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I am counting the days of Omer and Obama

By Harold Witkov
web posted May 30, 2011

Because I embrace my Judaism, I am counting the days of Omer.  Because I embrace my country, I am counting the days of Obama

For me, these are the days of the counting of the Omer. Starting with the second night of Passover (marking the exodus from Egypt), I count the forty-nine days leading up to the holiday of Shavuot (when we Jews received our Torah). By counting each day, I remind myself of the seven-week journey my ancestors began in Egypt that culminated at Mount Sinai.  Jews believe that total freedom did not take place with the exodus from Egypt.  It took place when we received the Torah from Moses at Mount Sinai. By counting the days of Omer, I recall the days following the slavery of Egypt that led up to the spiritual liberation of receiving the Torah. 

It is hard for me to imagine Moses, forty-nine days after leading the Hebrews out of bondage, confessing to his people, “Hey, while you were following me out of Egypt to Mount Sinai, I got a little lost. If you don’t mind, could you follow me another forty-nine days --- and then I promise you will get your Torah.”

Conversely, it is not very difficult for me to picture President Barack Obama telling America, “Hey, while you were following my ‘hope and change’ lead, I got a little lost. Could you give me another four-year term to make good on my promises?”

Coinciding with my counting the days of Omer, I have been counting the days of Obama, the days between Jan 20, 2009 leading up to Tuesday November 6, 2012 (and the next presidential election). 

Come November 6, 2012, I will be voting against the man who, as he promised, is fundamentally transforming the United States of America. You see, I believe our modern-day Moses is not taking America to freedom and a better life, but in the opposite direction. In anticipation of a change in leadership at the highest level in the United States, I am counting the days of Obama.

On November 6, 2012, I will be voting against Barack Obama. I will be voting against him because of his many issues with our Constitution and the men who signed it, and because I cannot accept the false gods he puts his faith in, i.e., the United Nations, wealth redistribution, abortion on demand, renewable energy, pre war 1967 borders for Israel, etc. Most importantly, I will vote against Barack Obama because I will not kneel to his big government golden calf.

For me, the days of Omer are not just days of counting (with anticipation). They are days of moral cleansing and preparation. Likewise is my counting of the days of Obama.  It is not enough for me to anticipate a new president come January 2013. I need to help things along by supporting conservative issues and candidates, and most importantly, renewing my commitment to God. “Change yourself and you change the world,” a wise man once said.

This is where I am right now in my life. I am counting the days of Omer and Obama. ESR

Harold Witkov is a Chicago-based writer and a regular contributor to Enter Stage Right.


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