEC for his hiding the funding of the dossier as a legal expenditure." If Turley is correct in his assessment of the Elias connection, which he first outlined a year ago, he is the link to Clinton.

All said, my prediction is ... wait for it ... Clinton and the rest of the crew walk. And the result will be a greater level of distrust in the central government than at any time in generations. ESR

Mark Alexander is the executive editor of the Patriot Post.


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