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web posted June 23, 2008

Re: The Countrywide six by John Bender (June 16, 2008)

Dear Mr. Bender,

I just read your essay, and have two thoughts that should be kept in mind:

  • Donna Shalala is the current president of the University of Miami, not UF, and has been since she left HHS in 2001. This is a crucial distinction, especially when you consider the behavior of the Hurricanes football team
  • The fact that Newt Gingrich bounced small checks at the House Bank back in '91-92 did not stop the GOP from making the House Bank Scandal a Democrat scandal that would stick to them. So, by all means, make the former Democrat heads of FannieMae and FreddieMac the poster children, along with the CURRENT heads of the Senate Banking and Budget committees. But then again, the Republicans are the Stupid Party with the Bad Branding, so they could never be savvy enough to break through, right?!

Which gets me to one question that I have for anyone that harps on the woes of Conservative Republicans in 2008 (or any year): If a conservative says he/she is more Conservative than Republican, even though the two are conflated in the American mind for easy analysis, what message does that conservative send to the American people? Don't you think that it's no surprise that Republicans are "dispirited" when their own intellectuals and media tell them they are bums?


Bradley J Schwartze
Denver, CO

web posted June 16, 2008

Re: No to reelection

Congress is not working, and that is chiefly due to the fact that its reelection rate is 98%. Why should they rock their boat when they always get reelected?

Major national issues such as our need for energy remain unaddressed, while gasoline approaches $5/gal.  Russia, Venezuela, China, et al, are all rushing to fill the demand at our expense. To solve this coming energy crisis, Congress could simply vote to remove its restrictions on domestic drilling in ANWR, off our coasts, our shale in the Rockies, on nuclear power, etc. And stop pushing foolish inefficient bio-fuels!

But they won't, because our special interest groups, particularly the 'greens' and the far left,  who fund their reelection campaigns, and the giant farm corporations who want ethanol crops, would be upset. On the other hand, the American people, who are being hurt by gas prices and the resulting economic slowdown, are confused, unorganized, and don't know what to do.

We, the majority of the American people, need to get organized to protect ourselves.

Any idiot can see that America is its own worst enemy in deliberately not producing its own fossil fuel energy which we have in abundance.  Except the idiots in Congress!

And any idiot can see that the American voter is his own worst enemy because he continually reelects the idiot Congress which is preventing America from producing its own energy.

The solution: In 2008, the American people need to electorally slaughter the Congress on both sides of the aisle with a one-time landslide turnover to show Congress who is boss!

We are fed up and we are not gonna take it anymore! We are gonna stop reelecting them!

What we need is a popular uprising, such as a 'Do Not Reelect Any Congressman' campaign, which will inflict wholesale damage on the incumbency in Congress, to show them that the American people are still in charge, NOT the special interests.

So let's throw them all out! At least once in 2008, and maybe again in 2010, 2012, and 2014.
That'll learn 'em!

I'm Nelson Lee Walker of tenurecorrupts.com.


Nelson Lee Walker
Saratoga, CA

web posted June 2, 2008

Re: A Hooters girl in every bed by J.J. Jackson (May 26, 2008)

Couldn't help but notice the recent article by J.J. Jackson concerning, if he is elected president of these United States, his "promise" of "a Hooters' girl for every man", and "a Chippendales' male for every woman".

This is just as ridiculous and outrageous as those old-time politicians who used to promise "2 chickens in every pot, and 2 cars in every garage". Unless those politicians owned the largest poultry farm, and the largest automobile maker in the nation, they could never even begin to make good on such ideas'.

Sounds like someone needs to see a good psychologist for delusional thinking.

There is not a single politician in this country, nor any other nation on earth, who could ever keep such an unreal promise. It appears that the only types of people who run for offices in this country are the biggest crackpots this land could possibly find. Is it any wonder that America is in the miserable shape that it is in, financially, spiritually, morally, or any number of other conditions? Remember Al Gore? He keeps running around with his "global warming crisis" nonsense, and people in well-to-do positions keep praising him as if he were Almighty God Himself!

Gore and all of his "save the earth" followers are in for one heck of a surprise in the years to come, as biblical prophecies come to pass concerning the judgments of God being poured out upon the sun, the earth, the oceans, lakes and rivers, etc...

We are all here upon this earth for but a short time, and this planet is not a "living entity" as Gore likes to believe. Rather, it is a testing ground of faith, and many people will fail that test because they "love their own lives, the world's pleasures, and the feeling of power" far more than they love the Creator; God!

William G. Smith
Lancaster, PA

Re: Hillary: Determination vs. defiance

This is a quick, brief, and open letter to all remaining Democratic Voters, Delegates, Super Delegates and indeed to the Democratic Party itself as it gathers yet again in a circle to set up a final firing squad to select a Presidential Nominee.

As I look over the political landscape of this campaign, I am absolutely astonished how resolutely and rapidly the Democratic Party -- given the historically low ratings of the current Republican President and all members of Congress -- had a once in a lifetime opportunity to gain political advantage and then blew it.  While a determination to win not only is an asset but also a political necessity (from memory it took Richard Nixon three tries before he finally made it) – oppositional-defiance combined with a willingness to win at all costs, including references to political assassinations, is a despicable and destructive character fault in a candidate. 

As all citizens ponder their votes, I would urge one final consideration.  As a nation, do we want a President who, when awakened by the red telephone in the middle of the night, can resolve crises with intelligence, character, and courage – or – do we want a President who, when setting foot on foreign soil, can't tell the difference between incoming flowers and incoming enemy fire. 

Gordon E. Finley
Professor of Psychology
Florida International University



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