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Come on man!

By Robert T. Smith
web posted June 6, 2011

A favorite of many during the football season is the segment on ESPN…"Come On Man."  This segment involves showing selected footage of football players or coaches doing something so poorly or ridiculous that the only reasonable response by the commentators is…Come on man!  Here is an offering of a few recent political Come On Man moments.

Holding first place for his Come On Man moment is John Boehner.  Playing from a position of strength, post-election-Democrat-shellacking, Mr. Boehner's consummate inside-the-beltway skill negotiating an April 2011 temporary federal budget extension with the Democrats was on full display.  Apparently unknown to Mr. Boehner was that when a unanimous decision must be made, each party has a critical part to play, even to the extent that the minor player, in this case the House Republicans, have a strong hand.  The key to "unanimous" that Mr. Boehner apparently missed is that no party can disagree, or there is no agreement.

But not so fast, as Mr. Boehner pointed out, the House Republicans control only 1/3rd of the government and so acquiesced to a deal.  What was portrayed as tens of billions of dollars in reductions, turned out to be substantially less through the chicanery of accounting apparently known only to Democrats. 

Ultimately lifting the Democrats from their demoralizing election losses, Mr. Boehner handed the advantage of the temporary budget fix to the Democrats; in essence providing the solvent for removing some of the November 2010 shellac.  It is not inconceivable that when leaving the White House negotiations Mr. Obama asked Mr. Boehner for change for a $10…and Mr. Boehner handed the President two $20's…Come on man!

Paul RyanPaul Ryan's Roadmap for America's Future budget plan holds a near second to Mr. Boehner's leadership acumen.  The untenable aspects of the federal government's financial situation will be unpleasant to fix.  Consequently, the Democrats have offered nothing to assuage the issue, knowing that any fix offered will give certain powerful constituencies and many voters angst.  Whoever should be first to offer a solution will draw much political fire. 

Unlike Mr. Boehner, while only controlling 1/3rd of the government Mr. Ryan decided that he should charge first into the proverbial Tennysonian valley of death.  Whoever would have thought that the Democrats and their liberal main stream media mouthpiece would demagogue Mr. Ryan's plan, turning it into an albatross to be hung around the Republican's cumulative necks?  A bit more solvent to remove the November 2010 shellac…Come on man!

Almost inconceivable to believe is that Mitt Romney still clings to his Massachusetts version of Obamacare.  Like his very own Uncle Remus tar baby, the more Mr. Romney talks about his health-care debacle situation, the more the situation is aggravated.  No conceivable explanation can break the glaring gemini-like qualities of the two plans.  Yet Mr. Romney would like us to sever these twins in our minds, to support his candidacy as the conservative, small government Republican…Come on man!        

The academically portly Newt Gingrich touched the third rail of party decency by proclaiming on national television that Mr. Ryan's suicidal budget plan was just so much right-wing social engineering.  It is difficult to decide whether it was more disturbing for Mr. Gingrich to have slapped the face of his "right-wing" base using the pejorative of social engineering, or if it was more disturbing that the affront did not register in his mind until pointed out to him.  However little one thinks of the unctuousness of Mr. Gringrich's mea culpa, the unpleasantness of the slap will likely not wear off in time for the right-wingers to reward him with the Republican mantle as presidential candidate…Come on man!

The Donald, Mr. Trump is the ultimate deal-maker in his own mind, more a grifter to most.  His feints at running for president are a strange mix of political theater and self-promotion, that seems to satisfy his ego.  Unfortunately for Mr. Trump, he plays well on prime time television, but not so much in the real world of national politics…Come on man! 

Mr. Obama and his party can't seem to comprehend why our economic system is stalled. In addition to the ever-increasing baseline of government controls, the chaos and uncertainty the President and his policies have caused in the attempt to establish additional draconian regulatory controls on all aspects of business doesn't register as an impediment to the economy in his mind.  The always-failed Keynesian theory of pump-priming is an add-on piece to the economic misery.  How painful it is to watch the President and his administration wrestle with this self-inflicted problem, while our economy flounders and so many are unemployed…Come on man! ESR

Robert T. Smith is an environmental scientist who spends his days enjoying life and the pursuit of happiness with his family.  He confesses to cling to his liberty, guns and religion, with antipathy toward the arrogant ruling elites throughout the country.


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