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If you had any thoughts that the team behind The American Spectator and the American Spectator Online would disappear into the ether after George Gilder took over the print magazine, The American Prowler should put them to rest.

The American ProwlerBilling itself as "a successor of sorts" to American Spectator Online, TAP, features many of the old names from the web site like Ben Stein and Dave Shiflett and several new faces like Enter Stage Right senior writer Lawrence Henry. Like its previous incarnation, the magazine offers inside the Beltway information of the Washington Prowler and the Enemy of the Week.

With the resources of R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.'s American Alternative Foundation behind it, TAP offers about a half-dozen new pieces every day throughout the work week. What makes TAP so engaging is that it doesn't simply focus on politics, featuring also stories that cover arts and entertainment, sports and cultural issues. Editor in Chief Wlady Pleszczynski has managed to do a rear thing for a publication, online or otherwise, he's put together a talented group of writers who churn out compelling pieces that people will want to read.

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